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I am a vivacious lady who is an incurable romantic. If you can't be bothered wooing my mind then move along. I like to have doors opened for me and to be told that I'm beautiful. Kiss the back of my neck gently, whisper in my ear and be ready to catch me when I swoon. Open the door for this lady.

Tricia Darling
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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24 Jun 2018 05:24
MMORPGs, gardening, cooking, painting
Favorite Books:
Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I re-read it every couple of years
Favorite Authors:
Stephen King, Bernard Cornwell, Jane Austen, E.B.B. and the Bronte sisters to name a few
Favorite Movies:
pride and prejudice
Favorite Music:
Knights of shame by Awolnation. Its 14 min long but I could listen to it all day long


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27 Jul 2013
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16 Feb 2016
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Topic: Do you write real life stories, fiction, or a mix of both?
Posted: 13 Oct 2013 18:52

to date the stories have been real but im thinking of changing to fiction since reality bites

Topic: Be honest: Do you REALLY like sucking a cock?
Posted: 07 Oct 2013 17:09

Love the power I feel when he responds before I actually begin. If your lady is sensitive maybe a dab of flavoured lube would help her. I find the control and power I feel while doing it is great and have orgasmed while performing. So my answer is I don't just like it I love it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Topic: What do you think about people who have no pics on their profiles?
Posted: 04 Sep 2013 18:36

I use my real pic and no one in my life knows about lush. I think people don't have pics for different reasons.
Some aren't comfortable in their own skin and others don't want to risk being recognized.
I think it's sad that some people feel they would be unfairly judged if they included a real picture of themselves.

Topic: Ladies...Swallow or Spit?
Posted: 04 Sep 2013 16:19

Swallow always. Seems like it would be insulting to spit.
Unless he asked for me to spit it in his face.

Topic: Sexual urges
Posted: 04 Sep 2013 16:13

In comparison with my husband I think about sex more often and I get the urge to have it more often than he does. Makes for an unbalanced relationship. I have asked my girl friends and they don't think about it or seem to want it as much as I do either. I think that statistically some men and women have the same level of urges with the same frequency. Just my opinion though.

Topic: Eye Contact during blow job
Posted: 04 Sep 2013 15:39

Mmmmmmm. I love making eye contact right up until he closes his eyes and throws his head back. Thats how I know for sure that I'm doing a good job. Of course that's when I'm in a position that allows me to see his face. Sometimes it's just not possible.

Topic: When was the last time you had sex? [BE HONEST]
Posted: 04 Sep 2013 15:30

Inter course, two days ago. Masterbation, yesterday

Topic: What is your guilty pleasure?
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 07:23

Cheese burgers. Full of awful calories and wonderful taste. I love the ones that are so juicy I have to wash my arms and hands after eating one. I pile on the toppings and relish every bite because I know I can't have another for at least a week.

Topic: when did you masturbate last?
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 14:48

Two nights ago. I was reading a mail from a lush friend and he got me so aroused I couldn't help myself I needed release.

Topic: Full Bush, Trimmed or Fully Shaven or Waxed
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 14:45

I was a full bush and am now totally shaved.

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I found heaven online Part 3

I woke up the next day confused and sad. One day Paul seemed to be interested but the next I didn’t hear from him for hours or days. I already had one man in my life that wasn’t sensitive to my needs, did I really want another? I went through my normal work day routine, but things were not going well so I gave up and logged onto my phone.  ‘Good morning. Are you awake?’ he asked. ‘Got up...

Added 22 Aug 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.64 | Views 2,113 | 7 Comments

I found heaven online Part 2

When I got up in the morning I thought about my encounter the day before. How could such a simple phrase cause such a commotion? All he said at the beginning was, ‘Kisses the lady’s hand.’ It doesn't look like much but the effect on me was profound. I went through my normal daily routine of making sure hubby was awake, then preparing breakfast and getting dressed. The whole time I kept...

Added 13 Aug 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.7 | Views 1,755 | 8 Comments

I found heaven online

I began playing online games quite by accident. I was checking for messages on Facebook when a friend invited me to play a game. It began quite innocently. After more than twenty years spent married to the same guy I thought my sex life had pretty much been bludgeoned to death by life. Just coping with repressing the urges was becoming troublesome and finding an outlet, difficult. I began...

Added 04 Aug 2013 | Category Love Stories | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.92 | Views 2,859 | 16 Comments

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
30 Sep 2017 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
30 Sep 2015 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
30 Sep 2014 00:20
Oooooh I say....
12 Sep 2014 15:20
Yes I'm impressed. Very inventive and keeps you interested over the whole track, disjointed at times but I like that, a bit of Beck mixed with a bit of Eminem and many other influences. I need to explore this artist more......Thanx for making me aware of him Tricia Darling XXXX Johnny
12 Sep 2014 14:57
Hmmmm....listening to that Awolnation track now, I will report back later....
12 Sep 2014 14:47

07 Sep 2014 04:02

food for thought...
01 Feb 2014 18:44

Thank you for the add...talk soon.
01 Feb 2014 18:16
A belated Happy Birthday to you, Lovely Lady.
07 Oct 2013 23:03
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
30 Sep 2013 00:20
29 Sep 2013 22:05
Thanks for the add. I look forward to getting to know you!
26 Sep 2013 21:14
Thank you, Dear Lady, for accepting me as your Lush friend. You're such a sweetheart!
30 Aug 2013 23:53
Thank you for the add
07 Aug 2013 18:01
For a beautiful, Very sensual & extremley desirable lady

06 Aug 2013 02:52

02 Aug 2013 20:49
02 Aug 2013 07:16

01 Aug 2013 20:01

01 Aug 2013 20:01
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