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Topic Do you think Ahmed Mohamed deserves $15m compensation?
Posted 24 Nov 2015 16:42

$15 million? I'm pretty damn I'd put up with a lot more for a lot less. That's bullshit, he even got invited to the white house too? Fuck me, that's beyond fucked up.

Topic Night of Terror - Paris - Nov 13, 2015
Posted 14 Nov 2015 15:38

Sad indeed, I heard about it yesterday afternoon and it was just like 9/11 again. I was like WTF. No one can truly imagine what that would be like unless it happened to them. We can only hope the people can help each other through this and help prevent this from happening again. ISIS has claimed responsibility, but who knows what monsters these people really were. We can only be grateful that some people did escape and can hug their loved ones again. My sincerest condolences go out to everyone that got hurt physically, emotionally or both or has someone close to them because of this horrible situation.

Topic Happy Birthday Nymph Writer :)
Posted 11 Nov 2015 15:42

Topic $100 Prize for October's Moderator of the Month Award, goes to ...
Posted 06 Nov 2015 00:43

Topic Your blocks now extend to forum posts
Posted 30 Oct 2015 19:26

I have to admit, I do like the idea.

Topic Is there anything that turns you on and you don't know why?
Posted 26 Oct 2015 14:58

I guess in porn when a woman gives the man head. I don't find much of any other straight porn hot honestly, except for its taboo, like step dad/daughter or an older man or woman with someone younger.

Topic latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted 25 Oct 2015 13:49

I've seen Blades of Glory, Blood and Chocolate, The November man, The Big Leobowski, the Blade movies and the first two Big Momma's house movies during this weekend. Some are better than others, obviously.

Topic Playboy will stop featuring nude ladies
Posted 24 Oct 2015 17:16
Before the automated response 'Well, don't you have the internet?' comes out, I think they are just ditching tradition from out of nowhere. They've had the same business model for 60 years now and suddenly they need to redesign it? I can't say I get it at all, but WTFE honestly.

Topic Revolting gif ad while trying to read
Posted 24 Oct 2015 10:36

Well, I'm glad someone was nice enough to help you out. I didn't mind the ads so much before, but I can't say I miss them. Although, Nicola still has to pay the bills.

Topic Revolting gif ad while trying to read
Posted 23 Oct 2015 21:06

You could ask a friend to help you out too. I know you are new, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Topic I ordered a prescription refill today. The script went down by a whole........... 6 cents. What should I do with all that money
Posted 23 Oct 2015 18:17

Put it towards another pointless thread, not that its gonna cost you six cents.

Topic Post a random fact
Posted 17 Oct 2015 15:53

On the night of October 16th 2015, in Fort Wayne, IN, some fucking asshole felt it necessary to steal my license plate off my car and the screws that held it on.

Topic Happy Birthday, Delphi!
Posted 13 Oct 2015 13:55
You are lucky, Katherine, I didn't get my own thread yesterday.

Topic How Many Famous Stories?
Posted 11 Oct 2015 11:16

24 famous stories and 1 legendary story, currently.

Topic Happy Fucking Birthday, Steph, you great cunt.
Posted 11 Oct 2015 07:41

Topic How often do you write a story that ends up somewhere you didn't expect?
Posted 09 Oct 2015 17:42

All the time, I usually just have a general idea and go from there. It can be good and bad at the same time. You may have it be completely different then what you originally wanted, but that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Depends on how it came out I suppose.

Topic Name a movie that you have watched at least 5 times and are still entertained by.
Posted 08 Oct 2015 10:59

The Simpsons Movie and South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

Topic Nit-picking: spelling error on Forum page
Posted 07 Oct 2015 14:28

No, but I think you are the first to point it out though. I make sure I spell check my forum posts, but if others choose not to, that's their right. I can't say I like it, but as you said, it is a small thing.

Topic Moderator of the Month for September
Posted 06 Oct 2015 14:07

Posted 28 Sep 2015 15:41
Happy birthday from me too.

