A Quiet Domination Part I

When Master Meets Krystenah's Parents, He Finds Creative Ways to Dominate Her

On the train to my parent's house, Master told me that he was looking forward to dominating me over the weekend. I must have looked at him with a puzzled expression, because he smirked and looked out the window. I tried to imagine how my Master could tie me up much less spank me while we were staying at my parents' house. "Well, maybe if we went to bed early and requested the bedroom...Read On


A Quiet Domination Part II

Away from home, Master Continues to Train His Slut

Next morning, I woke up with a sense of excitement. I also woke up highly aroused. I could hear my Master breathing next to me and I felt his arm holding me close. No one else seemed to be awake in the house. If I had been alone, I certainly would have masturbated, but lying so close to my Master, I was afraid I would disturb his sleep and start the day off in trouble. The weight of my...Read On


A Quiet Domination Part III

Master Takes Kystenah, Cuffed and Silenced

Master positioned me in the bed facing away from him, in the spoon position, in much the same way as we had started the day. With my hands cuffed, however, there was no way I would be able to touch myself, much less him. My hands were locked in the cloth cuffs as if I were praying. I closed my eyes as Master nuzzled my neck and ran his fingers up and down my back. It felt heavenly. He began...Read On


Anonymity is a Luxury

Krystenah's Master surprises her with a unique night out

"Get dressed. We're going out," you said in your typical laconic way. I rose from the floor to do as you commanded. You reached for my wrist and pulled me to you, whispering in my ear, "no panties." The sensation of your lips brushing against my ear, your earnestness, your voice echoing in my mind made me wet immediately, as you knew it would. I smiled as a moan rose within me. I changed into...Read On


Boot Camp

Daddy holds Krystenah to her Promise to Work Out

"Daddy, may I please skip boot camp tonight?" "No," he scoffed. "But it's cold and I'm tired and--" Daddy just looked up from his iPad at me. He wasn’t having any of it. I stomped upstairs and changed into my workout clothes. As I shimmied out of my jeans, I caught my reflection in the mirror. I faced away from the mirror and looked to see if the bruises on my ass were still vivid....Read On


Daddy Rules, Daddy's Consequences Part II

Krystenah has a hard time remembering Daddy's new rules

It had been three weeks since I had seen Daddy and with every mile I traveled, I felt my pussy water more and more. At the halfway marker, I texted Daddy to ask if I could take off my panties because they had become so wet it felt uncomfortable to sit in them. “No, Slut,” was all the text read. I smiled, sure before I had asked that that was what his answer would be, and drove on. ...Read On


Daddy's Rules, Daddy's Consequences

Krystenah doesn't do her number one job for Daddy and has to pay the price

I’m lying on my back in the cage. My legs are cuffed up and open, and Daddy is stroking his magnificent cock on the other side of the mesh. His face is a mixture of concentration and amusement. My eyes pinball from his eyes to Bestie, my pet name for Daddy’s dick, who is now leaking precum. My heart is racing, aroused at the sight of Daddy’s engorgement, but also from anxiety. My “number...Read On


Evening Walk with Daddy

Daddy proves his domination over Krystenah during their evening walk.

When the doorbell rang, I was in a bra and panties on all fours in the kitchen, scrubbing the floor. The young delivery man's eyes dilated slightly when I opened the door, but all he said was, "Delivery for Krystenah." The box under his arm was small and square, but I jumped up in excitement. I am a sucker for packages and presents. I took the box in both hands after he told me to have a good...Read On


How the Mighty Has Fallen

krystenah is the entertainment at the company that laid her off last year

When I was laid off last year from MegaCorp, I was told that it was due to budget cuts. I always suspected, however, that my attitude would have eventually gotten me fired, anyway. Although many people I worked with admired my body, few liked my personality. In fact, I had a reputation for being an arrogant bitch. When I left, I was certain I’d be snapped up within a week or two at the most...Read On


Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part III

Krystenah learns how to take direction from her teenaged dom

I rubbed my ass cheeks until Matty told me to come to where he sat in the living room. “Krystenah. You haven’t done too well today following directions, but I am going to give you a chance to redeem yourself.” He flashed a heart-melting smile at me. I chewed my lower lip. “What do I have to do?” I asked him. “Now that’s the right attitude!” He said. “First thing I need you to do is...Read On


Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part IV

It's Graduation Night and Krystenah learns how to please her teenaged bf...and his uncle

As Matt Simeon moved his tassel from the right side to the left, he not only became a high school graduate, but he also became my boyfriend. I had been his English teacher all year and had agreed to date him only after he was no longer a student at Ben Franklin High. I had recently discovered how dominant he was and that had melted any resistance I had to dating someone so much younger. As...Read On


