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Lose the internet AND tv for a week plus, and you start to feel like you're living in the dark ages! Damn lightning...

03 Jul 2010 22:43

Haha.... new avatar. Sex on the brain!

25 Jun 2010 01:26

Wow! I'm so tickled to get the Famous Story badge for "Unloading For Mom" - more than 30,000 views... I'm incredulous!

20 Jun 2010 09:59

Just in time for Father's Day, I've submitted a Dad's Day story to the Mods. I hope it's up by Sunday for all the Dads out there!

17 Jun 2010 23:28

Baby, it's better, down where it's wetter. Take it from me.

11 Jun 2010 16:24

Thank you to Holly for being such a great gal, great fan, and to my surprise, a great pupil. Just thanks for everything! I love your stories as much as you love mine!

09 Jun 2010 18:56

Twice In A Lifetime #1 is the most popular story of all time??? You've gotta be kidding me! I'm floored folks! Floored and flattered! It's amazing to me that me telling that story from my life has made so many people happy!

31 May 2010 21:39

Holy cow am I making a lot of new friends! Great to know y'all!

19 May 2010 11:18

Top Author? Already? WOW! I'm floored! Thanks!

16 May 2010 12:58

Still got lots of stories working their way through moderation. Including the third installment of the story begun with "Balls Out Party", which follows up with "Frat Parties Rock". This installment starts a new sub-series I'm calling "Brotherhood Is Forever"... You'll have to be patient since it's last in line - but I just finished it and it's up for approval.

15 May 2010 15:37

More stories are working their way through, folks. Enjoy - but be patient!

14 May 2010 03:03

Some glitch has kept me out of Literotica for years, and their inability or laziness in fixing it despite repeated requests has kept me from publishing my stories for far too long. I'm glad I found Lush - and I'm in the process of copying over what I had posted over on Lit. Hope I'm welcome at this party... Speaking of party, let's start with a story about one.... "Balls Out Party".

13 May 2010 22:13