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Posted 16 May 2015 08:13

Well, as with getting head or texting while driving, way the fuck too risky. If you need to orgasm that badly, pull over. Just make it quick, a cop may or may not drive by and wonder WTF.

Posted 05 May 2015 11:47

Happy birthday from me.

Topic Steak
Posted 19 Apr 2015 10:04

Well done, anything less than that just tastes very odd to me. I didn't get that from my mom though, she likes rare to medium though.

Topic what's on your t-shirt?
Posted 09 Apr 2015 15:48 (2).jpg
He's handsome and not even remotely fat.

Topic Most guys won't EVER taste their cum, why?
Posted 03 Apr 2015 15:16

I'm pretty sure it is related to the reasons why they aren't gay. Otherwise, there is no right context for it, unless they are just at least a little nuts and it somehow gets them off. That could be solely related to getting their woman off. It is kind of like food, how some things can kill your appetite, this applies to that. It is not a turn on, it is a turn off. I know ladies are more known for tasting their cum, so maybe that points to the theory that women are better than men. Either way, a turn off is a turn off.

Topic Story Verification Time and the Queue
Posted 29 Mar 2015 14:42

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to update anyone who has submitted a story for verification and is wondering if it has been lost in the ether!

The queue is currently sitting at about 50 stories, and has been for the past week while now. No matter how many we get through in a day, the number always creeps back up again. This is great news for the site, as it reflects our popularity and it's wonderful to see so many people posting stories here, and indeed to see so many new faces and names recently.

I know it can be frustrating when you're waiting to get your story on the front page, and aren't sure what's holding it up. If ever you want to know where your story is in the queue, just send me a pm and i can let you know. I won't say pm any story mod, as they will probably hit me, lol, but seriously, if you are desperate to know, i'm quite happy to help out.

You, as authors, can help out as much as you can by checking, checking and re-checking a story before you submit it. We don't want you to be waiting a few days and then find we have to send it back to you for editing. We're just as keen to get your story published as you are but bear in mind, with us being so busy, we have less time to fix errors than we used to.

As you are all aware, there is a current competition on, which means the number of submission entries is likely to increase over the next few weeks. A wee reminder that mods don't edit these pieces, so again, check them thoroughly before you enter them to minimize the possibility of them being sent back.

Finally, please also remember that those who have purchased gold memberships get to queue jump. If you are a prolific author here, this is a sure-fire way of getting your stories attended to as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your patience and happy lushing,

Echelon xx
kornslayer1 wrote:
I know with the gold membership, you can get your stories fast tracked, but it would be nice if we could see where your story is on the list or if it is being looked at currently.

Gold member stories go to the top of the list and get looked at Next. Anything more would likely open up the moderating team to nearly constant inquiries of "why isn't it finished yet?"

We do our very best to get stories out in a timely manner, and to give Gold members their due.

That's what Ravenstar said. I'm glad you like the idea, Echelon. I do agree people should buy a gold membership if only for that reason. I know the mods work hard to go through author's stories, therefore I always thank the mod for verifying my story. Only a handful of times since I became a gold member has it taken more than a day for a mod to get back to me, so it is worth it I think.

Time and time again I've heard about this issue with non gold members, and I'm sure it has gotten on the mods nerves to some extent. So, if you can't or just don't want to, (Not judging one way or another) buy a gold membership, don't press too hard on the mod's buttons. They are just people who have their own lives.

I thank all the mods that have verified my stories. Also, FYI, if you a gold member, make sure your badge is showing on your avatar when you submit, the mod may not be aware you are a gold member.

Topic Following Authors
Posted 25 Mar 2015 16:38

Yes, go to settings and then Following Authors. On whichever author you wish to unfollow, go to the author and it'll give you the option to unfollow.

Topic Kanye West announces that he is the biggest rock star on the planet?
Posted 25 Mar 2015 13:08

And his next announcement; "Kim is still a virgin!"
That's a knee slapper.

Posted 20 Mar 2015 13:14 (31).jpg

Topic People who use different/fake avatars?
Posted 11 Mar 2015 15:13

Is there something wrong using an avatar that is not the member?

Topic I masturbate - and apparently that hurts my husband
Posted 08 Mar 2015 13:40

Maybe it stems from you not needing him, rather than you not wanting him. My suggestion would be to ask him if he'd be willing to thrust a dildo for you or finger you.

Topic I'd rather give up sex than...?
Posted 07 Mar 2015 17:31

My music. I have metal in my veins and had it there many years before I lost my virginity. Interestingly enough, I also heard that some people would let their iphone win over sex. I'm scratching my head on that one, but I guess you can still access Lush on it though.

