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Topic 18th century 140,000 sq. ft French chateau bulldozed by mistake.
Posted 08 Jan 2013 05:27

What a real shame a beautiful building was destroyed but looking on the brighter side it was 18th century. Maybe if the new house is built to the same standard using modern techniques it may well last even longer than the old one and not need to get to the point of re-renovation?

To paraphrase your words: Let's knock down the Empire State Building, after all, it's already 100 years old and maybe the new one could laste even longer...

Kyliekained, that 18th Century building was old as Monticello or Mount Vernon!
Would you knock down George Washington's ancient recidence and "rebuild it with modern standards"? Thomas Jefferson's ?

What is your point ?

What are your standards ?

Do you have any at all ?


Topic you favorite song of all time that never gets old how ever many time you listen to it
Posted 08 Jan 2013 05:02

"What a Wonderful World" sung by Louis Armstrong

"Minnie the Moocher" and "Everybody needs somebody" from "The Blues Brothers" OST

"I did it my way" sung by Frank Sinatra

"A whiter shade of pale" sung by I forget who

"Unchained melody" (perhaps the only one I have never quite managed to learn by heart)

"Kyrie Eleison" ancient Gregorian chant

Topic Connecticut town gathering, destroying violent games
Posted 04 Jan 2013 00:40

i'd prefer they destroyed semi automatics...

ya know, i gotta say it, i can't help it...

video games don't kill people, people kill people. bootyshake

33 years in the military have taught me many things about life, the real world, and people.

One thing I leaned is that people will very easily fall prey to the principle that if something evil was done by means of an object, then that "object" is evil.

It applied to electricity in the mid-1800's, to the telephone, to radio, to television. Priests and village elders preaching about " this new technology, child of the devil! "

The same applies to computers and the internet. My own father refused to go on the internet "because I was told it's full of pornography".
"Dad, even the local Bishop and the Pope himself have their own websites". Nothing, he wouldn't budge.

Here I read of a Forum Member who would like to ban the object used in the event. The tool, mind you, not the cause.

Fine. Have chicken pox? Never mind the virus, here, use some facial cream and cover up those pimples, who cares if your face will be scarred for life...

Is this what we want ? The Church banned books for centuries, it even banned teaching to read, and what was the result? Martin Luther's Reformed (Lutheran) Church, and Protestantism.
Hitler banned (some) books, and so did Stalin. Both regimes fell, one through war, the other through economic collapse, which was a war in its own right.

You want to ban individual weapons? Try banning cars because of road accidents, or kitchen knives, or lengths of rope...

The only solution, in my opinion, is a proper "gun culture" as was in the West in the 1800's, where a father or uncle would take his son/nephew out in the countryside
and teach him how to shoot and proper gun wielding discipline .
In a crowded, very crowded environment such as Europe, you can't own a gun without a Police permit.
You can't have that permit without a) a clean criminal record, and b) being certified by a firearms tutor/trainer working for the local certified shooting range that you are qualified to handle a firearm in full safety.

It is really no different than owning and driving a car, if you think about it. You want a car? Fine, you can't drive it away from the showroom if you aren't qualified to do so (driving license)

I don't understand the lack of will by US Congress to pass "an easy to apply, clear to read, no fumbles or subtleties between the lines" federal law disciplining gun control.
Just copy and paste what laws already say about owning and driving a car... can't be THAT difficult...

Topic Socialism an illusion or the real solution?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 06:49

I think you're a bit in the wrong here. When it comes to political systems what will be accepted and work is very often based on cultural history. An area with a culture that widely accepts the fact that you are the creator of your own wealth and happyness and that you should not rely on society to give you anything, thus being very individualistic, will have more problems accepting socialism than an area with a culture for always helping each other out.

In the case of the US socialism would have to be implented very very gradually and over a long period of time for it to be accepted, simply because the culture is very right winged compared to other countries that are more prone to going in the socialist direction.

And Buc; that's complete and utter bullocks, untrue and sounds like some propaganda that is spewed directly out of FOX News.

I would like to pitch in with my own two cents' worth, because I have "been there, done that" in quite a few "theres" and done quite a few "thats".

ByonLord is certainly well learned and has got things well focused; 1Ball, on the other hand, fits the stereotype so well described in that famous novel "The Ugly American"; may I suggest he NOT visit Europe while on holiday, or learn to keep his mouth shut, because his cultural and political "certainties" would make the locals quite upset - and I don't mean the French alone, either.