Krystenah is a Very Naughty Puppy

Master J Goes Shopping for His Pet

Master took my hand and led me to the lead and collar aisle of the dog section. He ran his fingers along the collars and as he did I tried to imagine how each would feel against my neck. At home we had a canvas collar and one made of leather. Every time I wore one for Master's pleasure I longed to wear it outside so that everyone would know I belonged to him. An older gentleman approached...Read On


Krystenah is Reclaimed (Sylvia Pt 3)

Master J Reclaims His Property

The water soothed my muscles even as it irritated the punished skin of my thighs and ass. Master lowered me into the tub. He used a wash cloth and asked me to give him parts of his slave’s both to bathe. I relaxed my arm as he held my wrist and washed the length on my arm. He ran the warm cloth over my neck and up my face, finally washing away all traces of Mistress Sylvia. He ran the...Read On


Krystenah the puppy Begs for Relief

After Master excites his pet, Krystenah has to beg to be fucked by him

I could see him standing in the threshold, relaxed, but expectant. The neighbors were around and I greeted him by his name. He smiled but didn’t return the greeting. When I reached the top stair, I saw that he grasped the cat by its handle. Its braided tails hung silently along his leg. My thighs tightened at the memory of the last flogging he had given me and how the tails had painted my...Read On


Krystenah Visits a Salon for Sluts

Master J sends Krystenah for a makeover and is punished in the salon

Before Master J left on his trip, he left detailed instructions for me. When I woke up I saw them paper-clipped together. On top was a small note written in his hand. Obey me, slut was all it said. The instructions were extensive. When I had foolishly complained about being left alone, my master had devised plenty of activities to keep me focused. He didn’t need to tell me he would check on...Read On


Krystenah's Inspiration Part I

Facing a deadline. Krystenah's Master provides incentives for her to complete her work

I had backed myself into a corner one more time. I had promised the completed project to my client by the 27 th …at the latest. It was the 26 th , and I had only the merest outline. I took myself to the coffee shop so that I would be free from the distractions at home. Sometimes I perform very well when I’m under the wire. Other times, like now, my mind seemed to wander to every possible...Read On


Krystenah's Inspiration Part II

Master J surprises Krystenah with some party guests who are invited to punish her

“Get up and go take a shower,” he told me. “I have a surprise for you.” I was always the most obedient when I heard my Master say these words. I sang in the shower as I washed away my sweat and the evidence of our lovemaking. As I wrapped the towel around my body, I saw the nightie hanging from the door. It was a fire engine red see-through baby doll nightie and was the trashiest thing I...Read On


Krystenah's kitchen Punishment and Prize Part II

Daddy punishes Krystenah with a switch in the back yard

As Daddy laughed with Robbie in the front room, I knelt in the corner of the kitchen with the plug in my ass. The word “switching” echoed in my ears. Daddy had promised to switch me for not asking permission to stand or walk minutes earlier when I had retrieved a beer for Robbie. My heart beat fast as I anticipated my punishment. I heard their voices lower and I heard them quiet as Daddy...Read On


Krystenah's Master and King

Krystenah wonders if she if being punished or not and imagines she becomes a king's plaything

"Do you have any painkillers?" he asked me. My eyes landed on the small bottom of ibuprofen on the bedside table . "Yes, Sir," I said through the phone. "Better take some now. I'm on my way home," he said and hung up. I set the phone down and picked up the pill bottle. I didn't have time to worry if Master was in an angry or playful mood. It might not matter too much either way; it...Read On


Krystenah's Observation

Krystenah is observed teaching and Daddy helps demonstrate a lesson on corporal punishment

Daddy woke me up by peeling the covers back from my body. I instinctively moved toward Daddy’s touch and set my foggy head on Daddy’s thigh. I nuzzled him as he rubbed the ass he had spanked, cropped and switched last night. I moaned as his massage revived the muscle ache in my right glute. I could smell the musk from his crotch and I grunted as my pussy began to tingle. Daddy’s skin...Read On


Krystenah's Punishment Lines

Daddy teaches Krystenah to be a more obedient slave

I squeezed Daddy’s dick between my breasts. Daddy’s dick was hard and warm and my breasts embraced him lovingly. It felt so wonderful to have the World’s Best Cock nestled between the caress of my tits. My cunt began to drool at the sensation. I moaned and... “Goofy.” Daddy’s bass voice shook me out of my dream. I blinked up at him and saw that he was hugging a steaming cup of coffee to...Read On


