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Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 15 Apr 2014 17:19

Exactly . ^

Although I have known of situations where a female did not want it and got upset or the guy did not want to stop even if the girl has requested them to pull out. It isn't safe.

Yea, I mean it isn't malicious or anything sinister. The question was more of for like the couples who usually use condoms, but one time didn't have one and didn't wanna wait, or a bf who was told to pull out and didn't have the willpower or time, etc. I'm 100% for safe sex and always being safe, but sometimes accidents can happen... hence my question. Damn my curious nature reading a story.

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 15 Apr 2014 16:26


If someone's in the position (no pun intended) where cumming inside me is a possibility, then it means we're having sex without a condom, and it's already been established (mostly through common sense) that his cum is gonna go in one of my orifices...most likely the one he's currently penetrating. There's no surprise factor involved.

I can't speak for everyone, but I'm paranoid to a fault when it comes to sex. I've never done condomless sex unless I was fully aware of the situation at hand. So I've never had an, 'Oops! I just came inside you,' moment. If someone's cumming inside me, it's intentional and consensual.

doesn't have to be a one night stand. could just be a case where they usually use condoms and didn't have one, the condom broke, or the longtime bf forgot to pull out as agreed upon. I'm 100% for being responsible and safe, was just curious

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 15 Apr 2014 15:54

thanks lushladies, you've been very informative. I guess i just underestimated how good it feels for women to be cum inside of. i always use to wonder why one of them never stopped it, but i never considered they probably enjoyed it.

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 14 Apr 2014 11:35

Any guy who thinks that a woman doesn't notice that he's cum in her pussy is a bloody idiot. Or delusional. Or both.

Of course it's inevitable a woman will notice as soon as gravity does it's work afterwards. I'm sure most of you ladies had a high school, one night stand, or young bf who you didn't want to pop in you, and he did at least once. It was more of a question of how quickly you are aware, what you physically feel, and why wouldn't ladies stop it if it wasn't completely wanted. I guess I just underestimated how good it must feel for women.

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 13 Apr 2014 13:49

Thanks, you've been great! I am totally with you as far as respect and like I said it's not malicious at all or anything like that. It just kinda happens sometimes. I've always just been curious on if it's something ladies physically enjoy or just tolerate.

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 13 Apr 2014 12:48

I think my bf would say something about wanting the quantity and so he could watch things 0_0 drip ~ out , but really ~ I am just NOT at all caring about that stuff or tinking like that. To me it is just about his experience and making him cum, no matter "how" as long as it was something that made him very happy & pleased.

Other people may have very legitimate reasons for why they may not feel something~ that is why I can ONLY speak for myself which may have to do with them or you.

I do not know all the factors with you & your situations & the ladies you have you have been with. I would think it just depends on many things.

I was just curious and thought who better to ask than the fine ladies here. I was just reading a story and thought about if the girls I knew were just too nice to stop it, or just plain enjoyed it (I didn't realize you could feel the pre-cum).

Take for example a young man who's told by his GF not to cum inside her, and he just accidently loses control and tries to act sly about it out of embarrassment hoping she doesn't notice. Doesn't mean it's malicious or anything sinister. If you told a guy you hooked up with not to cum inside you, and he lost it and tried to hide it, would you just let it go and enjoy it?

I'm a big squirter and I guess I'm just surprised that none of my prior girlfriends or teenage girlfriends stopped it, or if they just sat back and enjoyed the new sensation. I'd pull out 90% of the time when asked, but there's always that time where you've held back so long that it just pops and you just kinda hold yourself deep and hope she's not going to kill you.

I was just wondering how noticeable the actual event was for women if at all, or if it's the aftermath and cleanup that's noticeable? I've always tried to imagine what a woman really feels and what goes through her mind when someone jizzes in her a lot unexpectedly. Is it really enjoyable for most women? Would you ever interrupt a guy's orgasm because you didn't want to be jizzed in or just sit back and let him finish?

Does it stand out more if a guy keeps pumping his dick after cumming in you, or more if he just stops and pops the whole load? do you have a preference or one that feels better? Do you feel it more if it happens near the front of your vagina or balls deep?

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 12 Apr 2014 23:12

I would notice, and not just because things suddenly stopped or decreased. I notice, I notice signs inside before, and notice during by the "feel"-as well as after.
I do not care how "quiet" or reserved.
If it was played off and keep going, I would play along, but I would know and they would know, but I would want to keep going or enjoy the after-feelings and still move or hold or kiss and things! I don't want to just "pop out" or "push out or away" - ohhhh noo noooo no. I enjoy those parts... all parts, but I particularly enjoy some very specially.

So, all those times I thought I was slick or young and just didn't want to pull out... you are telling me they knew they were being filled up but just were too polite to stop me or just enjoyed it too much? Do girls enjoy it when guys squirt a lot in their pussies? If you didn't want a guy to cum in your pussy and he did surprise pop... would you stop him in the middle of his orgasm to get it out of you or just let him finish?

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 12 Apr 2014 22:44

Nothing rapey... more of curiousity if you feel it when you aren't prepared or expecting it, and if you do, at what point do you realize it?

Is it only because the action stopped and you can tell by the subtle clues like breathing or is it something you can physically notice inside you as soon as it happens? could a guy with a big orgasm go balls deep in you, bust his nut, and either keep going or play it off without you noticing?

Topic: Surprise cumshot in pussy?
Posted: 12 Apr 2014 20:36

Ok ladies, have any of you ever had a guy surprise pop inside your pussy without vocalizing it or announcing it at all? Probably most of you, right?

Do you notice before it happens if he is completely quiet? During it happening? Or would you not notice it until it was leaking out of you and he stopped?

Do you panic and force him out of you in the middle of his orgasm or do you just let him finish inside even if it was unexpected or unplanned? Is it a pleasant surprise or infuriating? Could a guy with a big cumshot cum inside you unnoticed?

I've busted in many girls and don't often vocalize it, and I'm wondering at what point ladies do you realize what's happening when it happens to you? Do you really FEEL it or do you just notice the action stopped and assume what's happening?

Topic: Ladies, your first creampie
Posted: 20 Feb 2014 14:25

Ladies, do you remember the first time a guy came inside your pussy? Was it planned? Did you enjoy it? Do you ladies like surprise creampies, and do you feel it happening?

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