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Newly revised on this the 18th of August 2017… Hi, my name’s Jessica or Jess, I’m still a college student now entering my senior year - going for a Bachelors’ degree in ‘Liberal Arts’ - with minors in marketing, sales, and business systems. I’m 5’-10” (178.4 cm) tall and weigh 118 lbs. (53.5 kg) have very dark brownish almost black hair now getting back into its natural color (but still, have a few blonde streaks throughout), with dark brown eyes, and a mild olive complexion. My body measurement continues standing at the mere 34B-22-34.

I grew up in a home with ten other people all living in the same household. My parents’ home has six bedrooms, five and-a-half baths.

I am the fifth of nine children, having two older brothers and sisters; as well as two younger brothers and sisters. So you can see why it was always extremely hard finding any private time for myself alone at home.

Back at school, I live with three other girls in a two-bedroom flat with two and-a-half baths. This flat is off-campus so it’s convenient for us to come and go as we please. Not having those restrictive curfews which are associated with living in the dorms at college.

Relationship Status:
Mine are playing baseball, softball, shooting hoops with all my siblings and dad. Mom just watches, says it wears her out just sitting there watching us. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and boating, swimming, and horseback riding with my dad and brothers. I’m an outdoors person, somewhat of a tomboy, when I was growing up.

My dad, two older brothers, oldest sister and I would go hunting every chance we got. We would hunt rabbits, doves, ducks, geese, and deer all when in season. Dad and I always went the opening day of dove season, starting when I was younger then we made it our special time together until I went away to college.

I would like to continue doing all these things with them but things just get hard as we all get older. I do still go with my younger brothers and sisters swimming and fishing as much as I can when home though.
Favorite Books:
I read anything dealing with real people, history, or world events. I also like science fiction, romance, and love stories, most any magazine article on most any subject.
Favorite Authors:
I do not really have any favorites. I enjoy everything I read no matter whom ever wrote it.
Favorite Movies:
Any movie from the 1930's through the early 80's; even some from about '86 to the present as long as they are not filled with foul, filthy, dirty, or nasty language and have a truly great plot, not just junk ... I especially like good westerns; documentaries; or science fiction.
Favourite TV Shows:
Death Valley Days, Gunsmoke, and Maverick are but a few of so many but only when I have the time.
Favorite Music:
I like Country, Gospel, some of the early Rock-n-Roll, primarily from the mid 50's up until the early 80's are best.


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Topic: Do you dress conservatively or do you let it show?
Posted: 04 Feb 2018 13:36

First and foremost I always dress to be comfortable; in both a working and/or school environment I dress in a more conservative way. When going out it depends on where I’m going and who I’m going with. If I’m going to the beach, however, then I’m in somewhat of a more provocative dress - even though I really have nothing much to show off, I do wear a bikini more in the throng style bottom with small V-shaped patch that covers only the most necessary area, as for the top portion of my bikini only my areolas and nipples are covered with a small triangular shaped piece of cloth. I’m shaved completely smooth so the bikini bottom only covers what’s absolutely necessary to stay within all legal bounds. However, when I’m at home, I usually have only what I had at birth only, nothing more - if you get my drift!.


Topic: Girls, what color panties are you wearing today?
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 13:56

Powder-puff Blue V-patch in the front, bikini style, with string sides and through anas crack not quite in the thong style though...

Topic: Clit stimulation
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 13:11

NOT MUCH TO ADD, Jessica, summed it up nicely. However, I work outside, and this time of year every year my hands are a wreck. No amount of lotion will fix them. And I get the same news from my wife, rough! And it kills it for her. So if I don't use her vibe or ring I put on nitrile gloves. I can't feel her as well but she is not shy about telling me what she needs after 20yr together. So if she tells you sharp or rough, take her at her word and either file em down or do something different. But like the lady said, talk it out. Good luck


I might also be able to help you too with those rough, wrecked hands you mentioned - if you would like to get them a little softer then try either of these solutions... first, get yourself some dishwashing liquid such as ' Dawn ' or ' Joy ' . Now simply take about two tablespoons of this dishwashing liquid putting it into the bowl which already contains about two cups of very warm water.