Topic Announcing the Winners of our Valentine's Day Poetry Competition
Posted 02 Mar 2015 15:56

Congratulations to the winners and runners up.
I have taken the results of this competition as an indication that my belief that I could write reasonable poetry as a delusion, so I have removed all my poems from public view. I am not sure whether this is because they are technically flawed, or because they are just rubbish. I will publish mo more here.
Well, I don't know shit about poetry really. I just got a general idea and went from there. No one is perfect, but lets face it, some writers here are really good and it'll be next to impossible to catch them. (Hence why there are a few repeat comp winners and runners up.) I've heard time and time again not to give up or get discouraged.

This was the seventh comp I've entered and I still haven't even gotten a honorable mention. I suggested to Nicola that we do a Office Sex comp a while back, I got a good idea for that. Maybe we'll get one. Anyway, any comp that I can attempt, I'll do it. Obviously, there isn't anything actually wrong with your poetry, considering they still got approved to the site.

Delphi has told me I should be happy with my numbers, even though I don't have any RRs. I won't say either one of us is completely wrong or right there, but she is a wise woman. Even though stories I truly believe should get one, have been passed over for them, I haven't stopped writing.

I guess that is a lot of words for 'Try, try again and don't let anyone or anything get you down.'

Topic Glitch in the Matrix?
Posted 02 Mar 2015 14:39

The site operators are currently switching servers and there are a handful of different issues that are going on right now. I'll tell you what they will, please be patient.

Topic Announcing the Winners of our Valentine's Day Poetry Competition
Posted 02 Mar 2015 00:58

Congrats, avrgblkgrl, Possibly and shrpsf.

Topic Which bands have you seen Live?
Posted 01 Mar 2015 09:31

Green Day

You've seen the kings of punk and thrash? You are a lucky lady, Molly.

Topic Server migration
Posted 28 Feb 2015 06:19

Great, pictures are back. Thank you, Gav for your hard work.

Topic Tanning Bed Awareness and the effects it can have!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!
Posted 27 Feb 2015 19:09

I guess it wouldn't have been as freaky to see the two chicks from Final destination 3 just die from skin cancer. So even if they didn't get trapped inside the tanning beds, they were gonna die? That's too bad, I had no idea it was that serious quite honestly.

My mom and sister used to tan a lot, but I don't think they do as much if at all anymore. I've never been a fan of tanning, the most I've ever done was just waiting for the pool to open. I always made sure to wear sunblock, as the sun has always been a pain in my shoulders, back, face, arms, legs and chest.

Every time I get burned, I swear, never again, but somehow it happens again. Even when I'm not swimming and out for an extended amount of time in the sun, I always at least try to remember to wear sunblock. The sun can be nice, but also be a mean bitch.

Posted 19 Feb 2015 09:10

Happy birthday from me too.

Topic How To Win An EP By Accident... (A lecture on writing poetry...)
Posted 15 Feb 2015 11:30

You are being quite beastly and winding me up something rotten.

I was going to reconcile with you. After that derogatory remark, I shan't bother.

Now take heed and skedaddle.
Whether you were gonna reconcile with me or not, it is just a simple fact: if you are gonna play in the rain, you are gonna get wet. Be mad at me if want, I really don't care. Ironically, that is coming from someone you thought of as your best friend at one point. Wonder why I would say that now. What do you think?

Topic How To Win An EP By Accident... (A lecture on writing poetry...)
Posted 15 Feb 2015 09:06

Now you listen here young man!

You have no one to blame but yourself.

I offered my help, and you refused, waved me away, thinking I was some kind of incompetent ninny.

I even offered to co-write a story with you and give all the guidance you needed in order to achieve the accolade of RR status.

You are a good writer, but there are certain aspects of your writing that could be improved.

And I'm sure that with a little help you can achieve your writing goals through patience, hard work and perseverance.

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.

-- Paul Ryan
And your story with an RR is where exactly?

Just write for yourself and if people here (including the mods) don't like it, then that's their problem. Work your ass off to perfect your work and post it here. Don't let people discourage you, even if no discouraging words have been spoken. If need be, just tell them the following: Yippie Ki Yay, Motherfucker. - Kornslayer1

Topic 8 Free Silver Memberships but they have to be 'Gifted'.
Posted 07 Feb 2015 14:27


Topic If you could have any movie-prop from any film in cinema history...
Posted 04 Feb 2015 17:04

That shirt (33).jpg

Topic Anyone else have the day off tomorrow?
Posted 01 Feb 2015 16:08

Funny, I didn't get much of any snow during the holidays and since then it's been snowing on and off. Now it has snowed so hard that the factory I work at has shut down for the day. Fun to have the day off, but I'll just have a shorter paycheck though.

Topic Post the title most recent song that you listened to
Posted 29 Jan 2015 16:12

Slipknot- Before I forget. I'm going to see them in May and again in August. I can't wait.

Topic How To Win An EP By Accident... (A lecture on writing poetry...)
Posted 26 Jan 2015 17:22

You literally have about four times as many followers as I have so obviously, people love your stuff. RR's and EP's won't necessarily get you more views or votes just as views and votes don't necessarily get you an award. Write because you enjoy it. Read others' stuff, here and in books, and every time you have a wow moment, ask yourself what brought it about. When you see something that stops you as a reader and makes you roll your eyes, remember that. Read about writing as well... there are some great resources on our own "Morgan Hawke's" forum. Learn from it and your writing will grow too. The more you write and apply the craft, the better you'll get.

