kitkat103's Blog Entries

So I have been away for a while (like 2-4 years lol!) I am back and writing new stories. I hope to be finished with part 2 of The Artist by the end of this weekend.

27 Feb 2015 19:15

Sorry guys and dolls I do not want to chat. I am working on three stories at once and I am only online to read other stories or search for an editor.

26 May 2011 18:06

After a month I am back with a new location and some new ideas.

01 Nov 2010 18:24

I hope my 5th story gets approved.

08 Sep 2010 16:19

Story number 5-8 are in the works!

07 Sep 2010 16:46

Trying to write the best lesbian story based on a drunk brunch.

07 Sep 2010 16:12

Fourth story is out, read and enjoy!

07 Sep 2010 15:55

Im sick of having guys request to be my friend. Are there any women out there? I promise I just want to read your stories.

06 Sep 2010 11:21

fourth story has been pushed back and 6th story will be in its place. Don't worry it is not another incest or masturbation story.

05 Sep 2010 23:27

Arg, do not feel offended. I just am having trouble accepting invites.

04 Sep 2010 09:36

3rd Story is already posted! 25 votes thank you!

04 Sep 2010 09:34

3rd Story seeking approval

03 Sep 2010 09:03

3rd story nearly completed.

03 Sep 2010 04:51

2nd story waiting to be published

31 Aug 2010 17:39

Please do not PM me to xxx chat for I am not interested.

29 Aug 2010 07:19