This bowl should be large enough to not only hold this entire liquid but also so you can soak your finger(s) in it too.

Now with the finger(s) from the hand, you wish to touch your wife's clitoris with - soak them in this solution for about ten minutes or so, maybe rubbing a couple of fingers together occasionally so they become softer but remember to keep soaking them for several minutes in-between each rubbing until they feel soft to your own touching them, first.

Now that you think they're soft enough to apply to your wife's clitoris or vagina - you are ready to now have your wife inspect/check them out, seeing if in fact that or those finger(s) are really soft enough to touch her very sexy, special, sensitive spot/place before you get to the business of pleasing her by touching, rubbing her clitoris softly. Taking her to a spectacularly higher level of ecstasy than she's ever been before, now giving her something that's so great, that she gets one of the most wonderful or tremendous, spectacular orgasms ever that of which there is absolutely no escaping that feeling now or ever.

Now she's getting such pleasure she can't stop convulsing for you for quite some time to come, believe you me, she'll be thanking you for days and days to come afterward!

Try this - I think it might work quite well in your case, see if it doesn't work in your situation... it has worked for a girlfriend of mine that I know very well, whose husband also works in the heavy construction industry, year round!

As for my second choice try this: another way to get these hands soft making the wife very, very happy to boot is that before that night of total bliss, sheer pleasure with you both reaping one great time together is for you to wash the dishes for her in some good hot soapy water on that night you want to have a romp in the hay... you will not only get those hands softer but also give her a welcome treat as well from the kitchen, then go play the rest of the evening together... it might even make you want some extra time off to please her even further again and again. How about all this for an added benefit - sound good or even great!!! (Here, though I should make this suggestion - you only do this when you know you have the next day off and free).


Topic: Clit stimulation
Posted: 16 Jan 2018 14:04

Covert Fantasies: I will try and set you straight as to what most of us gals like and dislike… First and foremost I’m going to use your very own original posting then plug in answers I think you can follow as a guideline for help - so here goes… You say, “A fan myself of being masturbated by hand, or foot for that matter, I'm wondering how women feel about clitoral stimulation.” You’re not alone in liking to be masturbated as you say either by hand or feet and most of us girls don’t mind doing this for you either. Just so long as we get pleased in return… We do like our clitoris stimulated but remember it’s a highly sensitive area to the touch, so be very gentle and caring. A light touch is usually all it takes to start that fire deep within.

“Here is why I ask: We were having a very enjoyable evening in bed, stimulating girlfriend with my finger, very pleasurable it seemed for both. This was a slow, intimate time, she continued to "take it" until she came massively, squirting and wetting the bed badly. I've never came without physical stimulation but this almost made me, I was dripping precum like crazy.” I know the reason… you took her to the point of no return, the top of the mountain, so she only had one way to go and that was to ejaculate - herself which made her squirt and squirt hard wetting everything in sight, you should be proud you were able to push her to such an orgasm. She reached something that most girls would love getting. Not all gals ever reach that plateau of ecstasy in our sexual intercourse. As for you ejaculating that’s because of her visuals in your eyes only - taking you to the edge also.

“Having said that, other times I'll be stimulating her and she just pushes my hand away and says "do me" when I would rather keep playing with her.” Even if you so want to finger her clitoris be sure she is receptive and wants you to do so, otherwise just restrain yourself and work around it, it’s safer that way.

(Note: It maybe she’s afraid she’ll wet the bed again and is self-conscious of the fact she wet the bed last time this happened.) Give her time.

“I try to take care of my nails but occasionally she'll say you're sharp and this obviously ruins the mood for both of us. Perhaps I need professional nail work? Or should she just encourage me to use a different finger?” In this its sounds as if you’re digging into her most sensitive area, which is a no-no stay away do not touch if you are rubbing her clitoris then use the fleshy side or portion of the thumb not the nail side and then only gently touch her there using a light circular motion only… if you are instead fingering her vaginal opening then trim your nails, short, then file them smooth or have a professional manicure done on them. No, it is not her place to simply ask you to use another finger - this is your responsibility, not hers… remember that!