Topic I AM
Posted 27 Sep 2015 12:05

A firm believer that in the defining moments of life, no one knows what they actually want.

Topic What's the last thing you put in your mouth?
Posted 25 Sep 2015 19:14

A frozen Snickers bar. Delicious.

Topic Just curious....
Posted 24 Sep 2015 00:59

Lesbian and MILF stories. Its even better when you combine the two, HOT!

Topic The WORST movie you ever saw
Posted 22 Sep 2015 14:30

Norbit. I didn't just hate the movie, I was actually offended that Eddie did the movie. HMFS, it SUCKED.
Sorry to detest the recently deceased director, but Wes Craven's first movie The last house on the left was equally horrible.
Also, I'm not sure even if more than a million people saw this movie, but back in 2008 I think, Ron Jeremy did a horror movie called One eyed monster. Trust me, I'd rather watch him fuck a guy for 12 hours straight than watch that horrible and pathetic excuse for a so called movie.

All three movies will never reached my eyes or ears ever again. I could definitely name more, but I'll keep my post short. I have to believe that on the set of every movie, someone had to really believe in it. Whether it was the director, producer, cast member or whatever. Really just someone that saw something that wasn't complete shit, but at least with these three, everyone had their heads up their asses and stole roughly 4 hours of my life. That may not seem like a lot, but trust me, those hours were pure torture.

Posted 22 Sep 2015 12:52

Posted 13 Sep 2015 14:04
For your birthday, you wanna go jellyfishing?

Topic Bad Language
Posted 10 Sep 2015 14:59

Well, he does have a point here: writing robot like dialogue isn't sexy. I don't know what other words he refers to as unsexy words. I've never used the word 'fornicate' in my stories, but (Although, it may be appropriate for historical stories) I do use an online thesaurus to make the sentences more interesting. I guess more like using 'scorching' rather than 'hot'. I always spend at least twice as long editing my work than writing it. I keep in mind that this is a sex story website while I do both. Unfortunately, when it comes to Lush standards, the mind can focus more on the grammar and everything of that nature, rather the story being sexy. Obviously, I'm not and can't speak for everyone, just myself.

My point being, sharpen your skills and take this under advisement to some extent, but don't let it completely change your writing mojo. Let your work evolve over time, but when you just make a complete 180, you aren't writing like you anymore. I'm not a big reader here, so again, I can't speak for Just_a_Guy_you_know on this issue, but even if you have nay sayers towards your work, it is still your work. You can only stand behind your stories and let your readers judge for themselves. I realize you want to get your readers turned on, but you still want to remain yourself.

I've been here for about 4 1/2 years now and some people would say my work has evolved. I still write the way I like to write and try to get people turned on. Obviously, I'm gonna write duds, whether it is 4 out of 10, 8 out of 10 or whatever. No matter what, I've never submitted a story or poem I thought was crap. I have some I've felt much better about than others, but I have 171 stories on here currently because I stuck to my guns and have written stories I think people will like. Even if I don't impress them, (Which Katherine Rollins has taught me not to care about so much) I know someone actually looked at it and may have even read it all the way through.

If people don't read it all the way through or even look at it, I know my words are available to people all over the world on Lush. Let your work stand on it's own feet, I understand that its frustrating when people scrutinize your work, whether they are being dicks about it or not. You just have to be strong and raise either of your middle fingers if you have to. Let's face it: Lush is a great place to post your work, but people here can crush your spirit if you let them. DON'T LET THEM!! Whether it is coming from a mod or just someone Lady Mysteria would refer to as a troll, you know how great your work is, because you wrote it.

You put in your blood, sweat and tears in writing a story, whether its 1,000 words or 10,000 words. If you can't keep people hooked, then try being yourself again.

Topic Skinny dipping with the lush member above
Posted 09 Sep 2015 12:07

Right behind you, Molly.

Topic Today we reached 35,000 published stories and poems
Posted 09 Sep 2015 09:08

Your welcome, Nicola.