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I explain below what my Avatar name means but some people are to ignorant to read and I just got an email from one of them. They(?) tell me I should give up on young girls and just, "...stick it up your own ass...". Ignorance at this level should not be allowed to breed back into our society.

The "Daddy" part has NOTHING to do with being a "Dom". I am not and never will be one. As a Taoist I am very much into not hurting anyone.


Now, back to me!

I really don't know what to write here. I've always been a very private person but I think it's time to change that, which is why I'm here. Something new and different. That's what keeps me young and beautiful.


I will update this periodically, adding or deleting as necessary.

I am a gentleman and I never lie. I pretty much just tell it all up front and let everyone make up there own minds. If you like what you read and you think you can trust me, contact me. ALL of this is based on trust. Of course the anonymity allowed here makes this possible and tends to soften the initial worries. I'm just an old dude still trying to figure out what life is all about. I've done everything I could afford or had time to do so I've got a lot of It down pretty good, but there are a few wrinkles in my life I'm still working on.

I'm 71 and my wife is 76 but she lost all interest in sex 5 or more years ago. I'm not ready to give it up yet so I masturbate every day. I usually only cum once, but every now and again I hit it a couple of times, but that's all I get any more. I will never give it up though. Pretty much I'll be doing it at my funeral if I can manage it so I hope my 6 kids, 15 grand kids and 2 great grand kids can deal with it.

Actually I don't want a funeral and will probably be buried at sea. I was in the US Navy for 6 years. I would REALLY like my ashes launched into the sun, but that's pretty expensive. Maybe one of my kids will win the lottery. I gave my youngest son 15,000 or so Science Fiction books from my collection, many signed and first edition stuff, so maybe he'll feel guilty enough to do that. Nah, spend it on their families and think of me while enjoying it, that's better.

I want a Wake when I die. I want all of my family, friends and enemy's to get as drunk as they want and tell raucous and bawdy lies about me all night, even if they are true. I want my friends and family to cry and laugh and just sit and think. I want my enemies to scream whatever they want to about me and know that I am sorry about whatever made them enemies. Maybe that'll help them change their minds about me. If anyone objects to this I'll come back and haunt their asses.

I want them all to celebrate that I was here and, for whatever reason, remember me. I hope it's all good though.

I have a couple of degrees. One is a BS in Electrical Engineering and other stuff and another BA in Business and Political Science. I decided to do that instead of going for an MS. It took me 5 and 1/2 years to get them and all I did was work my butt off and go to school. I didn't even date while I was getting them. I do not regret a minute of it but sometimes I wish I'd gone the MS route, not really that often though

I've wanted to write for years but got so busy with making a living for the family I just never forced myself to take the time. I'm an electrical engineer and I designed computers for 35 year or so. I "Was" an engineer, but I'm not sure I could get back into it now, they forced me to retire about 8 years ago, and I'm not sure I even want to. I did really enjoy it though and was a Digital Simulation expert and taught it for many years too.

In fact that's where the tag handle"LASAR Daddy" comes from. The software I used for simulation was, still is actually, named LASAR which stands for "Logic Automated Stimulus And Response". A fancy way of saying, "Put ones and zeros in and read ones and zeros out". By analysis you can determine which of the millions of logic elements are not working correctly and fix it. I basically used a large computer to pretend to be another computer so it could be fixed if it failed. I did this mostly for military computers in airplanes, helicopters, tanks, ships, etc. This is a marvelous design tool too. The military wants to be able to fix it so when the design worked and was fixable the design was complete and they had the ability to fix all identical hardware.

Now I own a small store in a little town about 75 miles North of San Francisco and deal in mineral specimens, Grateful Dead memorabilia and jewelry. My big hobbies now are faceting gemstones (I'm quite good at it), reading erotica (I'm quite good at that too) and masturbating (I'm very good at that). Not necessarily in that order either. I am writing a couple stories now which I'll submit shortly and I really hope I'm good at that too. I'll write about our early years because for 30 years she pretty much screwed my brains out, 5 to 9 times a week. God, I miss that. A lot.

I've always wanted to watch her with another woman and would have done anything to get her to do it. I really wanted the other woman to be black but any color works for me. Of course I really wanted to join in too, but my main concern was her and I would have done exactly what they needed. An early boyfriend of hers tried to force her into swapping and when we first got together she told me, in VERY strong language, to forget even trying so I never pushed it. Once I figured what I had or, more accurately, what she was giving to me, I never wanted to lose her. That took about 2 weeks and I've spent the last 43 years filling in all the details.