“Do you like it a little or until you cum? How offensive is it if there happens to be a sharp piece of nail that catches you?” Personally, I prefer my boyfriend doing as I have stated above, until I'm ready for him to enter me… for him to lightly touch my clitoris using that circular motion an only until I’m extremely wet and before I cum… then I want his penis going in and fucking the crap out of me, giving me multiple orgasms, one after another for as long as possible. If he’s going to finger fuck my pussy first then he uses both his fore and middle fingers only, but sometimes just the single middle finger in the come hither motion within. He maintains both his finger and toenails in a pleasurable matter so I have no problem what so ever with him.

“Swirls, vs back and forth, soft, hard, slow, fast?” I have already said swirls or circular motion no back-n-forth because that just hurts way too much, soft, gentle and slow is so much better. This allows for a slow build-up to a burning desire and one fantastic build up to the grand finality.

“It would seem obvious there are many different likes and dislikes. However, hearing your thoughts may provide some commonality.” You’re right there, first of all, ask your girl what she likes then follow her lead. Then and only then will you both get and receive actually what you both want and need, then both of you’ll be much happier in your sexual life - relationship with each other.

“Curious as I really enjoy the intimacy of playing.” Then the best advice I can give here is both you and her need to communicate with each other. Talk, talk, talk then after all this talk some more… never stopping talking to each other, ever! Then maybe your sex life will get on the right track and stay there.

I do sincerely hope this will get things into a togetherness you sound like you want... Good luck!!!

Would appreciate your time and energy to reply.

Topic: Guys using girls pictures
Posted: 15 Jan 2018 17:41

First off, I stopped showing my face on here quite early because I am now in this avatar showing my nude body after my shower, and having a fairly conservative family. As Lush is a place that I can safely write, talk about my inner desires, dreams, so the last thing I need or want right now is to see my face in a picture posted all around so my family, close friends who might read any of my stories knows who wrote them.

Here is a place where I can let myself run wild and free!

From what I've seen here on Lush it’s a place for people to fantasize, play, write, do what they like and often times it’s an escape from an otherwise dull existence or reality. I do think though if you come here knowing that you really never know for sure who you are talking with or even who they appear to be and enjoy it for what it really is, then all your expectations are not overwhelming.

If however people are looking to hook up with others on here for real relationships, then they need to first do some real investigating into that person before just jumping into a fantasy with them for real!

For all I know, everyone out there could very well be one to befriend, a 70-year-old prisoner. Or, they could also be a 15-year-old horny child. They could even be exactly who they say they are. I think you can figure things out pretty quickly for yourselves if you correspond and communicate with them first before you get together.

Enjoy the site for what it really is, or even for what you might think it is!

<img src="/images/emoticons/angel7.gif" alt="angel7"> ~~Jessica~~ <img src="/images/emoticons/angel7.gif" alt="angel7">

Topic: What, in your opinion, is the best position for sucking a cock?
Posted: 05 Jan 2018 09:42

Best position is him laying down and me laying on top doing a 69. That way I get some action at the same time. Also, it is a different sensation for me having an orgasm with a cock in my mouth and trying to carry on sucking when I am cumming.

This is mine and he loves it when I'm giving him the pleasure he deserves while getting my own pussy eaten at the same time as we both cum together most every time this way... so we both really do enjoy/like that 69 positions best... I do however give him other positions like me on my knees as he stands or sits with eye contact most definitely... even sometimes when he's flat on his back and I get between his legs to give him a good sucking while fondling his balls.

Here are some additions - I really like cupping or groping his balls, squeezing or scratching them gently. I like having his cock in my mouth. On my knees, so I have to look up at him. Or, a slow and sensual 69 with us both on the bed me on top. I like him laying on his back, his legs spread open as I kneel in between his legs - looking up into his eyes while I’m pleasing him. Easy access to his cock, balls, and perineum with NO touching my head with his hands while I’m sucking on him.

69 isn't bad.
Generally, I prefer him sitting on the bed/chair or standing. So long as I can get my mouth over it and my hand on it we both seem to enjoy the experience. I always ensure I am in a comfortable.position.
As a comment to an earlier post - At no time is he the master or me the sub. If he is getting it "I" want to do it.

