Heather's cousin

Heather's drunk cousin catches her masturbating

I saw him sitting there, he looked calm as usual as he chatted politely with our aunts and uncles.My cousin who I thought was absolutely gorgeous was only sitting a few feet away, and yet I knew I could never have him. I do not know when this attraction began but I could not keep my eyes off of him. He stood at about six feet and two inches with broad shoulders and muscular arms. All the...Read On



Our first night together

Rebecca gets a pleasant surprise from her bestfriend.

Nikki and I have been best friends for about eight years. She is a tall blond with very ample 32 C breasts and an athletic figure. She is a beautiful girl and has always been popular with guys. I know she is not a virgin, she lost this summer at the camp she worked at. We are both 17 and seniors at East Central High School. I am a shorter more curvy girl with 34 D breasts. And I have not lost...Read On