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Topic Erotic pen names
Posted 10 Feb 2012 02:56

Thanks for the advice and suggestion. Well after much deliberation have chosen two (one for stories with female pov and one for male pov). Look out for Layla Jazz and Buck Bailey!

Topic How BIG is your cock for guys and how BIG are your tits for women?
Posted 08 Feb 2012 01:44

laughing6 Hmm. I've been told size doesn't matter, and of course it always sounds bigger in centimetres but I would describe it as 'fun size'.

Topic Twitter Writing Challenge: 140 characters of sexyness
Posted 08 Feb 2012 01:38

Her hot body melted the ice cream as it slid between her heaving cleavage on its journey to her clit where my tongue waited in anticipation.

I'm assuming that spaces and punctuation count as characters? If not:

Her hot body melted the ice cream as it slid between her heaving breasts on its journey to her pussy where my tongue waited in anticipation. Read it

Topic Erotic pen names
Posted 04 Feb 2012 16:07

Thanks Sprite. Actually had a few thoughts now, although some of them are female (I'm guessing it doesn't matter if its a pseudonym). So far I have Layla Jazz, Buck Bailey and Honey Creme!

Topic Erotic pen names
Posted 04 Feb 2012 11:09

Thanks for your advice. Yes I do think that I need to choose something that doesn't sound like a character from a Carry On film lol.

Topic Erotic pen names
Posted 04 Feb 2012 09:59

Good evening lushies. Need some help and thought I'd look for a woman's take on this. I've been asked to publish some erotic stories but need a suitably erotic pen name. I'm looking for something tasteful (not Dick Plunger!!!). Any suggestions? help

Topic Lush Matching Photo Game:
Posted 30 Jan 2012 03:53

belly button

Topic The Use of the Word "Baby"
Posted 30 Jan 2012 03:38

I had a think about this as I never used to refer to any woman, even my ex partner, as babe, baby, honey or any of the others. However I was actually asked by a lady I was seeing 'What would you like to call me?' I thought carefully (as i didn't want to blow it all - the sex was too good!) and decided on 'beautiful'. This seemed to go down well. But I call my current partner 'gorgeous', which she loves. She asked me why one day. I simply said "Because you are."

Topic The oral sex frog
Posted 25 Jan 2012 08:12

A woman was walking past a pet shop when something caught her eye. In a small cage a large green toad. The sign above it said $10,000. Intigued the woamn went in and spoke to the pet shop owner. "How can you charge $10,000 for a common toad?"

"Well," said the shopkeeper, "it's a very speciall toad. It can perform oral sex."

"Really?" exclaimed the woman.

"Oh yes." said the shopkeeper. "If you are interested you can have a free trial in the back room."

The woman goes into the back room and sits on a chair. The shopkeeper gets the toad and sits it on a stoll in front of her. After a minute the toad hasn't moved. "It might help if you opened your legs" the shopkeeper suggested.

The woman parted her legs and waited. Another minute passed and the toad hadn't moved. "It does take a while to arouse him. Perhaps you could take off you panties."

The woman took off her panties and spread her legs wide, displaying her pussy, but still the toad didn't move.

Eventually the shopkeeper picks up the toad and shouts "For the love of God! I've taught you how to perform oral sex and you still don't get it! Now watch carefully and I will show you once more, but this is definitely the last time!"

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 25 Jan 2012 06:38

Wrote a wonderful poetic piece called 'Wanting'. Love it to bits :-)

Topic Skinny,Curvy,BBW
Posted 25 Jan 2012 02:22

I appreciate every woman for who they are, irrespective of size (not trying to be pc here, I'm just not the sort to categorise and judge), although my experience has been that curvier women tend to be more passionate (I stress that this is my experience, not neccessarily a fact).

Topic Do men need to climax?
Posted 04 Dec 2011 07:26

Thanks for all the advice and comments. Those of you who suggested it may be medical could probably be right, as she never fails to get me aroused and, orgasm aside, the sex is amazing. And I do get the feeling that she believes that she is doing something wrong and is not fulfilling my needs. So hopefully, with a little help from the medical profession, I will be able to show her just how fabulous she makes me feel.

Topic Do men need to climax?
Posted 30 Nov 2011 15:42

I wanted to find out your opinions, and get some helpful advice on my 'problem'. I have been having a wonderful time with a gorgeous lady. However, she feels that she doesn't satisfy me, because I don't always orgasm. I get aroused very easily, even a hug can set me off, and I stay erect for over an hour. And I so want to orgasm, but it doesn't happen. I keep reassuring her that I've always had this 'issue' and that what she is doing would normally have most men orgasming like crazy. She gives fantastic oral (and having been to Amsterdam and experienced oral from professionals i know how good she is) and sometimes I'm fit to burst, but it still doesn't happen. Have you experienced this? And if so how did you feel about it?