Krystenah's Refresher

Master Gives Krystenah a Refresher on Obedience

“But it’s silly,” I protested, giggling. The spoon as pressed against my lips. “What if someone sees us?” “If you don’t shut up, you will be eating this out of the lid on the ground. Open up.” Master’s eyes were dancing, but I knew he was good on this threat. I opened my mouth and Master spooned some coffee ice cream into my mouth. We were the only customers sitting outside the ice...Read On


Krystenah's Strapping

Krystenah is forced to confess her attraction to another man and is publicly punished and fucked

In the video, she was bent over a table. She was tied down with leather straps at the thigh and ankle. Her mini skirt rode up and no longer covered all of her bare ass—or nearly bare. Garter straps could be seen attached to thigh-high fishnets. A tall, muscular man ran his hand slowly and gently down her back and massaged her tailbone as he bent down and murmured in her ear. She responded...Read On


Krystenah's Surprise Date with Daddy

Daddy makes Krystenah wear a steel butt plug in public

I rolled over and opened my eyes, expecting to see Daddy's handsome, restful face, but I snapped awake when I saw that resting on his pillow instead was the thick, wooden frat paddle. I blinked awake and ran my hand over its smooth surface. Daddy rarely used it on me and I did a quick memory scan to try to find some infraction that would warrant punishment with it. I felt I had been good...Read On


Learning Her Place

Krystenah's Master Has to Discipline Her in Front of Her Boss

I had been working for Mr. Z. for about six months doing light clerical work. While I respected his success, I was constantly amused by his lack of writing skills. I corrected all communication that went out to the company before it went out, but some of the more humorous spelling errors and typos I sent to a select group of girls who had my job on the floors above and below me. I took a...Read On


Learning How NOT to Cut Corners

krystenah learns that when she cuts corners, she will be disciplined

My Master, J, and I had been working with each other for a few weeks. He had been working to tame me. I had been working to serve Him. As we were both very busy with work and family obligations, our time together was very precious and Master kept me very busy during the week. For the first several weeks, I had been very diligent writing my reports every day, keeping up with my exercise...Read On


Learning How to Stick to a Diet

krystenah learns that it is important to keep her commitments

We are on our way to a friend's birthday party. Delilah is famous for her spectacular and spectacularly delicious cakes. I, however, am on a diet and so Sir reminds me before we get there that I will have to politely refuse cake when it is offered to me. All goes well until my friend's husband, Jake, asks me to come into the kitchen to light the candles and start the happy birthday song...Read On


Learning How to Stick to a Diet II

After Krystenah breaks her diet (before it begins), she is punished at Delilah's birthday party

Everyone, by now, has a plate of cake and is moaning with pleasure as they dig in. They all eat in front of me, but one guest apologizes and says that the cake is too rich, that she can't finish. She goes to throw it away, but J tells her to throw it away on me. "Don't put it in her mouth," He tells her, "but you can put it in her cunt or up her ass, or just smear it on her. Don't worry...Read On


Master Knows Best

Krystenah is punished after violating bedtime and backsassing Master over text.

I got the text on Thursday. It read: "the next time I see you I am going to spank you like never before and leave marks with the belt.” A shiver went through me at the thought. I knew I had a spanking coming when I had messaged Master after my bedtime the night before, but I had planned to charm my way out of a harsh spanking by telling him I violated his rule for a good reason--I missed...Read On


Mistress Sylvia Commands Respect

Krystenah's plan to hide her bruises results in punishment from Mistress Sylvia

When I signed up for the aquatics class, I hadn’t considered the fact that I would need to change and shower in the ladies locker room. I joined the class on a lark and I hadn’t been inside a locker room in close to 20 years. I nearly quit, however, when I realized I would have to dress in front of my classmates. It wasn’t a question of having a poor body image—my master had helped me accept...Read On


Mistress Sylvia Commands Respect Pt 2

As Krystenah's punishment ends with Mistress Sylvia, it begins with Master J

Master politely suggested that Mistress Sylvia reposition herself so that her back was against the wall and I could kneel on the bench. He commanded me to continue sucking her while he applied the belt to my ass. Sylvia and I moved into position. My mouth, cheeks and chin were covered in Mistress' juices. I pushed my hips up and anticipated the stripes from Master's belt. I knew it would be...Read On


More Than She Could Ask For

When Her Master Finds Krystenah's Secret Diary, He Begins Enacting Her Fantasies

"Here is what you are going to do..." We were inside the lobby and he had his arm firmly on my elbow walking me toward the Ladies' room. His voice was warm and close in my ear. "You are going to go in there, do your business, and place the bullet inside that tight little ass. Come and find me when you are done and do NOT make me wait." I looked at him quickly and then looked at my purse....Read On


My 21st Birthday with Krystenah and her Master

This story was written at the request of sxikty7 for her 21st birthday.