Every writer chases something(s). One award, more awards, more readers, inner journeys... I'm not sure that the goals end for any of us, but they might take a breather as we lose sight of them and disappear into the lives and plots of our characters and stories, and the themes and voices that carry them.

And sometimes, that's when you get an award. Maybe even accidentally, like Steph did. (I'm stingy but thought his poem was excellent.)

I guess one man or woman's trash is another man's treasure. Also, a lot of those followers came about when Lush allowed the 'I' word. I'm done chasing awards, but it still does get me though when I don't have even one. I agree that you should try to grow, but after a certain amount of growing and not getting anywhere, I just said 'Fuck it, I'm done.' and stopped going after RRs.

I've looked at other's work with them and still tried to make my stuff more like that, but still nothing. I've taken mods advice and worked one on one too. Mostly, I've tried to make my stories realistic, so people could see it happening in real life and not sacrificed my own style, but if it is not good enough for the mods after all the work I put in, I just find that a little depressing and discouraging.

It also goes to show again that I don't have the 'x' factor for them. Non mods may like and even love some of my work, but I'll never have a reward to show it. Not that I need it right now anyway. I'm sure I'll never stop trying to learn, but I may wind up elsewhere in due time.

I'm done chasing anything on Lush, but if I can't ever get anyone to like my work that much, I just don't see much reason to stay forever. That may sound shitty and pathetic, but those are my feelings on the subject.

Topic How To Win An EP By Accident... (A lecture on writing poetry...)
Posted 26 Jan 2015 16:11

As principessa said, it's just Stephanie's way of saying he's surprised and showing his appreciation over the award. But kind of is an accident. Always. RRs, EPs, prizes, always boils down to the same thing: catching the right mod/editor at the right time in the right mood with the right thing. That's as magical as it gets. Of course, accidents like this are much likelier to happen when a writer has done a certain amount of tedious homework. Stephanie is being very self deprecating about his writing, and yeah, Leningrad's structure is all over the place and even random through most of it. But it won an award because it's got "that thing" that rises above technical shit that means very little in the long run. Stephanie may be a lazy poet, as I am too, but he has a keen ear for the inherent cadence of the English language. Maybe it doesn't hurt to come from a place where people like James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Yeats, et al, are the major rock stars. The other thing principessa said that pretty much nails everything anyone needs to know about writing is that if you sit down consciously to write something award winning it's probably not gonna happen. It happens when you forget all the peripheral bullshit and just focus on the story, the characters, the heart, the music of the language...poetry or prose. So yeah, it pretty much does happen by accident...and it happens when you're paying attention to something else.
Well, thanks for clearing that up. As I've worked with your wife and other mods to try to perfect my work, I've hoped an accident would happen at least once. By now I'm just done waiting. My story, I worked on for over three months and was hoping that it would get an RR.

I worked on it from every angle, but it still wasn't good enough. Before that story and now after, I don't write in hopes to get rewards. I just write what I like to write in the best way I can. I guess I'm saying I agree with you, but it still seems impossible from where I'm sitting.

I've just heard from people that they've notice improvements in my writing, but it doesn't show in votes. A few more nice comments have risen up, but that's it. I just don't have that spark for the right people anyway. It has discouraged me a great deal, but I've done my best to fight it though.

I don't think I'll just be able to let it go forever. Eventually, if I don't get one, I'm at least gonna take a long break from Lush quite frankly. Call me crazy, but I think people would in fact take my writing more seriously if I had just one RR. It is still up to the mods to decide if it gets a blue thumb or not.

My problem is that there is something more I could have done afterwards. Put more drama in, better descriptive words, more defined characters and more shit too. So it gets me when I can't seem to ever get it right when there are no written standards or anything like that. I'm just throwing darts and definitely not hitting a bullseye.

Topic How To Win An EP By Accident... (A lecture on writing poetry...)
Posted 26 Jan 2015 14:32

It seems way too good to be true. To win an EP by accident? I find impossible to get even an RR. Granted I don't write poetry except the two I have posted, but still, sounds way too good to be true. The mods seems rather stingy about giving them out to whom don't already have a bunch. Is it easier to actually win an EP overall? Either way, I don't buy it. I'm sure it'll work for someone else though. I'd like to know how to get an RR by accident or just how to get one the normal way. After that, maybe I'll worry about an EP.

Topic Married for 40 years !!!
Posted 23 Jan 2015 18:24

Oh, that's a good one. I always knew that Tinkerbell was an evil bitch at heart.

Topic Why do guys jack off?
Posted 22 Jan 2015 15:04

I would assume for the same reason women do.

They have needs, and there isn't always someone around to relieve them.
Yes, pretty much that.