I always looked at it as a "Gift". Any woman that ever had anything to do with me sexually I viewed like that. She gave me herself 43 years ago and it's still the best gift I ever got. Oh well, it was a very good run for 35 years or so. I'll write a few stories about that.

I traveled all over the world doing design work and I was sorely tempted to cheat many times, but I never did. That is just wrong in my book. Commitment has a very rigid meaning for me. I've been sorely tempted quite a few time in the last 6 or 7 years too. I get hit on in my store all the time and there are several that I'd absolutely love to climb into bed with, but I'm not ready to do it yet. Besides, they're my customers, repeat ones at that, and it's all about trust there too so that would be wrong unless they asked me.

I am the Horniest old white dude on the planet but until my wife just doesn't know what's happening around her I'll say "No, but thank you very much though." Even if she's in a facility totally unaware, I don't know. This is very hard to think about. I'm 71 now and if this comes to be I'll probably be to old for anything but holding hands so I just live in my fantasies. Holding hands and kissing are very nice though. I'll keep doing whatever I can with my hands and mouth as long as they work.

I let social pressure prevent me from dating a Black girl when I was in high school and that has always made me feel disappointed in myself. Of course that was in 1968 in Wagoner, Oklahoma and they were all a bunch of redneck assholes, so I give myself a little break. I think I'll look for a Black woman if I decide to try, if any will have me. There is one who comes in the store a lot and sometimes I think she's interested, but I won't know for sure unless I ask, and I wont do that. If she is interested in me I don't care about anything else, she's beautiful. Skin color is a very stupid thing to let get in the way

I have 8 bones in my lower back, T11 to L6, fused so I don't stand up well. I've also had Prostate Cancer and they killed it with radiation, but they damaged a nerve too and I don't get full erections any more. That REALLY pisses me off. I'm already talking to my Urologist about the inflatable implants and will do that in the next year or 2 if I decide it might perk her interest in sex. I am quite good with my hands and tongue , but I haven't had a lot of practice with it since I married. She never really liked to receive oral so I pretty much just ignored that too. She liked it "IN", and that was always great. She loved giving oral and straight sex but not anal.

I'm not bitching here either and I do not feel sorry for myself. I've had a wonderful life with a marvelous woman. I still adore her just like I did 43 years ago when we started being "Us" and she's still sexy as hell to me, but she has no interest in sex at all. That is incredibly frustrating.

When I decide to start looking for a sexual encounter I think I'll try to find someone who is black and wants to be watched. I would love to watch her masturbate while I do and will participate as much as she wants. I've wanted to get into mutual masturbation for a long time too. That's what many of my fantasies are built around. For me, she is always in charge of the details. It's all about trust and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure I gain hers.

I had one gay experience (a hand job for me) about 1965 and I didn't like it and I still don't. Its not homophobia though because my oldest son is gay and I like being around him and most of his friends. There are a couple I don't like though because they grab at my butt.

One of my daughters writes Steam Punk and has 3 books published already. If you read that she's quite good and I'll send her name if asked. I proof read for her and I love doing it. I don't think I'll ask her to proof my stories though. I am looking for someone to swap Proofreading with and a female would be great for the other prospective.

Thank you for reading this. If you have questions or just want to know more, please just ask.

Paul Forster
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Windsor, California, United States
Women! Strong women that can stand toe to toe with God in a screaming, go to hell match and not back down. Not dominate, just strong. Like Zoe Saldana, Hillary Swank, Anne Bancroft and several others. I don't see women like most guys do because I feel that strength like a bright light and the stronger it is the more I like it.

Faceting gemstones, making jewelry, reading, talking with customers and more.
Favorite Books:
Pretty much any science fiction, all the Lincoln Rhyme, all the Dr. Kay Scarpetta, all the "In Death" series (J. D. Robb), and more than I can mention here. I collect.books, some signed originals and gave about 15,000 of them to my youngest son (shit, he's 42 now) because I can't take care of them any more.
Favorite Authors:
About a hundred or so. Jeffery Deaver, Stephen King, Jonathan Kellerman, J. D. Robb, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Patricia Cornwell, and many more.
Favorite Movies:
Avatar (Zoe Saldana), Agnes of God (Anne Bancroft), Full Metal Jacket (I was there), Mash, Harry potter, and many, many more. If the actors are good and I can suspend my disbelief I like it. If I can't it really sucks. Think about your favorites.
Favorite Music:
Celtic, I love pretty much anything with Pipes (I am a Scott, clan Gordon), good country (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and a lot more), folk music (Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Serendipity Singers, Peter, Paul and Mary, Harry Chapin, etc.), Classical, and early rock and roll (Everly Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, etc).