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 22 Nov 2011 09:25

I've finally found a woman who thinks sex is fun. I'm thinking back to Sunday, eating breakfast off each other (honey mmm), and my first twosome in a bath. Trust me when i say that my smile is wider than my face at the moment.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 22 Nov 2011 07:05

I meant to say 'A perfect shower buddy' but was mesmerised by your body.love10

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 22 Nov 2011 07:03

I perfect shower buddy :-)

Topic Unimportant, trivial, and/or obscure facts from your past.
Posted 22 Nov 2011 04:24

When I was a teenager i went to an Ian Dury concert in London (for the uninitiated google Ian Dury and the Blockheads). My mate and i bumped into John Lydon (then making his name as Johnny Rotten with the sex Pistols). As he wa known for his violent nature and aversion to autograph hunters we just chatted to him like he was just another sweaty teenager. After a few moments a spotty little herbert strode up to Johnny and said in a very loud voice "You're Johnny Rotten!" I stared at the kid and said "Sod off that's my brother!" The herbert left swiftly. Johnny grinned and thanked me. He then signed our tickets. Unfortunately, when he signed them he wrote JOHNNY ROTTEN WAS HERE on my friends ticket and on mine here wrote AND HERE. As I only have my ticket its difficult to convince people that he actually wrote it!

Topic Your life in a sentence!!
Posted 22 Nov 2011 04:15

I have no idea what my destination is but I'm enjoying the journey.

Topic Does body type really matter?
Posted 03 Nov 2011 17:47

What can I say! I've had sex with ladies of various body types and they are all fantastic in different ways. But the most important factor is the attitude. My current lady has a passionate sexy attitude and it is wonderful.

Topic What do guys like better?
Posted 20 Sep 2011 12:05

Ah well. I think we left something out there.

Breasts first
Then head
Then pussy
Then head
Then breasts

Topic Great Film Scenes
Posted 18 Sep 2011 02:16

Unfortunately I have been able to post videos but here are a few for you which are all on you tube I believe.

The last scene of The Usual Suspects
Butterfly's lap dance scene from Deathproof
The prom scene from Carrie

Topic What song was at number one on the day you were born?
Posted 12 Sep 2011 07:52

Apparently it was The Young Ones by Cliff Richard and the Shadows. (Wish I'd hung on for a week as it was Nancy Sinatra - These boots were made for walking)

Topic The most unromantic love songs
Posted 10 Sep 2011 00:47

Oh that's even worse. What a romantic!

Thanx Simply_Susan

Topic The most unromantic love songs
Posted 09 Sep 2011 20:44

I listen to a lot of music and have noticed that a some of the loves songs that have been written contain lyrics that are far from romantic.
For example Dr Hook's 'I'm going to love you a little bit more' contains the lines:

"When your bodies had enough of me and I'm laying flat out on the floor,
when you think I've loved you all I can I'm gonna love you a little bit more."

So his women is exhausted but he's going to carry on anyway!

So do any of you Lushies have other examples of unromantic love song lyrics.

Topic prequisite: experience
Posted 09 Sep 2011 19:59

I think you should take your time, enjoy experiementing, but don't be forced into anything you don't want to do. If your 'experiences' are not pleasurable then you will won't want to try them again.

Topic Heartbreak-Which song sums it up for you?
Posted 08 Sep 2011 18:30

Love don't live here anymore by Rose Royce. Unfortunately it sums me up at the moment.

Topic Sexiest Underwear
Posted 08 Sep 2011 18:05

The style is not as important as the material. Satin wins my vote any day.And wet satin is even better.

Topic Looking for my inspiration
Posted 08 Sep 2011 07:48

Apologies for the typo (forward ! not froward). Trust me me spelling is a lot better than my typing (thank God for edit functions).

Topic Looking for my inspiration
Posted 08 Sep 2011 07:46

I am looking for a lushie who would like to help me. Earlier in the year I wrote a story to help cheer up a good friend of mine. She is single and is on a dating site to try and find romance. But, despite being an attractive and sexy woman, men on the site have treated her with little respect and she was feeling unloved and down. So I offered to write her a story in which she would be the central character. And so Chrissie appeared in Soft Target. I made her into a sex goddess and she absolutely loved it. I am in the process of writing the sequel Soft Target 2 (such an imaginative title I know!).

What i am looking for is a woman who has some interesting fantasies or experiences that would like to be the inspiration for a series of short stories. Be assured that the lucky lady, or ladies, will be portrayed throughout in the most flattering of ways. And I would be happy to show them the first draft for their approval before posting it on the site.

Look froward to hearing from you.


Read it

Topic not pulling out
Posted 03 Sep 2011 09:39

Hmm. This year was the first time I have cum inside a woman without protection. She joked that I was still a virgin until I had done it. For me I do worry for lots of reasons, unexpected pregnancy, stds, etc. I hate the idea of a wonderful experience being spoiled. But I have to say that it was a liberating and amazing feeling. She also said that she loves it when men come inside her and it feels different to when they are 'suited and booted'.