kornslayer1's Blog Entries

06 Mar 2016 09:41

My competition entry. A married woman just has one request for their 6 year anniversary.

24 Feb 2016 16:04

Two roommates in a heat of passion, discover they actually have a thing for each other. Give it a read.

16 Feb 2016 16:11

I've haven't edited much lately, but should submit my next story by the weekend. I'm currently writing a chapter story, where each chapter has a different POV. I actually have nearly 30 stories written, waiting to be edited and submitted. So I couldn't tell you when I'll submit the series I'm working on now. As always, I'm not gonna push the work to get it up faster, I'll just have it up when I get it up. Thanks for reading.

03 Feb 2016 14:22

My latest story about step siblings.

16 Jan 2016 20:47

A college cheerleader pushes her luck to get what she wants. She is in fact a psycho bitch.

09 Jan 2016 15:37

I have many stories written, like lesbian cheerleaders, a remake of Bringing Up Old Memories, an office sex series and many others that are waiting to be edited. I hope to have my next one up soon.

03 Jan 2016 08:12

A fun, but reluctant story about a thirty-something blonde that needs to prove herself that she can do it.

22 Dec 2015 20:51

My latest story. Well, 2015 wasn't bad. Here comes 2016. It'll likely be my last year on Lush.

19 Dec 2015 19:51

I'm editing my next story and hope to have it up sometime in next few days.

15 Dec 2015 00:36

On second thought, I'm gonna skip this comp.

10 Dec 2015 16:48

They say 'Try, try again.' I'm gonna get to working on my comp entry this weekend.

24 Nov 2015 14:10

Who doesn't love to meet gorgeous ladies who know how to rock out?

31 Oct 2015 10:28

My comp entry is up now, give it a read.

24 Oct 2015 15:17

I'm working on my entry for the comp, I hope to submit it in the next few days.

12 Oct 2015 15:49

Thanks to everyone for your happy birthday wishes, I appreciate you all.

08 Oct 2015 16:33

I'm still working new stories, some are more complex than others, but all have the Kornslayer1 touch.

30 Sep 2015 14:40

Read them in either order, but the second is a prequel. Two lesbian stories for your viewing pleasure. One has MILFs and the other has young adult women, pick your poison.

25 Sep 2015 17:40

I've had some extra time off work and I've been writing some new stuff. As always, it takes me a lot longer to edit stuff, but even when I do I still tend to miss stuff. People seem to have no problem pointing that out, but I thank you anyway for reading. I also wanna thank the mods for taking time to check and fix errors for me as well. It is quite appreciated by me. I currently have 11 stories written and I'm working on a 12th. If aren't a friend of Mysteria27 or Adagio_Sabadicus, they've worked together on a series you are welcome to check out too. They'll appreciate your votes and comments too.

23 Sep 2015 12:50

Thanks to everyone who has read my latest story: MILF To MILF.
Up next I have a prequel about the daughters. I hope you all like it.

13 Sep 2015 16:18

I know there are some metalheads out there, be outraged and then be heard.

07 Sep 2015 16:10

Up next is a double MILF story, I hope to have it up by next week.

04 Sep 2015 16:31

Putting the finishing touches on my next story, I should submit it soon.

01 Sep 2015 17:19

I haven't watched the VMAs in 15 years now. Why, because they just suck now. I can barely stand any of the music that's always nominated and to add insult to injury, there is only one category I'd be curious about in the whole thing. Best rock, that's it. No metal whatsoever, now that is in fact a crock of shit. Don't believe me? Read this. Metalheads, put those fucking horns in the air.

17 Aug 2015 17:39

Currently editing another taboo story. It always seems to take me forever to edit them, but I'll have it up when I can.

27 Jul 2015 00:48

I got it up now, it is a long read, but I hope you can give it a read.

25 Jul 2015 17:57

Just submitted my latest story. It has just over 8900 words, so it may take a little time for a mod to go over it. I spent over three weeks editing, so I'm hoping you all like it.

16 Jul 2015 14:32

I'm currently editing a long story single chapter story. Its over 8400 words right now anyway and does have some twists and turns. I hope you enjoy when I get it up.

14 Jul 2015 15:53

This may not affect you at all, but just in case, check this out.

11 Jul 2015 19:24

Thank you to all 15 people who read and voted on my comp entry, it is appreciated. I now have up a new flash erotica story, feel free to give it a read.

10 Jul 2015 18:04

Tomorrow is the last day for the comp, please if you haven't read and voted on mine, give it a read. I'd truly appreciate it.