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Topic Would You Do a Master/Slave Relationship?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 03:22

I top. I already top, but I'm a very considerate, loving, tender top. I even help with the washing and the laundry and the groceries...
...but if I say "wrists" I expect wrists, not frowns.

Topic Required Gun Ownership
Posted 15 Mar 2013 03:11

The town of Byron Maine is voting on whether each household should be required to own a firearm and ammunition. This law would be unenforceable because Maine law bars municipalities from legislating on firearms.

If we have the freedom to bare arms in the United States that means we also have the freedom not to bare arms if we so choose. People should not be forced to have guns anymore than the people should have their guns taken from them.

This strikes me as a big government intrusion.

I'm sorry, you don't have the right to "bare" arms, you are COMPELLED to bare arms unless you have a concealed gun permit.

Maybe you meant... "bear arms" ? That right comes only if you can prove you can spell... sorry, try again next time...

PS Byron, Maine is NOT Government; the Governor of Maine is "government", as are Congress and the POTUS; but the local Mayor is just that, the local Mayor.

Topic Should obese people be classified as disabled?
Posted 15 Mar 2013 03:06


1. Europeans are rapidly ricing on the obesity scale: define "European"; Portuguese ? Greek ? Swede ? They are all European, YET they are all a good 5000 Km from each other and belong to ethnic groups which are so different, the statement simply doesn't make sense.
On the other hand, ever since the 1970, when Kraft and other "pseudo-fake imitation of looks like food" producers started selling "school snacks", the weight of the average school age child has increased... not nice. In the old days, a school child would have an apple, or a home made sandwich as snack, now it's all industrial junk foods made with hydrogenated fats. UGH !

2. Alansgirl23, if you REALLY ate Paleo, you'd be starving... I'm sorry for the hole in your palate (you really should learn to spell...) but in Paleo days that would have seen you dead by week two of your life, so don't complain. Paleo man ate an array of foods you would refuse simply because you are American. You don't believe me? Paleo didn't eat steak, nor burgers, but he would eat raw liver fresh out of his game's body, as he would eat the heart, kidneys, spleen, lungs and brain. There are many ways to cook these, check oput Italian or Jewish (or Polish or Russian) cookbooks - the really good ones, not the "spaghetti bolognese" ones. Similarly, cows' feet, pork's legs, fish stew... Paleo didn't need to ZUMBA to feel fit and healthy, he would WALK and RUN all day.
Stop driving to Wally's, I don't care if it's a full mile away, walk there and back, see how you feel after a week's grocery shopping. THAT's PALEO, what you describe is a food fad.

Topic Should obese people be classified as disabled?
Posted 12 Mar 2013 07:59

Image copied from another thread in this Forum.

I insist, it's a matter of culture, of education, get it into people's heads!

Need I say more ?

Topic Should obese people be classified as disabled?
Posted 11 Mar 2013 07:51

Taken from the FAIL Thread, originally posted by WellMademale

There's some truth at the base of every joke...

Topic Django Unchained
Posted 11 Mar 2013 07:49

Liked it BUT Sam L. Jackson's house boy was sooo paternal to Di Caprio , for a moment I thought a hat trick was going to pop up at the end of the film, such as him crying on DiCaprio's body "that's my son you shot!"
(Else, how could the House Boy go to the Reading Room, pour himself a shot of Whyskey and sit in the leather chair AND address DiCaprio in such a way ???)

Topic Pope Resigns
Posted 11 Mar 2013 06:52

I don't support pedophiles. So he can go and fuck him self.

Hmmm... I don't support Danes, two legged, beer swilling dogs if I ever saw one... hypocrites like there was no tomnorrow...
Yep, even had one as my boss a few years ago, we all had a party the day after he left, the new boss was a Norwegian and he thought of Danes the same as we did.


You can simply say "I am not Catholic, I am not interested".

The Church started out in the days of Jesus with married priests, deacons and vicars.

The Church accepted the classical Roman (=pagan) rule of obligatory celibacy arount the Council of Nicaea, when it became obvious that they had to accept some of the rules of the "older" religions if they were ever going to successfully have them convert to Christianity.

