Punishment Round Three

The trio continue playing.

**I'm sorry it's been so long since this story has been continued. I think often about these three characters and I hope you enjoy the continuation of their story.** Bella plopped onto the bed sated and exhausted. Jake laid next to her, his arm propping his head up as he eyed his father in the doorway. "Sneaky old man...getting off while you watch us fuck." Tommy looked at his son...Read On


Punishment Continued

After Bella gets her punishment she decides to make everyday a fun filled fucking day.

Bella woke up horny and wet. Two nights before her father and her brother fucked her hard and opened so many sexual doors. Every night since then she would masturbate to the memories and new fantasies that rolled around in her brain. Every morning, it was torture, watching the males in her family walking around like it was nothing, but knowing their secret. She walked into the...Read On



Bella gets what is cumming to her.

Bella raced home, her mind contemplating her future if her parents saw the newspaper. Splashed all over it was her spreading her legs wide for any man willing to get a quick fuck. She knew she would suffer from her actions, if not from teasing from friends who witnessed it, but from her family, if they ever found out. Her heart racing wildly, Bella sprinted faster. She had to get to the...Read On