Hurricane Of Hot Liquid Wax

Krystal explores the pain and pleasures of playing with candle wax.

Mention hurricanes and most people think devastating winds, never-ending rain and widespread flooding. Mention hurricane to me and I think candle wax. Yes, candle wax. It was my first real hurricane. I had experienced remnants of hurricanes growing up in upstate New York, but this was my first in the Big Easy. It hit right as classes started that year, leaving me just in time to meet Evan...Read On

First Time(1)


Losing My Virginity In Two Parts (Part 1)

Most girls lose their virginity once, I like to think that I lost it twice.

I lost my virginity in two parts. Okay, maybe that's technically impossible. I officially lost my virginity after a prom, probably like many other girls that night. It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible either. The guy just turned out to be a jerk. The second time a few months later was with the guy I wish had been my first. Looking back now, I like to think of him as my first lover. ...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


My First Facial Experience

Krystal has done her fair of slutty things, but this 18 years old has never let a guy cum on her.

I liked to think of myself as the perfect girlfriend, the girl who would do anything to make her man happy. I knew what boys wanted. They wanted me in a tight top that showed off my tits, tonight I was wearing my favorite tank top, one that showed off my above average figure and gave more than a peek at my cleavage. They wanted me in short shorts. These ones barely covered my ass. They...Read On