That's when the Priests were MADE to become celibate, the Nuns MADE to accept nubility, and a lot of simbology was imported from other religions:
- Bishops' headgear "Mitra"comes from Persian cult of Mythras, as does the tiny RED candle of perennial (eternal) fire which is lit next to the Tabernacle (Jewish) where the Host (Egyptian) is preserved;
- the Host (Egyptian) is exhibited in a "Ostensorium" (Latin pagan) in the shape of the Sun (Sol Invictus, the One God, Giver of Light and Life, as in Egyptiasn Pharaoh Akhenaton, who refused the many gods and insisted on the One God, which manifested itself as the Sun)
- Vestements of Priests is Roman, from the shape to the names of the individual items to the color coding during holidays
- Religious Calendar is ROMAN, not Christian, with the sole exception of Easter (1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox) which is a solar variation of the Jewish lunar calendar
- All other festivities, from Christmas on, are pagan carried on into Christianity.
- Architecture of all churches from the 1st century up until the 19th century is Classical Roman; the Byzantine/Romanesque/Gothic/Barocque styles are merely aesthetic variations on the classical fundamentals.

Take it from an Italian Catholic, if you were to come to Italy you'd see pagan deities clothed and dressed as Madonnas, Jesus and whatnot, when in reality they are Vesta, Diana, Minerva, Apollo, Hercules...

See this youtube video

... not to mention the many times painters depicted Mary Magdalene and were forced to rename the painting "Virgin Mary" or be burned at the stake!!! By Botticelli...

Topic Should obese people be classified as disabled?
Posted 11 Mar 2013 03:49

I am an obese man. Do I consider myself disabled? Not even a little bit. Every pound I gained was due to my poor choices. Sometimes spending as much as two hundred a month on fast food. Just for me! Gawed damn I'm a sorry excuse for a human being. Two years ago I broke the scales at 537 lbs. I could break a sweat by walking to the mailbox. It was the lowest I have ever sunk. So I started to work on my issues. Joined a gym, stopped eating out, and made better overall choices. It was hard at first. In fact every day is a struggle. Yet I have lost close to 80lbs. Just by using common sense in planning my meals. My plan is to increase my workouts and be under 350 before this year is over. Being fat is not a disease. It is a buffet of bad choices.

As a European, and an Italian at that, who lived most of his boyhood life in the US (Fairfax Co. VA), I was ready to leash out on this thread, until I read Mr.Niceguy's post; I agree with him 100%.

When a highschool teenager in the US, my physique was... mouth watering (I still have the pics my mother took of me at the swimming pool, or at the gym during my wrestling matches)
Once my family and I returned to the Old World, my diet also became "Old World" and, with the help of an inexistent P.E. curriculum, I piled on pound after pound, by the dozen.
When I enlisted, I was borderline overweight and quite possibly made it because of my language skills.; my height/weight ratio was NOT mouthwatering anymore, unless you were a Samoan headhunter...

During these last 35 years, I have had good times and bad times.

There were times I was lonely, heartsick, too shy to pick myself up and go and chat up a girl and court her, and I would eat... crybaby
Then there was that time I casually met a girl who thought I was "crazy and provoking" and accepted a first date, then a second, then a third...
...and her cooing ways convinced me to start eating less and lose my excess weight - and her "prizes" were most convincing :d/

We have been married these last 23 years and are looking forward to another 23 to say the least...
The primary reason to obesity IS overeating, and overeating foods excessively rich in sugar, fat and salt, in that order.
When I was a teenager in the US (way back in the '70s) pizza was considered "junk food" not because it was unhealthy, but because it was "unAmerican".
On the other hand, Fritos Corn Chips, Candy Canes, KFC chicken and fried bacon was "American, hence healthy". Brick wall

I travel to the USA on a regular basis, and have noticed there are some eating habits which are hard to discourage, and food misinformation which is hard to dislodge.

Take salads, for example: why eat a healthy salad, if you ruin it with a 1000Island dressing which is basically mayonnaise with ketchup?
Bluecheese, which is bluecheese and mayonnaise ? (that's what they declare on the label if you reassemble the ingredients - I personally use milk)
Why not the traditional mediterranean olive oil, salt and vinegar?
Why do you folks insist on "vegetable oil" (which is derived from flower seeds) which is nutritionally recommended for frying, but not for direct eating, or even rapeseed and linseed oil (the latter of which is only used by carpenters, woodworkers and restorers of antique furniture, but NEVER for eating in the Mediterranean !!!)
What's wrong with olive oil, which is healthy, tried and tested and quoted in the Bible ?

