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I have had a lifelong obsession with BDSM. I enjoy writing stories with themes of D/s. I appreciate constructive feedback on my stories. If you friend request me, please be a pal and vote and comment on my stories or leave me a message with your thoughts. Feel free also to contact me if you are a writer and would like to collaborate. Story suggestions are welcome, as well, but I am not allowed to chat. PLEASE NOTE: Just because I am a sexual submissive, that does not mean that I am here to serve any and all strangers.

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19 Jun 2018 13:42
I have a one-track mind when it comes to erotica. I enjoy D/s stories, especially with a domestic discipline theme. Spanking stories, reluctance and MILF stories can also get me going.
Favorite Authors:
Paul Auster, Mark Twain, Stephen Dobyns, Cesar Vallejo, William Shakespeare, Mary Oliver, Emily Dickinson, ee cummings
Favorite Movies:
The Departed, RockNRolla, Happy-Go-Lucky, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, The Producers, No Country For Old Men, Fargo, Millers' Crossing, Charade and silly stuff like Talledega Nights.
Favorite Music:
Taj Mahal, Steve Earle, Elvis Costello, Paul Simon, Nellie McKay, Nina Simone, Otis Redding, Wilco, Cake, Weezer, Billy Bragg, Richard Thompson


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17 Nov 2010
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Krystenah's Surprise Date with Daddy

I rolled over and opened my eyes, expecting to see Daddy's handsome, restful face, but I snapped awake when I saw that resting on his pillow instead was the thick, wooden frat paddle. I blinked awake and ran my hand over its smooth surface. Daddy rarely used it on me and I did a quick memory scan to try to find some infraction that would warrant punishment with it. I felt I had been good...

Added 17 Jun 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 20,010 | 2 Comments

Evening Walk with Daddy

When the doorbell rang, I was in a bra and panties on all fours in the kitchen, scrubbing the floor. The young delivery man's eyes dilated slightly when I opened the door, but all he said was, "Delivery for Krystenah." The box under his arm was small and square, but I jumped up in excitement. I am a sucker for packages and presents. I took the box in both hands after he told me to have a good...

Added 10 Apr 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 37,593 | 8 Comments

Krystenah's Observation

Daddy woke me up by peeling the covers back from my body. I instinctively moved toward Daddy’s touch and set my foggy head on Daddy’s thigh. I nuzzled him as he rubbed the ass he had spanked, cropped and switched last night. I moaned as his massage revived the muscle ache in my right glute. I could smell the musk from his crotch and I grunted as my pussy began to tingle. Daddy’s skin...

Added 03 Feb 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 10,503 | 8 Comments

Daddy Rules, Daddy's Consequences Part II

It had been three weeks since I had seen Daddy and with every mile I traveled, I felt my pussy water more and more. At the halfway marker, I texted Daddy to ask if I could take off my panties because they had become so wet it felt uncomfortable to sit in them. “No, Slut,” was all the text read. I smiled, sure before I had asked that that was what his answer would be, and drove on. ...

Added 02 Feb 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 17,517 | 2 Comments

Daddy's Rules, Daddy's Consequences

I’m lying on my back in the cage. My legs are cuffed up and open, and Daddy is stroking his magnificent cock on the other side of the mesh. His face is a mixture of concentration and amusement. My eyes pinball from his eyes to Bestie, my pet name for Daddy’s dick, who is now leaking precum. My heart is racing, aroused at the sight of Daddy’s engorgement, but also from anxiety. My “number...

Added 20 Jan 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 51,271 | 5 Comments

Krystenah's Punishment Lines

I squeezed Daddy’s dick between my breasts. Daddy’s dick was hard and warm and my breasts embraced him lovingly. It felt so wonderful to have the World’s Best Cock nestled between the caress of my tits. My cunt began to drool at the sensation. I moaned and... “Goofy.” Daddy’s bass voice shook me out of my dream. I blinked up at him and saw that he was hugging a steaming cup of coffee to...

Added 10 Jan 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 13,988 | 4 Comments

Krystenah's kitchen Punishment and Prize Part II

As Daddy laughed with Robbie in the front room, I knelt in the corner of the kitchen with the plug in my ass. The word “switching” echoed in my ears. Daddy had promised to switch me for not asking permission to stand or walk minutes earlier when I had retrieved a beer for Robbie. My heart beat fast as I anticipated my punishment. I heard their voices lower and I heard them quiet as Daddy...

Added 31 Aug 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 17,025 | 4 Comments

Krystenah's Kitchen Punishment and Prize

“Krystenah, come down here, please.” I bounced down the stairs when Daddy called. I had just thrown on a tank top and skirt and was toweling my hair off from the shower. “Yes, Daddy?” I looked into Daddy’s still face. My heart began to slowly fall inside my chest. “I asked you to clean the floor, did I not? “Yes, Daddy, I--” He held up his hand. “But I’m looking at my floor and...

Added 16 Jul 2013 | Category Spanking | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.45 | Views 45,103 | 2 Comments


I hadn't heard Daddy leave, so I awoke with a start when I heard his ringtone. "Daddy?" I croaked into the phone. "Good Morning, Goofgirl!" He sang back at me. My heart felt a little lighter at the sound of his voice, but my body felt like it was weighed down with sand bags. "Still tired from yesterday, my Slut?" He asked me cheerfully. "MMMhmmmm," I moaned, remembering. Daddy hadn't...

Added 15 Jul 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 11,649 | 7 Comments

What She Deserves After Dessert

It was Saturday and Daddy had been reviewing the entries in my food diary when the waitress came by and asked if we wanted to have some dessert. Daddy flipped to today’s entry which revealed that I had a sweet treat at lunch. I knew the rule: only one treat a day WHEN AND ONLY WHEN Daddy approved it beforehand. I also knew that I wanted the chocolate cake pictured on the menu. "Can I?" I...

Added 14 Jul 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.57 | Views 24,827 | 8 Comments

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