ElitfromNorth has, again, hit the nail on the head. True, as PhareduPhour claims, "a system is a system", but, just like you can't irrigate a square field with a system that goes around in circles (you would leave out the corners), you cannot "shock and awe" a foreign country and march your foreign troops in the cities and claim "Hark! Me brings Democracy!"... especially when that Country is one of the world's most ancient countries, and has been exporting culture quite successfully for the last 5000 years as a monarchy in its many guises.

I am sincerely surprised not many of you realized the "European Socialist States" quoted many times, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, are actually Constitutional Monarchies.
I am sadly surprised nobody has also noticed that none of these three (and I'll add the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain in this) actually never ever declared nor started a war in the last 100+ years of European history.
True, Spain did have a civil war, but it was a civil war... and it did lose a war in the 1890's, but that was started by the staunch defender of Democracy, the United States.

I would like you all to realize that whatever model works in one nation may well flunk bitterly in another nation for the simple reason of culture .
Why is Norway so rich and peaceful and prosper, and Venezuela in such poor shape? Because in Norway there is a certain culture, which calls for certain political ethics, which are evidently absent in Venezuela.
This also applies to the same Nation, in differing historical times. Italy under Mussolini was in a dictatorship, true, but that dictatorship implemented class reforms like never before, ensured public health, education and welfare, rebuilti the industry and made Italy one of Europe's most industrialized nations... all this was done under extremely rigid political discipline, such that nobody in his right mind ever tried any "hanky panky".
Unfortunately for the People, in 1939 Mussolini ruined it all and went to war, again...

However, in the last 20 years, so many political corruption scandals rocked Italy that the entire Party system was overthrown and remodeled, and now it's happening again.
It would have been unheard of under Mussolini; the US put all the old Party hyerarchy on trial but they were all acquitted - they were that clean.

So, you can't go and export democracy anymore than you can export rap music, or mayonnaise, or beef jerky; if it isn't compatible with the receiving end's culture, it's bound to fail, possibly in violence.
Iraq failed, Afghanistan failed, Somalia failed... all because the "imported goods" were not suitable with the receiving market.

If all some cultures can understand is "monarchy", let them have it; a controlled, constitutional monarchy is a far safer solution than a republic which simply won't work.
It's like feeding rump steak to a baby with no teeth; just because it's good for Daddy doesn't mean it's good for Baby, too.

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 05:49

Greek letter, Latin letter, place one over the other... ;)

PS Yes the avatar IS my car (had to change the plates though...) cheerleader

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 05:48

Greek letter, Latin letter, place one over the other... ;)

PS Yes the avatar IS my car (had to change the plates though...) cheerleader

Topic What does your username mean?
Posted 03 Jan 2013 05:45

Greek letter, Latin letter, place one over the other... ;)

Topic Names for your parts? It can't be worse than this...
Posted 20 Nov 2012 02:47

Hi all.

My wife and I were still engaged when, one evening during dinner at a chinese restaurant, she picked up a giant shrimp from her iron hotplate and poked "what does this remind you of?"
She was looking at me with that beady eye I knew had something on her mind...
She turned the shrimp so that it looked up, and... licked the sauce off one side.
My penis has been "the shrimp" ever since... with mutual enjoyment when we're out partying with friends and the double entendres start flying!

PS We'll be married 23 years in a few weeks' time ! So we KNOW fish is good for you !

Topic Why English is so hard to learn
Posted 20 Nov 2012 02:33

Hello Seeker4.

Don't worry, you are in good company! Please consider that many languages have masculine, feminine and neuter genders, and that others have singular, dual and plural.
What is dual? It's the kind of "almost plural" you use when addressing or referring to two people; plural will consider only three or more.
And... what about cultural or historical differences ? Why is cooked meat called "beef" and a pig cutlet called "pork"?
It all comes down to history through the ages and the evolution of the language.
Simply consider that every language in the world will have its own individual word to refer to the Moon, but everybody will say "television" :)

Topic could i get some help proof reading a paper i just wrote? Please
Posted 20 Nov 2012 02:18

I wrote a paper on incest and bondage but i am terrible at proof reading and have had my paper rejected do to to many mistakes. please could some one read over my story. its not vary long and i might extend it, but as of right now its going to be in two parts.
Thanks to anyone that wants to except my challenge.


ready and willing ! Big Hugs