A Thorough Distraction

Preview of a much longer story I'm still working to finish

You wake to find the room darkened the sun having set while you napped. Having heard you begin to stir I'd risen from the rocking chair by the bed and had walked to the dresser opposite the bed, turning the fan off as I passed it. You look up as a small flame flickers to life reflected in the mirror atop the dresser. The flame quickly catching to the candle I hold in my hand I smile feeling...Read On

Love Poems(2)


Golden Summer, A moment in time

The first gentle caress, A brush on the canvas of my soul. Gliding, floating through the currents of your love, Adrift. A dream in your eyes, A yearning for something more, An escape into the unknown. A chance, One afternoon in the glory of summer. To surrender, To our hearts, To know. The freedom, To see what could be In time. Long from now, But forever In...Read On


One Night of...

L onging for U ntamed S ensual T ouches F eatherlight U nder moon- L ight P leasant A lluring S ighs S ought I n O ne N ight B etween Y ou and me T ogether H ere E ver F irey I n R eaching for E xhausted L ightheaded I ntensity G rasping H olding T ight __________________________________ Poetry inspired by an ex-classmate,...Read On



The Deep of Night

The dim light of a desk lamp barely illuminates the keyboard as Dr. Hook's "Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk" plays faintly into the darkness. There's no one home but me tonight and I sit in the darkness re-reading a sex story my friend penned. I've lost count of the number I've times I've read it through. Settling back in the chair I look around, the empty silence outside my little circle...Read On

Quickie Sex(2)


You Came

A quickie. M/F or is it F/F you tell me... ;)

"You came, you came... you came!" was the only thing I could think of as I opened the door and let you into my room. You stepped in and I quickly closed the door behind you, just in case anyone came up the dorm's hall and saw you. You hesitated, suddenly unsure now that you had arrived, on what to do next. You looked me in the eye and looked away quickly, your cheeks flushing prettily as...Read On


Welcome Home

A Bathroom Hideaway - a quicky

It was meant to be a welcome to the neighborhood party, but was more of a welcome home party. You'd invited many of our soon to be new neighbors, but for us we'd been down to visit many times and over the years had fallen in love with the area. After a lot of hard work and a few years of saving I'd finally had enough to make the trip a permanent move. So for us it was more of a homecoming...Read On