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Ughh! Que me pasa? What is happening why do I want to eat him...?

28 Dec 2011 23:00

Sorry to all my lush friends, I have been extremely busy. But I promise you have not been forgotten! I have been writing. So soon I will publish some of my stories. Some are true some are fictional. Please all to those who sended a friendship request I will answer soon. Kisses and hugs to all!

05 Dec 2011 11:59

How I am supposed to go to a wedding with a long dress in Puerto Rico at the hotest time? Do they expect me to undress in the church?

10 Nov 2011 17:35

with my master and very satisfied... ^^

23 Oct 2011 16:16

with my master...

23 Oct 2011 16:15

Con el corazoncito roto!

22 Oct 2011 19:11

Love and Lust? Can they be confined?

18 Oct 2011 12:55

New ways of thinking

01 Oct 2011 22:23