Goddess Helen begins her conditioning of it.

"I'm looking for a complete supplicant. Someone I don't have to care about or know anything about.  I have a few slaves in my stable but I want something that they can't give me.  I want someone who will be nothing for me." I meet Helen, Goddess Helen as she called herself, on craigslist.  She said she was looking for someone very specific.  Someone over 30 who would let her make him...Read On


Miss Crystal (part 1)

A brief encounter in the mall, after life time of pent up fantasizing, leads downward, quickly

I loved the mall.  I didn't like shopping and the food reminded me of high school, but I loved the mall.  In particular the cheaper malls that sat a little further away and attracted crowds of inner city youth.  I didn't really love the mall, I guess.  I loved these beautiful, hard girls.  I would go and eat and fantasize about them using me.  Exploiting me. It makes me a little...Read On


Miss Crystal (part 2)

Miss Crystal introduces Freak to her friends

I won't bore you with my weekend but suffice it to say  I had no money and was terrified.  Mostly because I knew I was going to give myself to Miss Crystal and that she was clearly cruel and sadistic.  But I had no real choice.  I could say no, not give her what she wanted.  She had given me an easy out, even encouraged me to take it.  I was allowed to say no but was just incapable of it.  I...Read On