Love Poems(2)


Intensity At It's Finest

I'm losing my Lush Virginity. Be Kind..

You love it. You're choking my heart within your hands, I've trusted you. Don't abuse me. Use me... - Use me, I'm a toy. I am yours for you are mine, Who is in control? Is it control, or a struggle for control? - We crush together, intense, Loving, loathing, rough. Bruises and bites, I love it. It's serious, this game... - You're everywhere, all Over me,...Read On



I'm a little more vulnerable this time, so please (again) be gentle!

You  are in me, You are inside me. I feel you pulsating,  Breathing as me. - We  move, write the world Together. We bring heat, Rushing warmth between us. We are each other. - Without  this, sweet ecstasy,  I could not cope. You bring Me alive. Feed me, soothe me. Fuck me. - Lust  and primal desire cloud My vision, my thoughts. You are, completely, My vision, my thoughts. ...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


He Was Worth It

Why I hate vodka and why I love sex: nights out are just too much fun....

(For the purposes of this story, I shall be called Sarah. Not my real name, but an inconspicuous one nonetheless) Having my boyfriend far too fucking many miles away from me was driving both my head and my body insane. So when three of my girlfriends asked me for a girly night in (which inevitably ends up a girly night out), I could only agree! We got horny drunk sitting in my...Read On


I'm Waiting

The anticipation building...

I’m waiting.... I can hear you walking, your footsteps softly thudding as my nipples harden in anticipation. My hands, cuffed above my head, are itching to feel you, feel your skin tense above me, helping me reach where I need to go. “You’re getting desperate, aren’t you?” you softly whisper in my eager ear, shocking me with your proximity. I nod, knowing I can’t speak until you allow...Read On