I had been counting down the days until my 21 st birthday for as long as I could remember. Now that it was here, I felt disappointed. My friends were great to come out and help me celebrate. The bartender even tolerated our shouting and toasting. When he asked for my ID, I slapped it down on the bar in triumph. But it was a week night and my friends had long since left. The cute...Read On


New Lengths for Obedience

krystenah is disciplined in front of her Master's friend and learns what it means to be a good pet.

i had lost the privilege of wearing clothes for the weekend. I wasn't that worried about it. I didn't think we had any plans and it seemed like a pretty easy punishment to endure. You called me out into the garage and I hesitated at the doorway because I knew I could potentially be spotted if someone were to drive up. You called again, which meant automatic additional punishment and I rushed...Read On


Putting Her Through Her Paces

Krystenah is ordered to do chores for her Master but receives an unexpected visitor

“Get up, my pet. It’s a brand new day and I have to give you your assignments before I go to work.“ My toes curled and I felt a hot flush inside my chest as I heard his voice and felt his lips on my face. He sent me into the bathroom and gave me 10 minutes to clean his body and then meet him for inspection in the kitchen. I was sore after yesterday’s picnic in the park. I had worn an anal...Read On


Saturday in the Park with Master

Master takes Krystenah to a 4th of July picnic and punishes her for her selfish behavior.

I had been looking forward to the picnic for weeks. I stood naked in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the potato salad while Master ran out to get the ice and beverages. I sang along to the countdown show on the radio and began to seal up the salad and clean up the kitchen. I put the plastic dish in the fridge and shut it with my lightly bruised hip. I showered and shaved...Read On



Daddy installs a camera to keep tabs on Krystenah

I hadn't heard Daddy leave, so I awoke with a start when I heard his ringtone. "Daddy?" I croaked into the phone. "Good Morning, Goofgirl!" He sang back at me. My heart felt a little lighter at the sound of his voice, but my body felt like it was weighed down with sand bags. "Still tired from yesterday, my Slut?" He asked me cheerfully. "MMMhmmmm," I moaned, remembering. Daddy hadn't...Read On


The Collar Part IV

After being punished at work, Krystenah is punished at home by her Master

“Strip out of your clothes and get me the ribbed plug and the lube.” I sprang up and did as Master commanded, my pussy still throbbing from my stolen orgasm and my ass still sore from the spankings he and my boss had given me. When I came back into the living room, Master took what I had in my hands and set it down. He then attached my collar to my doggie chain which he had attached to the...Read On


The Importance of following Master's Directions

Krystenah learns how important it is to follow Master's commands

His text was short and to the point: Go directly home. Strip down to collar. Get everything ready for me. A shiver went all the way through my body. I sent a short text in reply indicating that I understood and would comply. My pussy contracted and my clit started pulsing. I started packing up quickly and made my goodbyes for the day as naturally as I could, electrified with the...Read On


The Perfect Prescription

Master J Adjusts Krystenah's Attitude. Krystenah Visits a Doctor who Prescribes Special Treatment

"Pull over," Master told me. I was driving him to the airport at 3 in the morning. Master had been trying unsuccessfully to joke me out of my bad mood since we had left the house. I hate it whenever Master leaves, but he had forbidden me from being sad on our drives. He told me to smile and be happy, and I had forced a smile, but I hadn’t fooled Master. I never do. Now, as I pulled over...Read On


The Perfect Prescription Part II

In Part II, Dr. Johnson prescribes severe therapy for Krystenah, which Master J happily administers

After Master had come in my ass, he went over to the sink and washed up. He walked over to me and pressed me back down on the examining table. “Spread your legs,” he told me and ran a cloth up my legs, over my pussy and finally over and inside my well-fucked asshole. He slapped my ass one more time and told me to get dressed. I reached for my bra, but he shook his head no, so I buttoned up...Read On


The Perfect Prescription Part III

Doctor Johnson Makes a House Call to Check up on Krystenah

I swallowed nervously as Master greeted Dr. Johnson. I stood awkwardly trying to cover up my reddened tits and pussy, still stinging from the cat Master had used on me. Master slapped me hard on the ass and told me to greet the doctor properly. After I had, he told me to get some drinks ready and that he and the doctor needed to talk. I walked into the kitchen and prepared drinks for the men...Read On


The Phone

Master Punishes Krystenah for her Forgetfulness

My air conditioning went out in the middle of the night and I had awoken, sweating and disoriented. I had 3 more hours before the alarm was supposed to go off. I found a fan in my front closet and set it up. I lay staring at it, longing for sleep. I finally got comfortable and was lulled to sleep by the fan’s motor moments before my alarm went off. Work the next day was slow and dull. I...Read On