My boyfriend and I do engage in this as stated and I do like doing him as long as I'm comfortable...

One - Place your hand on it and hold and stroke it gently.
Two -lower your lips and mouth over it - slide your mouth down the length till its comfortable in your mouth. Begin stroking him with your lips.
Three - let your tongue loose and rub it over the crown and around the rim.
Four - You are now in the best position whether it be on the bed or on your knees.
Five - Let nature take its course and enjoy.
Six - devour the product you have encouraged him to produce for you - with relish and make him happy.
Seven - Kiss him and hope that he will return the pleasure to you.

These rules do make lots of sense to me... Thanks, Meggsy

Topic: Guys do you like a womens pussy shaved, trimmed, or natural?
Posted: 01 Jan 2018 14:24

I realize this is for you guys <img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow"> on here to respond to, but being female I do have my own opinion on this subject… to me it’s a personal preference to be completely clean shaven smooth as a baby’s butt, which allows me to have even better control of hygiene’s in this area...

He, however, asks me to let it grow out into its natural state... so all summer while home from school I let it go unshaved. He had said he just wanted to see what it would look like in an all natural state. What it would look or be like when I returned to school in the fall.

When he saw it for that very first time he really did like it with all that hair in-between my legs that way, but when he went down on me for his very first time… well, that ended his wanting me in our sixty-nine position with all that hairy mess down there in-between my legs.

He just no longer wants us in the sixty-nine position, which before he really, really had liked lots… he still really wanted me to still give him blowjobs, but he had no such interest in giving me orals in return… not with all that hairy mess down there!

So as for me, it was no longer fun having him any longer wanting to do those orals on me!

For me, it really was a nuisance having all that hairy mess in-between my legs with all that horrible itching going on down there…

I was in total and complete agony, wanting it shaved smooth once again but he said - NO … so in order to keep him happy I just kept it that way for a couple of additional weeks, then I gave him this ultimatum, if I were going to give him orals then he must return the favor to me also… this lead to my being able to at least trim it neatly each week for him afterward… as these next few weeks went by it was being trimmed more, even more closely until finally, I obtained a little landing strip about the slit about one inch wide and two-to-three inches in length which eventually became completely shaven bald once again...

Now we have our good ole sixty-nine sessions back in full swing forevermore… so for me, I'm once again happy because I'm again clean shaven – smooth as a baby’s bottom and he thinks it was his idea all along to get back to that way…

Now, as for my boyfriend - I firmly believe he too really and truly does like my pussy shaved clean... it's so much better for him now when he wants oral sex with me.

Really I am now one very happy, satisfied gal - once again!


Topic: do you know when a guy is getting close to cumming?
Posted: 23 Oct 2017 14:06

Yes, <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed"> by that little subtle twitching he has just before he explodes within.

Topic: An honest question about penis size
Posted: 14 Oct 2017 11:39

My boyfriend has given me the “ Kevin Dean ” dildo for my birthday recently to use when he was not able to be there with me for him to have sex with. It is very, very close to his actual penis size and shape, but it’s girth well, it’s just slightly less in circumference than his actual penis is when he has a fully blown-swollen hard-on that is an erection as we get to having sex together. I know of only one other penis (at this time) that I’ve actually seen and felt but it was probably seven inches in length and too had a nice girth even if not as long or thick as that of my boyfriend. I don’t really know if this is of any help here, but from what I’ve seen and read both of these are much above what is the norm or average which is stated as being 5-6 inches in length but I’ve never heard another girl or women complain or say anything bad about their boyfriend, man or their husband they have - not giving them complete satisfaction in their vaginal area what’s so ever.

Topic: Are your stories based on real life experiences?
Posted: 03 Sep 2017 19:33

Some are true, some are fantasies.

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His Erection

She’d sat on the sofa in her brother’s apartment, drinking a cup of coffee and waiting for him. He was unaware that she'd come visiting and, when he eventually appeared, they both got a shock. He’d come from the bathroom into the living room— and he was totally naked, not even a towel in hand. Startled and embarrassed, he stopped in his tracks and stared at her, not really knowing what to...

