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28 May 2013 16:10

I'm living with someone that I absolutely despise. He makes me sick to my stomach, he makes my skin crawl, and is just bad for me. I can't always think straight, I have more blonde moments, and he acts as if there is nothing wrong. As if nothing ever happened, and now imagine that fucker makes work, which you really hate, a lot preferable to being at home. I sp can not wait for him to just go away.

19 Mar 2013 14:58

He's still not gone, but I'm still writing.

13 Mar 2013 12:04

I'm so ready for this fucking asshole to just get the fuck out!!!!!!!

06 Mar 2013 13:49

Still working on new stuff, I hope you like.

01 Feb 2013 21:12

If you don't know, I recently had an accident, but that's not stopping me from coming up with new story ideas, I hope to get them up ASAP. I hope you enjoy them.

31 Jan 2013 12:30

Wow, life sucks at times. A guy slams on his breaks at the last second to stop for a funeral preceding and I rear ended him. He wasn't paying attention, so I get to pay for my car, if the insurance companies decides that I have to pay, it'll really be proof that there IS NO GOD!!!!

18 Jan 2013 20:41

Work sux, I can always blow off some steam with sex stories.

14 Nov 2012 16:55

on stories.xnxx.com and velvet9.com I've been on there, I strongly suggest you check them out, but of course still your call.

20 Aug 2012 11:32

Right now on Velvet9.com, I'm posting some new chapters to stories, like the Family strip poker series and My web cam show, plus a few more there already and more to come.

27 Mar 2012 11:43

If you would like, find new stuff on velvet9.com

21 Mar 2012 13:05

I hope you like the stuff that's on here, you won't get anymore on here

17 Mar 2012 18:50

I just submitted my second lesbian story, I hope everyone likes it.

15 Feb 2012 17:06

Just chilling, thanks to all that have read my stories, always appreciated.

05 Feb 2012 14:59

I just added my first lesbian story, read it and tell me what you think please. I have more lesbian stuff coming if you like it.

07 Jan 2012 14:22

I added 2 new pics if anyone is interested

07 Jan 2012 11:40

Yes there will be a part 2 to Love can be in plain sight, and a few after that.

06 Jan 2012 14:22

If you have a preference between me starting a new brother/sister series or keeping it with singles and 2 and 3 parts stories, let me know in next couple hours

06 Jan 2012 00:33

I'm gonna either start on my next brother/sister series or keep going with singles and short series'. IM or email me if you have a preference by tomorrow.

05 Jan 2012 14:24

I'm probably the person most interested in incest without being incestuous. I can't prove it, but I think it's true honestly.

03 Jan 2012 08:43

Thank you to everyone that read! the Family strip poker saga!

29 Dec 2011 21:46

I'd love to meet a brother and sister that are actually in love with each other, if anyone knows anyone that are, or you are the brother or the sister and would like for me to meet you, IM me or email me. I've written a shit load of brother/sister stuff and I honestly never met an incestuous couple.

20 Dec 2011 11:28

over 100 now

16 Dec 2011 22:28


12 Dec 2011 15:04

I'm reaching 100 stories soon now, thank you to all that read my stories, even if you didn't like them.

06 Dec 2011 22:49

Thanks to all that like my writing, I just love to write and no matter how many negative comments people make, I'm still gonna write and post them here.

03 Dec 2011 13:13

I guess all I can say about My mom and I at the pool is this: every now and then one slips through the cracks. I thought I edited it well, but obviously not. Thanks for pointing it out anyway though.

29 Nov 2011 11:17

I don't do it with my sister, I just think up these ideas. I don;t know why I love the ideas but I do and everyone seems to love them too.

27 Nov 2011 11:50

Thanks again to everyone that read my 2 part story

26 Nov 2011 12:16

Thanks to all read The sex talk I had with my mom 1/2. I'll have 2/2 up soon.

21 Nov 2011 23:50

Well the entire My friend's dad series is on here now, I hope everyone enjoys, it was really fun writing it. As always a hell of a lot more coming soon!!!