First Time(1)


Amsterdam Epiphany

A true story of a decision that changed my life forever.

The story I am about to tell is completely true. I have decided that I need to write it down as I will remember it as the event that changed my life forever. It is also the reason that I now have my tattoo of a tulip. I wear it as a badge of honour to commemorate a trip I will never forget. The story begins in Rome on New Year’s Eve two years ago. My wife and two friends were waiting...Read On

Group Sex(4)


Soft Target

Trevor was so happy to be going on a date but what happened was more than he was expecting.

She walked into the bedroom, naked, ruffling her short, wet hair dry with a towel. Catching sight of her body in the mirror she stood and smiled. Despite her age, Chrissie still had the kind of body that attracted attention. Breasts still pert, curvy hips and those legs that had enticed men for many years. A muffled ringtone came from her dressing table and, rummaging through the selection...Read On


Soft Target 2: Chrissie's surprise

Chrissie's back and this time she has a surprise for her friends.

Chrissie was sitting in the kitchen with her two friends, sipping her coffee and swapping ‘crap husband’ stories. “He’s always so bloody tired.” moaned Wendy, “He gets home, eats his dinner and then falls asleep in front of the television. And when we go to bed I don’t even get a cuddle, let alone a good, hard shag.” “Tell me about it!” chipped in Marie. “My hubbie hasn’t given me a...Read On


Soft Target 4: Girl's night in

When Keith popped round to Chrissie for a coffee and a chat he got more than he bargained for.

As Keith rang the bell he felt a tinge of guilt. He often popped across to his neighbour Chrissie for a coffee and a chat on a Sunday morning but she had told him that she was having some friends over last night. So calling at 9 o’clock in the morning because he had run out of milk and couldn’t be bothered to go to the supermarket was probably not the best idea. A minute passed and he decided...Read On


Soft Target 5: The morning after the girls night in

Two women, one man and a tub of ice cream.

To fully enjoy this episode it is recommended that you read Soft Target 4: Girl's night in first. As Chrissie had been relating the events of last night, Keith’s eyes had been fixed on Amelie, taking in every pore of her nakedness, and his mouth had been hanging open like a naughty schoolboy. Amelie stood up, walked over to the freezer and returned with the ice cream tub. Tearing the lid...Read On

Love Poems(3)


First kiss

My latest effort focusing on the experience of the frist kiss.

First Kiss We face each other, Hands holding hands, Eyes holding eyes. Communicating, Uncertainty and anticipation. Then the synchronicity as our Heads tilt, Eyes close, Lips touch lips. Softly at first, Then intense, As passion evolves, And overwhelms us. Mutual surrender as our Lips part, Tongues caress, Tasting the emotion. Seconds feel like minutes, ...Read On


There is a woman

A loem about my search for that special woman

There is a woman, Somewhere, Who has a smile that speaks to me. It says “You make me so happy that I could burst.” Her smile infects mine and holds me captive, And I become a willing prisoner, Of her smile. There is a woman, Somewhere, Who has eyes that speak to me. They say “I love you more than words can say.” Her eyes penetrate my soul and hold me captive, ...Read On


When I hold you

My favourite moment yet to happen.

When I hold your warm body in my arms Your head on my chest I inhale the scent of your hair And like a drug You intoxicate me. No words Just a warm feeling Like a blanket Wrapping us both up In a moment of true happiness That I wish would never end. ...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Special Delivery

Opening the door to a courier in your dressing gown can lead to more than you expect.

I was still in bed, enjoying the chance to catch up on some sleep after a busy week. The curtains, slightly open, allowed a crack of sunlight into the room and the breeze from the open window cooled me as I drifted between waking and sleeping. In my half-conscious state I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly came to my senses. The parcel! I was waiting for a new router for my laptop. It had...Read On



Soft Target: The Head's punishment

When Chrissie had to see her son's headteacher he got more than he bargained for.

Chrissie sat outside the head teacher’s office, shifting nervously. Even though she was now a parent, with a son at the school, the old memories still made her shiver. She could still remember standing outside the headmaster’s office, all those years ago, biting her lip in anticipation of the yet another harsh telling off about the latest indiscretion. But now she was here discuss her...Read On



Good Clean Fun

Watching someone doing the housework can be fun.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I looked around my house and had to come to the inevitable conclusion. This place is filthy! The trouble was that my attitude to housework was the same as my attitude to skydiving. I don’t mind watching someone else do it but I wouldn’t do it myself. Then I had an idea. My elderly neighbours use a local cleaning firm, twice a week, as they do not have the energy...Read On