America needs a culinary culture, and needs one FAST ! It is not a matter of airing cooking shows on TV, but of eating education in schools.
From that point of view, Mrs. Michelle Obama's campaign for healthy eating in schools was spot on.
It is absurd that the only people below 40, in a fit&healthy physical condition, are the military and TV drama casts (except for all the men in "According to Jim")
That, at least, is the stereotype we have here in Europe, when US tourists step off the plane... American Tourists.jpg in the World.gif

Topic Nurses refuses to give CPR to dying woman b/c it's against facility policy
Posted 11 Mar 2013 01:41

Actually, The 911 operator should be the one that is terminated. A phone operator is going to question a health care professional about thier patient care? really? I think this is a case where the nurse why just lying to the operator, to safeguard against breaching patient confidentiality, A major " DON'T" in the health care industry. Even disclosing that her patient was DNR to a 911 operator would be a breach. Not only would the nurse lose thier job, but also thier nursing license. Patient information is given out on a need to know basis and only given to personel DIRECTLY related to providing her with health care, or say a diagnostic service. The operators job is to get EMS dispatched asap and that's all. There is nothing the operator can do that is going to directly change that patients status. Patients have a right to privacy. therefore, all information regarding patients and thier care is classified as confidential, and only given on a need to know basis.

I disagree. Anybody's right to privacy is never as strong as the right to live. If you disagree to this statement, go out, get mugged, stabbed and shot, then see whether you want the 911 operator to limit his activities to dispatching EMS onsite or whether you expect him to ask questions in order to determine your state of urgency and thus your priority on the plethora of 911 calls in any medium-large city.

My wife is a doctor, a GP (General Practitioner, aka Family Doctor). She cannot refuse to visit a neighbor, if critical, even if said neighbor is not officially one of her patients.
It's a crime and she would be arrested for that.

I am aghast that an old people's home (or whatever) has a blanket DNR policy, it should not have been allowed to operate by the local authorities because it is a breach on the individual's right to live.
De facto, it should be grounds for charges of manslaughter.

Topic Pope Resigns
Posted 13 Feb 2013 06:17

If we all go back and delete all personal tit-for-tat rants at one another, this 3-page thread would count a mere dozen entries.

So please knock it off before I buy a three-way plane ticket and allow myself the vacation of a lifetime, and spank you all girls and wussies !

black sheep smiley?) evil5

Topic Pope Resigns
Posted 12 Feb 2013 08:58

I have read these two pages and have to say there is a LOT of wrong impressions, preconcepts, ignorance and just plain old snotty up-yor-nose mentality here.

First things first, Catholicism is THE original form of organized Christianity; when Emperor Costantine summoned the Council of Nicaea, the "Roman" Bishops were the first to arrive (they were the ones who actually drafted the summons in the first place!) It was the Arian, Gnostic and many Easter Bishops (Syriac, Mesopotamian and Coptic) who were either not summoned, or refused participation under various pretextes - and that is history.
The result is that the majority of issues discussed were agreed "in the Catholic interpretation" because that is what the Emperor wanted - a "one size fits all" religion which had enough Classical Roman (pagan to you) Egyptian, Zoroastrian and Mesopotamian characteristics to appear acceptable to all "would be" converts - to the point entire populations converted once their King or High Priest converted (see St.Ursula as an example)

Secondly, to claim the (Catholic) Church exported tyranny, greed, corruption and paedophilia is true, is we consider all those things were rampant in the Mediterranean for the previous 3000 years and more.
One could, by similar reasoning, claim the USA is exporting democracy through the goodwill ambassadors called B-52, F-117 abd B-2, with a little help from drones and depleted uranium shells.
You are NOT without sin.

Third, the Church is, to this day, the world's oldest surviving absolute monarchy, there is no Criminal Code of Law discussed by a Parliament, and "Parliament" (Conclave) only meets in average once every 25-30 years to elect the new Pope.
Incidentally, the Cardinals do not meet in a threater or ballroom, they convene in the Sistine Chapel, and are LOCKED IN (that is why it is called "Conclave").

