kornslayer1's Blog Entries

01 Feb 2015 11:27

I have many new stories coming soon, I hope you read them.

01 Feb 2015 10:42

Despite that I can't get any RRs from the mods, I haven't stopped writing. I agree with you, Delphi 100%, don't get me wrong. I'll keep writing for as long as I feel some pleasure out of it. I have quite a few stories already written and many ideas to write about too. I only ask members to give my stuff a real chance, thank you.

27 Jan 2015 15:04

How is it possible to love and hate something so much? Love and hate keeps on colliding with my writing on Lush. I have no idea to make it stop, let me know if have any suggestions.

22 Jan 2015 17:27

Thank you to all 24 people that took the time to read and vote on my comp entry. I appreciate it.

17 Jan 2015 16:59

I know I'll never have an recommended read or editor's pick on Lush, but I still invite everyone to to give at least one of my stories a try. I somehow fooled myself into thinking that I could possibly get an RR for my last story, silly me.

03 Jan 2015 14:59

A sexy story where a newlywed couple has hot sex in the sauna and cool sex in the pool with people watching then. Give it a try and vote on it. I think you'll like it.

01 Jan 2015 21:41

Try my comp story

30 Dec 2014 21:35

Try my comp story

27 Dec 2014 19:42

Thanks to all that have read and scored my comp story. Also thanks for all the comments too.

26 Dec 2014 14:22

I have my comp entry up, give it a hot and cool whirl.

23 Dec 2014 19:16

To anyone even slightly concerned. I've loved Lush ever since I found it looking for the 'I' word stories back in 2011 even with all the rules. Even though it was a GIANT letdown when Lush just suddenly banned those stories, I stayed. I have tried other sites, but not liked them anywhere near as much. Most people here are a lot more respectful. The mods have made me a lot better, but also have frustrated the hell out of me too. I've made my point to them and I stand by it. If they take my advice, that's up to them. When I get told they want my stories to be as good as possible, I'd at least want them to try to make the site better too. If that's seriously too much to ask, tell me. I recently wanted to leave, but decided not to, thanks in big part to Madamemolly. She's an amazing woman, no BS. I know I won't be on Lush forever, but I hope until then, the site goes more uphill than downhill. I'm not bashing the site, just telling you exactly how I feel presently. Thank you.

15 Dec 2014 13:36

I finally have another story up, hope you read it.

12 Nov 2014 00:48

I have more stories waiting in the wings, I hope you read them.

21 Oct 2014 15:22

Try my comp entry.

15 Oct 2014 14:13

Thx to all who have read my comp entry so far.

14 Oct 2014 17:03

Hope you read my competition entry.

12 Oct 2014 16:52

Working on a new story for the competition, hope to have it done soon.

10 Oct 2014 19:38

Have my new MILF story up now, hope you read it.

10 Oct 2014 14:02

Editing a MILF story and hope to submit it soon. I've sent my step mother/daughter story to a dear friend for her to examine.

05 Oct 2014 12:57

For people who loved My step mom, I'm working on another step mom/step daughter story.

02 Oct 2014 09:43

If you haven't seen Within Temptation or Amaranthe live, I strongly suggest you see them. They are fucking amazing live.

01 Oct 2014 13:03

Another series done, onto more stuff coming soon.

28 Sep 2014 12:24

As I'm editing my last chapter, I'm adding in some stuff. So I might split it up into two parts.

26 Sep 2014 17:01

The second to last chapter has arose. Hope you read it.

25 Sep 2014 14:06

I have two more chapters coming from my series, I hope you read them. Twists and turns are coming.

24 Sep 2014 12:49

The View Makes things spiral out of control is up, I hope you read it.

18 Sep 2014 17:10

The View From Their Bedroom is up, I hope you read it.

17 Sep 2014 15:58

Editing the next chapter entitled: The View From Their Bedroom. Hope to submit it tomorrow.

07 Sep 2014 17:11

FYI, if you just wanna change the pic on the front of your story, it has to be verified again. I had no idea.

05 Sep 2014 17:30

I hope you enjoy how a step brother fulfills his step sister's fantasy.