Adventures of Kristof and Marci - Part 1

After a long internet relationship, Kristof and Marci finally get together to explore their fetishes

ADVENTURES OF KRISTOF AND MARCI PART I The Meeting I sat on the chair in front of the computer, wearing a tiny black swing skirt, black nylons and red high heels.   Beneath the skirt I wore a little pale pink lycra thong and I was naked from the waist up, save for the chain that hung at my chest, the ends connected to each nipple by a little clip.   ‘I really need to pee’...Read On


The Adventures of Kristof and Marci Part 2

Marci continues Krissy's slut training, putting her maid into some uncomfortable situations...

ADVENTURES OF KRISTOF AND MARCI PART 2 Training     As I stood outside the study, my mind was racing, the day had been pretty exciting already and it was only mid afternoon; what else was to come I wondered with excitement.   After a few minutes, Marci came down and entered the study and I followed.   ‘I told you to wait outside; you come in when I...Read On



Family Affairs Pt 2 - Jenny's Story

Jenny comforts her distraught Father with unexpected results.

Family affairs is a series of short, incestuous stories – originally intended as one offs, I may continue some or all, depending on feedback. Friday night and I lay awake listening to the soft sound of sobbing coming through the wall from my Parent’s room; I thought he had finished this a few days ago, but now it seemed to be starting again. My mother had upped and left Dad a couple of...Read On


Family Affairs Pt 3 - Daniel's Story

Danny gets caught in his Mum's clothes with interesting consequences

Family affairs is a series of short, incestuous stories – originally intended as one offs, I may continue some or all, depending on feedback. I remember the day well, who could forget such a momentous thing. It was a couple of days before my 17 th birthday, I stood and examined myself in the mirror, a short floaty skirt, halter top, nylon clad legs and a sexy pair of heels, a little tight,...Read On


Family Affairs Pt 4 - Angela's Story

Angela is shocked to find her daughters in a steamy clinch

‘What the fuck is going on?’ I screamed ‘Stop that and get dressed. NOW!’ It would have been bad enough to have come home unexpectedly to find my 18 year old daughter, naked, bouncing up and down on a stiff cock. But the cock in question was a big strap on and the wearer was her 17 year old sister! Slamming the bedroom door, I went to my own room where I threw myself onto the bed, curled...Read On


Family Affairs Pt 5 - Ginger's Story

Ginger dicovers something on her grandson's computer which will change their relationship for ever

Firstly a little about me; Ginger isn’t my real name, of course, it’s a sort of pet name. As you’d expect, it stems from my hair colour, not fiery red, but a rich chestnut colour. Not everyone calls me it, my father did, in fact it started with him, my husband does and some of our friends, my daughter does, as does her husband and my son, though not his wife. I gave birth to my daughter...Read On


Family Affairs Pt 6 - Kara's Story

Twin sisters on holiday in Europe find their relationship taking a new direction...

As an eighteenth birthday present and for gaining entry to a good University, Kara’s parents paid for a European holiday for her and her twin sister Jayne. With the intention of broadening the girls’ outlook, the aim of the gift was achieved in more ways than one. The holiday began in Spain. The weather was hot and sunny and there was a great waterside hotel on the edge of a bustling town....Read On


Family Affairs Pt1 - Anna's Story

Anna catches her brother masturbating, with far reaching consequences

Family affairs is a series of short, incestuous stories – originally intended as one offs, I may continue some or all, depending on feedback. Part 1 - Anna’s story My parents were away for a couple of weeks so my younger brother, Tom and I were trusted to look after the house. I was nearly 19 and Tom 16 and a half. I had just finished my first year at Uni and was home for the summer break,...Read On



Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story Pt 3

Tanya has to leave Marci alone for a couple of hours, but with a kinky twist.

Continued... In the morning I felt Tanya stir next to me and reached across to run my fingertips over her pussy. ‘Mmmm, nothing better than a frisky woman in the morning.’ she said, reaching across to stroke me. We gently brought each other off before getting up. She led me into the bathroom and licked my pussy after I had peed, having me do the same to her, then we headed off to the...Read On


Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story pt2

Tanya and Marci begin to explore their kinkier side

Continuing Marci’s story in her words... We entered a gorgeous bedroom with a huge king size bed against one wall. There was a dressing room off to one side and at the end of the room a comfortable sofa. The decor was feminine but not over the top and the artwork on the walls was erotic in the extreme; mostly lesbian scenes which left just enough to the imagination to be tantalising. On...Read On


Adventures of Kristof and Marci, Marci's Story

Marci tells Krissy the story of how she got into lesbain loving

We sipped our wine in the evening sun as Marci began to answer my question about how she had got into girl on girl loving. I will tell it from Marci’s point of view... It happened not long after my husband and I separated. I had always been curious about lesbian sex; a school friend and I had had a few fumbles in our teens, but in physical terms, that was about it. I have always loved...Read On