Fourth, don't get me running about with "witch hunts" but there is a difference between the Holy Inquisition and the Witch Hunts of the 16th - 17th Century.
The Inquisition was a Tribunal, a Court of Law; the lay, the famous and the infamous have been tried, the records are available, apparently less that 5% of those tried were found guilty. Among them, Francisco Goya, the painter, and Giordano Bruno, Italian monk and philosopher. In Spain, France, Latin America, it tried not only those accused of blasphemy and those accused of witchcraft, but also those accused of planting false evidence against the former.
See the trial in "The Name of the Rose" as an example - two of the tried and convicted were blasphemous monks and murderers - the third a girl accused of witchcraft when, these days, she would be recognized as mentally handicapped.

Last, the Church is the oldest surviving government, it has been carrying on business since the 4th Century - 1600+ years. Nobody has beaten that record yet, and it gets more difficult day after day.

One of you said "A true religion should trascend time". If you ask any well-learned archaeologist, anthropologist or rabbi, they will tell you that the oldest surviving religion, Judaism, is NOT the same as was practiced at the times of King Herod, never mind Abraham!
Quite the contrary! And, to be honest, one could even dispute whether Abraham, Noah and Adam were jewish, shaman Priest Kings or simply people whose names went town in history because THOSE stories survived time, and others did not.

Else, if you read the Hindu Holy Scriptures, which are just as old as the Torah, you will read of flying machines shooting flaming arrows at each other, steel dragons spewing fire from every pore, and hordes of infantry on Earth fighting a war for their Lords in Heaven...
Very similar to the Ancient Egyptian lore of Orisis, his son Horus and the evil uncle Seth ...

So, unless the next Pope is Cardinal Appiah Turkson, this is NOT the end of the world...
Why do I quote Card. Appiah Turkson ? Because his first name is ... Peter... and he would be the second Peter to sit in Rome - the Second Coming...

Topic What tv/movie character did you crush on as a kid?
Posted 08 Feb 2013 04:33

When I was a young teenager, my crushes were: Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady

But then "grown up women" weren't so bad either... Barbara Eden as Jeannie Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha ("Bewitched") Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 ("Get Smart")

Many, many years passed, and as a fully grown 40+ year old I got a crush... again... Young Courtney Cox in Friends Alyssa Milano at the beginning of her career in "Charmed"

These days... I'm too old to get a crush... I think...

I do have a soft spot for Nordic lore, though... Angelina Jolie in "Beowulf" clown

Topic Breastfeeding
Posted 28 Jan 2013 00:36

I have a son that i breastfed and im pregnant and plan on doing the same. I was a little shocked and disgusted when i read online that a woman's husband would NOT let her BF because he found it offensive and told her they were for his sexual pleasure.
So my question is, If you've ever seen a woman BF do you find it offensive and would you care if your gf/wife wanted to BF?

Excuse me, how can you breastfeed and be pregnant at the same time? Ths side of the ocean, the lactation process inhibits ovulation...


Topic Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted 24 Jan 2013 04:18

Who cares?

Please clarify.

If that treaty is authentic, then the ruler of the day decreed that his Kingdom would merge into a larger, more powerful political entity for reasons of political opportunity.
Read it
If Sexalted's "who cares?" should have any value in International Jurisprudence, then Mexico would have an awfully EASY time asking to have Texas back... and California... and all that lies inbetween.

The UK would have to immediately return the Province of Northern Ireland to Eire, Gibraltar back to Spain, and South Africa back to the Netherlands...

Do you see where I'm getting at ?
Regards, LV

Topic Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted 23 Jan 2013 02:52

Nukes are merely deterants.
Only time nukes were used was in 1945 & that too mostly to test.
I fail to understand that we are considering as a hot spot between India and Pakstan; which it surely is.
But we fail to comprehend Kashmiris as a NATION? Kashmiris are as large a nation as Romanians in Europe, if not more.
Just coz India and Pakistan have nukes should not crush self determination right of a nation.
Soviet Unon and USA had 1000 times more nukes together.
But did it stop Uzbekistan and others to fnd their independent destiny?
Same principle should be applied for KASHMRIS.