Until His Anger is Spent

krystenah has to take the punishment her Master gives her until He is no longer angry

"Is the front door locked? Don't lie to me," He said. "No, Sir," I confessed. "Well, you had best leave it open. Get in position and lay out what you think I'm going to need to punish that body," He said. "Yes, Sir," I whispered, and heard Him hanging up.   i walked into the bedroom, nervous over the stern tone in Master's voice. I went to the toy box, unsure of what He wanted. He...Read On


What Daddy Wants

Daddy begins training Krystenah for a possible future fuck date

His hand is on my throat and goose flesh breaks out over my ass and thighs. He loosens his grip and the goose flesh disappears. He tightens it again and watches as my eyes dilate, my breathing becomes shallower and the goose flesh reappears. I look up at Daddy and see he is smiling, which makes my heart zoom and my pussy swell and fill. I can feel all the power in Daddy’s arm as he squeezes...Read On


What She Deserves After Dessert

Daddy punishes Krystenah for breaking a rule in public

It was Saturday and Daddy had been reviewing the entries in my food diary when the waitress came by and asked if we wanted to have some dessert. Daddy flipped to today’s entry which revealed that I had a sweet treat at lunch. I knew the rule: only one treat a day WHEN AND ONLY WHEN Daddy approved it beforehand. I also knew that I wanted the chocolate cake pictured on the menu. "Can I?" I...Read On


When Krystenah's Master is Away Part II

After Krystenah is punished at work, she is put in charge of a naughty intern

I walked from the corner with blazing ass cheeks over to Mr. Rose. I took in his strong jaw, his full lips and his soft eyes. "I'm sorry I inconvenienced you, Mr. Rose. Please spank me so I learn not to be such so selfish." He held his arms out to me and I walked into them. I relaxed against his embrace, grateful for the moment of affection. Master had told him moments ago to be as harsh as...Read On



Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher

Before she was Master J's slave, Krystenah was a Teacher. One student took her in hand

I knew I was taking a risk. There were strict rules against acting out on the perverted thoughts I was entertaining. If I was suspected of any misconduct I would be “summarily dismissed” according to the details of my teaching contract. But there wasn’t anything in the contract that specified that I couldn’t think about having sex with my grade 12 male students. I could fantasize all I wanted....Read On


Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part II

Krystenah learns that her student Matt is a Dom in the making as he punishes her for her not obeying

It had been a week of firsts. The day after Matt Simeon had paddled my ass and dry humped me in his mother’s office, he fingered me while I ran a review session over the lunch hour in my classroom. He had messaged me the night before that I should wear that “cute a-line skirt and the black v-cut blouse that hugs those hot-ass curves.” After spending all year as my student, I realized he knew...Read On


Krystenah's Kitchen Punishment and Prize

Krystenah has to re-do a chore and Daddy is NOT pleased

“Krystenah, come down here, please.” I bounced down the stairs when Daddy called. I had just thrown on a tank top and skirt and was toweling my hair off from the shower. “Yes, Daddy?” I looked into Daddy’s still face. My heart began to slowly fall inside my chest. “I asked you to clean the floor, did I not? “Yes, Daddy, I--” He held up his hand. “But I’m looking at my floor and...Read On


Little Miss Thing Gets Hers

a self-entitled krystenah is disciplined for her rudeness

She walked into the shop and I knew she was going to be trouble. It never fails that when things are going smoothly on a nice quiet day, I get a clueless, entitled princess who demands all my attention. She strode in on stiletto heels rocking a mini skirt and halter top. She wasn't bad-looking, but I was waiting on one of my regulars, Dave, at the counter. She looked around and after no...Read On


The Client

Krystenah must submit to her boss and prove her worth to the new client

The thunder woke me up, a deep sudden boom that shook me into the reality of Monday morning. I groaned as I looked at the clock, which was blinking 12:00. I reached until I found my phone on my side table and brought its face to mine. It told me what I suspected. I was late again. I arrived to work soggy and grouchy, but my mood plummeted to panic when I saw the stickie stuck to my...Read On


When Krystenah's Master is Away

Krystenah finds it hard to follow Master's instructions while he is away and is punished by her boss

Part One Even though Master was out of town, every morning he sent an email outlining chores he wanted me to complete. Every one required that I take a picture and send it to him. “We both know how undisciplined you can be when I am not around,” he said. The words stung, but only because I knew they were true. Master’s first email read: Good Morning, pet, I need to you to get a...Read On