A-Grade Student

A desperate student wants to improve her grade, a dirty Professor is only too happy to oblige...

The snow fell slowly that afternoon, drifting in flurries over the fields and forests, and settling in large, powdery drifts against the venerable buildings of the university. From his window, looking out over the manicured gardens of St. Stephen's Quad, Professor Lucas Wainwright watched the flakes whirl and settle, and he smiled. This, truly, was his favourite time of year - partly because...Read On


My Anal Angel

A blushing bride gives her new husband a very special gift.

When Donna lifted her veil, I thought my heart would burst. Could it really be that this woman - this angel - had agreed to be my wife? I swallowed and glanced back down the aisle. The pews were packed with our friends, family, and the other assorted acquaintances and business contacts that one is compelled to invite to the notable events in your life. The soft spring sunlight...Read On



Balance Of Power

A short glimpse into the nature of power

The ruddy light in the cold stone room is dim, but it is enough to make out every detail of the cowering figure. He is nude save for a studded leather collar around his neck; slender and fragile, he is on his knees, enduring the wrath of his Mistress. Standing over him in a tight, black and blood-red corset, a tiny black skirt and high leather boots, her eyes snapping and crackling...Read On


Breaking Catherine

A weekend away takes a darker turn, and Catherine is forever changed.

The sun was slipping toward the western horizon by the time we made it to the cottage. Our route had taken us a long way out of the city, along winding country roads, up into the wild hills. From there, we had reached the single-track road which followed the shores of the lake for a further dozen miles, before it turned into an almost-impassable track. Half a mile of thick forest rolled...Read On



More Than Cosmetic

Margaret always wanted more - and now, she has it!

The light pouring through the window was strange, Margaret thought sleepily, then realised why: surely it was too yellow, to bright to be natural? It trickled through the blinds like liquid gold and pooled lazily on the tiled floor. Who would melt so much gold, just so they could pour it into her room? Would it burn her if she tried to get out of bed? On the other hand, the thought of...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Stiff Competition

More from Professor Lucas Wainwright...

There was a hesitant knock at the door. Professor Lucas Wainwright swore softly, though it sounded loud in the stillness of his office. Refusing to be hurried, he finished the sentence he was writing, capped and put down his pen, and called, "Yes?" The door opened, allowing a pair of young women to enter. Lucas immediately straightened in his chair and put on a winning smile. A blonde girl,...Read On



Lake Wannacum Nights - Part One

Life in a small Minnesota town may be more exciting than you think!

The first thing a visitor to the quiet Minnesota town of Lake Wannacum is likely to say (other than "Where the hell is the interstate anyway we've been crawling along these dirt tracks for hours, my sat-nav said this was the cross-country route to St. Cloud, my God, have you people even seen a Starbucks?") is "Why does the church on Main Street have a carved wooden penis outside it?"   ...Read On



Millicent's Pact

Millicent's love lies on his deathbed - and she will do anything to save him.

The glowing taper touched the wick of the black candle, and a new flame burst into life. Millicent angrily rubbed at her eyes, cursing the tears that had formed there. She could not afford weakness, not now. It had taken the better part of the night to make her preparations, and she had only an hour or two until the pale fingers of dawn sought out this dark chapel. Should the guards find...Read On

Straight Sex(8)


Jonas - Part Five

The long-overdue continuation of the saga of Jonas.

The golden autumn sun flowed across the immaculately-landscaped grounds of Cavanagh House like honey. Hannah and Jonas walked together companionably, only the steady crunch of the gravel beneath their feet and the distant sigh of the breeze stirring the trees breaking the silence. Then, as they neared a broad lake, Jonas knelt, took up a smooth stone, and sent it skimming out over the water....Read On


Jonas - Part Four

The continuing saga of a man with an extraordinary gift...

"So," Hannah said, crossing her legs, "you signed your first contract, and shot your first films." "I did," Jonas said with a wry smile. "They weren't, I'm the first to admit, my finest work, but they earned me a certain notoriety in the business." "They did," Hannah agreed with a nod. "Tabitha Shrew still tells the story of the first time she worked with you - the way she tells it,...Read On


Jonas - Part One

The saga of a man with an unusual gift.

The leaves flamed gold and red in the low autumnal sun, and the single-track road which meandered through the deep forest was cloaked in shadow. The seasons turned, and the timeless English countryside bore the change with grace and ease. Suddenly, the silence was broken with the throaty roar of an engine, and, a heartbeat later, a car burst from the shadows. The powder-blue Audi TT took...Read On


Jonas - Part Three

The saga of a man with an unusual gift.

Lunch was a quiet affair. Jonas and Hannah ate in companionable silence, enjoying the excellent food the house chef had prepared for them. Hannah stole many a secret glance at her host; she was trying to conceal how aroused his story had made her, but it wasn't easy. Her mind kept drifting to thoughts of his enormous cock, and what it would feel like pressing into her tight, wet sex... She...Read On


Jonas - Part Two

The saga of a man with an unusual gift.

It took Jonas half an hour to deal with the phone messages that had come in during the morning. By the time he returned, Hannah was sleeping peacefully. Jonas smiled and closed the door softly. "Miss Maxwell?" Hannah awoke with a start, then flushed and straightened in her chair. "Please, excuse my absence," Jonas said quietly, and Hannah got awkwardly to her feet. "I'm sorry, I was just -"...Read On

Editor's Pick

Personal Experience

Professor Lucas Wainwright explains the subtleties of love poetry to an eager student.

The late-autumn light was fading quickly as Professor Lucas Wainwright slipped a thick sheaf of papers into his briefcase and snapped the locks closed. The beginning of a new academic year was always a difficult time, and he was in no mood for staying late. Satisfied that nothing remained that could not wait until the next day, Lucas tucked his spectacles into the breast pocket of his...Read On


The Best Policy - Part One

More from Professor Lucas Wainwright...

The door opened without warning, and a sweet feminine voice said, "Professor Wainwright? I think I'm your four o'clock." Lucas looked up irritably from the pile of papers he was reviewing, then removed his spectacles and took a longer look at the pretty young woman who had entered his study. Long dark hair, cut in a simple fashion, framed a face noteable for it's strong jaw and generous...Read On


The Best Policy - Part Two

More from Professor Lucas Wainwright...

By five o'clock on a cold winter's afternoon, the interior of St. Stephen's was warm, welcoming, and filled with any number of partially-inebriated students celebrating the imminent end of the university term. Over the muted thump of the music, voices were raised in convivial chatter, punctuated by laughter and the occasional squeal of delight or excitement. Lucas ducked through the low...Read On