I agree. The same should apply to Kurdistan across the Anatolian Peninsula, Euskadi across the Pyrenees (Spain and France call them the Basque Countries) Northern Ireland, and the Sami in Scandinavia.
Unfortunately, wherever Europeans went in the world they made a mess of the nations they invaded and muddled with the existing borders.
Prime examples of this are the mess the British made in Hindustan, that the Russians and the Soviets made in Central Asia and Armenia, that the French did in Central Africa or that the Italians did in the Horn of Africa...
...not to mention Kuwait which was a Mesopotamian Province until somebody in London who had never been any farther south than Paris decided to grant the Kuwaiti Emir independence from Baghdad simply because they could lap up oil as it freely seeped through the sands...
Poland has modern (1946) borders which are hundreds of miles out west compared to its 1936 borders, and Germany lost a huge portion of its own sovereign territory - and it will never be given back, it's too late.
Time never fixes these issues because people live, marry, die and new bonds are formed. Life goes on, and the "nationalist patriots" who long for the "Mother Country" are first looked down on as potential terrorists, then as die-hard nostalgics, and eventually their children and grandchildren as neo-nazi hoodlums. I know, I come from one such family where a mere newsletter through the mail (and no political activity whatsoever) had us screened for many years.

So yes, let Kashmiris have their say... but I sincerely doubt neither India nor Pakistan will be willing to listen.

Topic Possibility of war between India and Pakistan
Posted 21 Jan 2013 05:03

I don't think it'll come to war. I think India and Pakistan need to really clear up all their old troubles, split Kashmir down the middle (i'm guessing it ain't that easy) and show a united front, or else they'll just be like this forever.

Solving Kashmir is just as easy as solving the issue of Northern Ireland, or giving Gibraltar back to Spain, or Puerto Rico and Guam their own independence.

The issue between India and Pakistan is NOT easy, but it does have a clear and precise origin; it was when the British Government decided "Hindustan" could not be granted independence as it was, because it would have proven to be too great a nation, both in terms of territorial extension and in terms of population. Religion has very little to do with it, other than being the official excuse.

The evidence of this is the fact that there are more muslims still living in India, than there are living in Pakistan.

I have worked with both Indian and Pakistani military, and can say, from my own personal experience and personal acquaintance with a few from both sides, that whereas India does have a proper "Officers' " caste and properly trained military, Pakistan at best can field a few hordes of houlihans and banshees. Be it from the point of view of available technology. or the capability of using it, not to mention military discipline and the art of warfare, the only reason why India could ever want to call it quits is to quell the bloodbath. Pakistanis as a culture would have no such feelings, they would simply go on and on and on until they're all dead.

From my own personal experience.

Topic Where are all the aliens?
Posted 21 Jan 2013 04:44

it's still possible, just like the earth not being the center of the universe.

Boron is better than carbon. it can do more than carbon can, I don't recall exactly what but something about allowing more bonds in certain ways that carbon doesnt in organic life

it's rare though so it's unlikely it would be present in large quantities to be considered. I've heard silicon and a few others that have a few missing touches. There's no telling how many elements exist in the universe that we don't know about, we've created several of our own synthetic elements.
Like ununoctium which doesn't exist naturally on earth. So who's to say there aren't multiple ways to make life just because we haven't found them yet?

+1 ! notworthy

I recall an episode from the original TV serial "Star Trek" where the Enterprise finds a planet on which life is based on Silicium instead of carbon.
Silicium is one step down from carbon in the Table of Elements, so that anything which exists in our environment, based on carbon, on that planet existed but based on Silicium.

What made life interesting ? Flowers were in the form of crystals, and all life appeared to be based on rock formations. It all moved incredibly slowly
the point is THERE WAS LIFE !

So... Boron ? I'll have to investigate the possibilities... read2

Topic Why no woman US president yet?
Posted 21 Jan 2013 04:35

What do Golda Meir(Israel), Indira Gandhi(India) and Margaret Thatcther(Great Britain) have in common?
They were all heads of state and led their countries into war (with Egypt, Pakistan and Argentina respectfully)

The trouble with politicians is that they are politicians first...

