First Time(1)


Try Anything Once

A young college virgin loses her virginity to her best friend of many years, in her dorm room.

It was about ten thirty at night and Ivy was busy working on her chemistry homework. She was sitting at the desk in her small dorm room while Kyle, her best friend of about three years, was sprawled on her bed, typing away at an essay assignment. Ivy was a petite girl, no taller than five feet three inches with shoulder length straight blonde hair, which she compulsively would run her...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Dry Spell of the Summer

Danielle’s friend visits her at the summer camp where she works to relieve the summer's dry spell

Danielle was sitting at her lunch table surrounded by her cabin of summer camp campers. She had just finished her first year at university and was working at a summer camp for a little bit of extra cash. It was her fifth week as a camp counselor and she was beginning to get very lonely. Sure she had a great working relationship with her co-counselor, but Tara was a girl, and Danielle was...Read On

Straight Sex(1)

A Good Time to Get Off

Leila tries to escape the summer heat, only to get all hot and bothered.

Leila raced down the stairs, hoping for some shelter from the blazing New York sun, only to be enveloped in the fetid mugginess that is the subway. She swiped her way onto the platform hoping desperately that her train would arrive quickly for fear that she might just melt. “The next uptown, local one train will arrive in seven minutes”, announced a booming voice over the loudspeaker, as...Read On