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Part 3 where Lacy presents hell of an apology for Rick breaking up with Robin.

2 days ago

The story continues with part two.
Thank you, Ruthie.

15 days ago

Part one in a four-part series, I hope you enjoy it.

27 days ago

This is my latest story,
I'd appreciate it if you read it, but there is no obligation to do so. Don't worry, you won't get any online messages from me asking you to.

13 Oct 2017 18:47

May I ask something? I know I use the blog to promote my stories every time one gets approved, but I don't online message people asking them to read my stuff. If I asked you at least once a week to read something of mine, would you find that acceptable? Whether or not you like to read, would you be annoyed after a while when I send numerous online messages asking you to read my stories/poems? Answer any way you'd like, if at all.

09 Oct 2017 15:10

Thx to Curvy, you can read this:

29 Sep 2017 23:39

I have my next story in the Perfect gift series submitted and awaiting approval. I'm always working on new stuff and hope to give you pleasure on Lush for years to come. Thank you to everyone that has read my work.

27 Sep 2017 16:35

Thanks to Burquette, here is my latest story.

16 Sep 2017 07:32

I've written a sequel to
This one is told from Gillian's POV.
Thank you to Curvygalore.

03 Sep 2017 09:17

Kaylee puts her new knowledge to good use on her best friend.
Thank you, Buz.

23 Aug 2017 01:04

Thanks to Ruthie, you can what happens on Kaylee's quest to become more pleasurable to her best friend.
I hope you like it.

19 Aug 2017 18:27

Thanks to Ruthie, you can what happens on Joy's quest to become more pleasurable to her best friend.

12 Aug 2017 16:43

Two college females become a little closer.
Thank you, Buz.

02 Aug 2017 16:01

What would you do with a horny MILF as she sat right next to you?
Thank you, robertl.

23 Jul 2017 07:33

My latest effort.
Thank you, Ruthie.

02 Jul 2017 17:30

I'm always working on new stuff, but I have plenty of stuff on here I hope you'll take a look at if you haven't already.
Also, Oceanrunner and my friend HeraTeleia co-wrote a story together, check that out too.

29 Jun 2017 16:14

What happens when two stuck up bitches butt heads, one of them formulates a plan.
Thank you, JessicaX.

23 Jun 2017 14:32

I have a new story up, which is a sequel to this one.
Now here is the new one.
Thank you, Stormdog.

13 Jun 2017 14:24

My next story will be a sequel to this one.
I hope to submit it soon, but until then, enjoy all my other ones like:
Thanks for reading.

10 Jun 2017 12:54

'Cheating' can be such an ugly word. Love can make you can almost anything, even giving your step son the perfect gift. Is it cheating, or just a woman becoming closer to her step son?
Thank you yet again, Ruthie.

03 Jun 2017 17:09

My latest story, if you haven't read it.
Of course, I still have more stuff being worked on now.

02 Jun 2017 19:15

The title tells exactly what to expect.

25 May 2017 13:57

Even a prude can't resist seeing two guys together.
Thank you again, Ruthie.

14 May 2017 13:00

Thanks to Ruthie, you may read how the cat is out of the bag for Michelle and Ashley now.

03 May 2017 14:02

Always working on new stuff. Another sequel that started with this one.
Step siblings switching partners and a woman getting two holes filled by two different guys.

29 Apr 2017 18:49