I'm not Israeli, nor Indian, nor British, but if I were any of the three I would take offense from this comment.

Regardless the historical justification for the very existence of Israel in the way it was created, a mere study of 8th grade history will show that all three nations replied to an external hostile provocation, if not outright attack, from other sovereign nations. As in, got kicked in the arse.
Considering that no nation, not one, invokes the principle of "turn thy other cheek" in their XConstitution, and that they are all entitled to invoke the right to self defense...
... what other reaction would you have suggested ? "Parlay" in "Pirates of the caribbean" style ?
Unlikely. Once they take your land and guard it with heavily armed forces, there's only two ways to get it back, money or more forces, in turn more heavily armed.
Sword Fight
On the other hand, we could recall Queen Elizabeth I of England, who successfully defended from Spain (Invincible Armada) or Eleanor of Aquitaine, or Eleanor of Arborea...

Topic Ok to breastfeed someone else's baby?
Posted 21 Jan 2013 04:16

I'm not a mother... I could never be, because I'm a father.

But, I do see the implications in the question that started this thred, so I did the obvious thing, I asked my wife, who is not only a mother, but a doctor as well.

First things first, LadyX may rest reassured, there is NO WAY breastfeeding can generate food intolerances in any way, even or especially if feeding from a wet nurse. In fact, it can only help making the baby stronger.
A baby becomes lactose intolerant when fed cow's milk; he/she will never be intolerant to his/her mother's milk, and it is extremely improbable that he/she be intolerant to a wet nanny...

In physiological terms, it would be like a woman being allergic to her own husband skin, or sweat, or... whatever... ;)

Topic What's on your bucket list
Posted 21 Jan 2013 02:24

Hi BablingBrooke, I have flown in a private jet, let me reassure you, the more private they are, the more cramped they become, to the point you can't even stand in them !!!
Helicopters, on the other hand, are like floating in the wind, in midair, if your pilot's willing he will let you go places and see things the way you've never imagined them to be !

Bucket list ? Hmmm... I have TWO bucket lists...

Bucket list no.1, Sci-Fi style:
Grab my savings, convert them to 1950s currency in nominal value (i.e., 5 grand today = 5 grand in 1950's money) and enjoy a life long holiday in 1950's Monterey or Santa Barbara... or Cocoa Beach, for that matter !!!
Imagine the fun you could have with what you can afford to spend in a week these days, converted to the same amount 60 years ago!

Bucket list no. 2
Grab my motorcycle and ride around the world - without being harrassed by petty thieves and criminals and dodgy currency changers...
Jump in my car and drive a similar route the other way around, just to see the places I missed the first time 'round... in good company this time ;)

Topic DREAM Job???
Posted 21 Jan 2013 02:12

Hello Ava.

There is a fundamental difference between a male escort and a female escort: whereas the female escort can "moan and groan and wait until it's over" (please forgive my crude description) it is the male escort who "must provide". Given that male sexuality is very dependant on looks and aesthetics in general, "providing" to a lady with an unpleasant personality or, even worse, unpleasant body may prove more of a challenge than one can cope with.

Furthermore, there are male escorts who are 25-35 years old, and are quite capable of "providing" a few times/night, or within a given timespan.
Then there are male escorts of "a certain age" (say... 50 or so) and while the quality of "services provided" may well soar to the stratosphere in general terms (compared to a 20 year old) the quantity may become like that of vintage Chateau Rotschild... there's only so much left in the world :wink:

So, it all depends... :hug:

Topic which do you think is the better movie
Posted 21 Jan 2013 01:57

One question: why compare Shawshank Redemption to Forrest Gump, which is totally off topic?

How about Shawshank Redemption vs. Midnight Express ? Now THAT is a comparison worth considering ? Anyone ever seen Midnight Express ?

h t t p://
h t t p:// w w

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 17 Jan 2013 23:07

WTOP Radio (Washington, D.C.) through the internet.
It's 8:05 a.m. here and 2:05 a.m. over there.
I used to live in DC as a child and like listening to WTOP just to "feel at home", like when you think about Grandma's house... ;)

Topic Where on Earth are you from? (Location, not heritage)
Posted 17 Jan 2013 23:06

Rome, Itlay... Ilaty... Iatly... I T A L Y !
(Whew! My keyboard must be dyslexic!)