Added 05 Feb 2018 | Category Incest | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 13,828 | 31 Comments

Christmas at Home here with Step-Brother, David... Chapter 6

I was first to arrive back home for Christmas Break on the Saturday afternoon before Christmas Day and David came in on the Monday in the late afternoon. I was getting a little worried, as was the mom, which we had not heard from him so when he walked in I thought she was going to cry. I jumped up and ran over to him grabbing him and almost knocking him over as he dropped all his baggage. ...

Added 23 Nov 2017 | Category Taboo | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 6,206 | 13 Comments

Thanksgiving with my Step-Brother, David – Chapter 5

David and I both arrived home about the same time on Wednesday evening for Thanksgiving with our folks. It was about dinner time, so David gave both his mom and me a big hug and kiss. He also hugged my dad and shook his hand. The kiss that he gave me was really much more passionate than any he had ever given me before, and I certainly read more into it and hoped his mom and my dad did not...

Added 16 Nov 2017 | Category First Time | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 8,895 | 14 Comments

My First Time as a Porn Moviemaker…

  I think I’ve said before that all my stories have at least some elements of fact, either my own experiences or those of friends who have told me of theirs. This story, however, is all fact, and I still get wet just thinking about it! I share a room in a flat with some friends, one of whom is Anna. She and I have got very close over the last year, and we even enjoy masturbating together...

Added 10 Nov 2017 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 4,972 | 16 Comments

At Home Again with my Step-Brother, David - Chapter 4...

We returned home from our marvelous trip, whe r e we were able to see mom’s best friend’s daughter’s new baby daughter, who I wanted so very much to take home. She was the most beautiful little thing I think I’d ever seen in my whole life with her full head of raven black hair and big, big beautiful deep, deep blue eyes. Ah well, back to reality. David and I resumed all our usual...

Added 07 Nov 2017 | Category Masturbation | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 14,824 | 9 Comments

Our First Sexual Experience…

Tony and I continued to see each other in the hayloft of my folk’s barn at every chance when we could slip away, but not quite as often as we would have liked. Tony started coming over to my house a few evenings each week when we would sit out on the front porch in the swing just talking. Every now and then we’d meet over at my place and go out to my folk’s barn and, if no one was around,...

Added 02 Nov 2017 | Category First Time | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 12,108 | 13 Comments

A Time Just For Us - From My Very First --- The Sequel

  If you like wham bam sex stories, this probably isn’t for you. If you prefer more romantic, slow-burn, real-life accounts, but with complete honesty, then please enjoy. ~~Jessica~~   In the beginning, I really did have every intention of waiting until my wedding night to lose my virginity, until that one blissful night when Chuck and I spent the night in a luxurious hotel room...

Added 23 Oct 2017 | Category Straight Sex | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 4,807 | 11 Comments

A New Level with my Step-Brother, David - Chapter 3

This trip took place during the summer when I was eighteen and David were nineteen before I left for college in late August. As you might remember, the first time we had ever masturbated together was during Christmas break over a year earlier. At first, we did it together a lot, but then, after a few months, we settled into a routine of getting together two or three times a week. We...

Added 11 Oct 2017 | Category Masturbation | Votes 21 | Avg Score 5 | Views 16,853 | 25 Comments

My Next Step with my Step-Brother, David… Chapter 2

In my last posting here, I wrote about catching my step-brother masturbating which led to my watching him with his approval.   A couple of days went by, and it must have been a weekend because our parents were at home, when I woke up and took a shower. I started downstairs but noticed that David's room door was open, which meant he was already awake and had probably already gone downstairs.  ...

Added 08 Oct 2017 | Category Masturbation | Votes 24 | Avg Score 5 | Views 15,202 | 29 Comments

A New Beginning with my Step-Brother, David… Chapter 1

Hi, my name’s Pamela and I’m now 25 years old. My step-brother, David, is 26 but only eight months older than me. While growing up in our parent’s home, we were both involved in many schools as well as social activities together, having a lot of the same friends throughout our elementary, middle, and high school years. As we started getting older, however, we each became much more involved...

Added 07 Oct 2017 | Category First Time | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 12,838 | 22 Comments

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