The Making of Daddy's Little Cum Slut

Stephanie gets what she deserves after missing her curfew.

I make a glass of milk and turn all of the lights off. I feel my way to the living room and sit in my favorite recliner. It is 4am and Stephanie is late again; I have no idea where she is and it bothers me. What if my daughter is dead in a ditch somewhere? The idea that someone would do something bad to my little angel scares me, unlike my wife, Miriam. Miriam remains passed out upstairs...Read On


The Making of Daddy's Little Cum Slut II

Stephanie gets a treat for passing her Midterm exams.

“Keep sucking Daddy's cock. That feels so good babe.” I encourage Stephanie as I lay on the recliner in the living room. Stephanie got all B's on her midterm exams and I feel that she deserves a reward. Stephanie ignores me and continues to devour me, never breaking eye contact. I moan as her long delicate hands massage my balls. She definitely knows what she is doing, I guess practice...Read On

Love Stories(1)


The Artist

Aria weighs the option of dating an older man or a loser. A shower head helps make her decision.

The aroma of marijuana scents the air. Sean takes another puff of his joint and gently hands his camera to me. “Hold the camera steady, Aria. The world needs to watch the artist work, baby.” He grabs the bucket of magenta house paint and walks over to the tarp covered terrace. Sean pours the bucket of paint over his head, the magenta paint cascading down his face, picking up pace as it...Read On



Just a Quickie

What do Lawyers do after Work? Read to find out.

Oh my gosh I am so fucking horny. I cannot wait to get home. I have not had sex since two weeks ago at the company picnic in the park bathroom. Maurice bent me over the bathroom sink and fucked my pussy so hard I gushed all over the front of my sundress. My clit is just throbbing through my panties, aching for some attention. I have been so busy with the Johnson's Case that I have not had...Read On


The Benefits of Plasma Televison

Sharon finds a way to please herself as she waits for her boyfriend to come home.

The Benefits of Plasma Television MaloMarz6969 – Lol what a freaking idiot. So what are you up to? Sbarron85 – Just waiting for Matt at his place. He is supposed to be working late. MaloMarz6969 – Aha. I did not know that office drones had to work so late, honey its 11pm! Sbarron85 – I know that, what are you implying? MaloMarz6969- Well I think he is out too late to just...Read On