PS When can I start posting pictures ? This si the first time I come across a Forum that won't allow a newbie to post pics after his first two, three posts in text...

Topic Woman drives 900 miles out of her way due to GPS error
Posted 17 Jan 2013 23:03

My own two cents' worth, if I may.

From the "rational, social solidarity" point of view, all what you guys say is nice, polite, correct... BUT if she lives in the outskirts of Brussels (Belgium is only so big, gentlemen!) she should have realized she way way out of her way once she started seeing signs in German...
Got gas twice? At least once in German? If there's any rational awareness left in that old lady, she should have realized she was in friggin' GERMANY by the time she stepped out of her car THE FIRST TIME !
The lady deserves to have the Pllice come over and take her license away, befiore "she was so distracted she never noticed the school crossing monitor and plowed through 20 1st graders walking home".

On the other hand... by European standards, Belgians are the European equivalent to the Beverly Hillbillies, so I will simply smile and carry on.
I've been to Brussels many many times for business and pleasure, turkish cab drivers (in Brussels) are better drivers than the Belgians themselves...
Did you know that, until the early '70s, you didn't even need a driver's license to drive? It didn't exist!
It was established only whebn other "EEC member nations" insisted they get in line with European standards!
So the old lady probably never even went through a driving exam in gher life, she simply turned 18 or 21 and sat behind the wheel...

Topic have you ever been part of double penetration?
Posted 15 Jan 2013 00:58

May I kindly ask the ladies to tell us what they felt and what made them agree to try it, at least the first time? What made them agree to do it again? I would like to experiment a DP with my wife and a toy... she's always enjoyed being "naughty" but will not always agreeon "kinky"- often depends on her mood... she will sometimes ask for our lovemaking to be very "vanilla", other times she will agree to push it a little more.

We do have toys and enjoy using them, her favorite being a hefty 9" silicone penis I use on her while she lies on her side and goes down on me :) I'm afraid it could prove a wee bit too thick for her to go anal, and will rarely allow me to do the back door... although when I suggest it her eyes do sparkle, but it's always "next time" as if she were holding back.

What am I supposed to do... tie her spreadeagled to the bed, face down? (hmmm... could be an idea...)

Topic If you could have one lustful evening with anyone (and they were totally into it) with whom would it
Posted 10 Jan 2013 05:34

Is it "Anyone" as "one" or as "whatever"?

I'm extremely undecided as to whether I should concentrate my energies on Molly Quinn

or if I could ask Bobbi Starr to come along for the ride too !

Sword Fight

Sorry, it seems I'm not allowed to post pics yet... Embarassed

Topic Where are all the aliens?
Posted 09 Jan 2013 06:45

Once asked the very same question, Nobel Prize winner astrophysicist Carlo RUBBIA (Italian) explained the "goldfish paradox":
There's a goldfish in a bowl, on a table in the room:
Here I am, a beautiful goldfish in my bowl. I have explored the bowl and lived in it all my life and can reassure you there is no other life.

Then there's a goldfish in a bowl, on (another) table in the room, but out of view from the first fishbowl:
Here I am, a beautiful (other) goldfish in my (other) bowl. I have explored the bowl and lived in it all my life and can reassure you there is no other life.

Then there's a goldfish in a bowl, on table in the room, but out of view from the first two fishbowls:
Here I am, a beautiful goldfish in my bowl. I have explored the bowl and lived in it all my life and can reassure you there is no other life.

Then comes somebodym, sees the three tables with the three fishbowls and realizes there are three goldfish.

Sooo... in human terms:
Until we develop a technology to allow us to look out of our solar system... take a look around, see the situation, return & report...
...all we can assume is "here be lions"...


Topic Parents get strippers for son's 16th birthday party, facing possible criminal charges.
Posted 08 Jan 2013 05:33


if the Police find holes in the school gym between the boy's showers and the girls', the Principal gets charged? With what?

Anybody ever seen a movie called "Porky's"? Anybopdy ever heard of a TV Reality show called "16 and pregnant" ???

Wake up people !!!

Topic Your ideal partner in two words
Posted 08 Jan 2013 05:28