I don't like acid rock, hip hop, rap and others that are mostly cacophony to me.
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Topic: What do you call it... soda, pop, coke or something different
Posted: 11 Sep 2014 08:41


From 1948, or so, on Grande Island, NY, until 1955 when we moved to Oklahoma, it was always "Pop." Afterwards it was soda.

Mostly I hear soda, or the product names. I drink very little of it, bad stuff really, but I am addicted to Root Beer Freeze. That's "Mana," a true gift from God, or some other being.

I collected "Pop" bottle caps for years until my mother threw them away. Sorted by name and everything. Crap! She also threw away a Superman #1. I don't even look any more to see what it might be worth. Last time was years ago and it was over $100,00 then. Also old batman, hulk, and a lot of others. No, I didn't kill her and I still love her. She died 30 years ago.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Toy With Me" Stories Competition
Posted: 10 Sep 2014 10:26

Congratulations to the winners first, then all who made the top ten. You deserved it.

thanks, Liz, for the rules, and Nicola for the last. I'm afraid mine failed the last, but it wasn't intentional. I had to cut, and I cut wrong.

Maybe those rules should be added to the "Sticky" about competitions?

Topic: How big a gap in years would you consider ok for a sexual partner?
Posted: 08 Sep 2014 13:25

I agree with Cyndy. It's all about how the partner thinks. I'm 72 now but pretty much from about 21 until now it's been all about that. If she thinks like an adult, she is. I am not interested in children and think the death penalty should be reintroduced for child molesters.

From when she starts thinking as an adult until she can't any more. Age means very little. I did have a girlfriend twice my age when I was 25. I've been married to the same woman for 44 years and do not chase so younger has never happened. She's 6 years older than me and had 4 kids when I married her. They are all my kids.

I have had several woman work for me that were very young, 17 actually, that had to grow up very young. One was on her own at 15. Either one would qualify as an adult and I could have been with either. I never tried or indicated anything, they worked for me. I've also known women 30 to 70 that thought like children and them I would not be interested in.

Enjoying life and sometimes acting like a child is what being happy is about.

You don't HAVE to act like a child, but it helps sometimes.

Topic: Would anyone actually want to read something like this?
Posted: 08 Sep 2014 11:47

If it's a good idea to you, write it. There are about 250,000 members here and probably at least that that don't join, just read. I did for a year before I joined. If only 1% of the members read your story that's 2,500 that did. If your first paragraph grabs people by the "Short Hairs" that'll be a lot more.

Just don't decide not to write it because of what "You" think others "Might" think. I know several that do that and it always bothers me. I tell them "You don't 'Know' what they think. It's all an insecurity in your own mind." Sometimes they listen, mostly they don't.

Like anything, you're not born able to do it, you learn. If you're good, keep it up, if you're not, learn or change what you do. I've had 3 major careers (4 if you include my failed attempt to become a professional student) and I think successful. When my interests and abilities changed I did too. Now I'm fighting learning about writing. Just like you.

"Never give up, Never give in." A silly line fom a silly movie, but something to consider as a way to thinking. Good fortune with whatever you decide.

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/my2cents.gif" alt="My 2 cents">

Topic: Middle Age is truly depressing
Posted: 04 Sep 2014 21:33

I'm looking down from a slightly loftier place than almost all of you.

I DO JOT agree with that article. Bullshit! The only thing golden about the golden years it what it costs to stay alive. There are those, "Golden People" who some god smiled on and they'll die at 100 having sex with six other people. I know some but the majority aren't that.

It's ALWAYS peaks and troughs, ups and downs, good and bad, however you say it, it changes and never stays the same. That's good actually, static means it's pretty dead.

All the motivational stuff you see and hear, "it's not that you fell, it's how you get up!" And a few thousand variants. They're all true and just a restatement of a principle that Gandhi said in the late thirties, "No one can hurt me." Shit they killed him! You say. Yeah, but they never "Hurt" him.

Youre in charge of you, no one else in the universe. You may give any or all of that control to others, or it may be taken, but ultimately you decided. By saying yes, or by not saying no. You choose which way you will go. I understand force and find things like slavery, subservience, to be abhorrant.

But you, ultimately, are in charge. Gandhi freed a country. HE convinced the British empire, a super-power, to just leave. He didn't drive them out, he simply stood there and said, "No, I choose not to do that." And they fucking left. A few fights, a few deaths and they left with a black eye. All because one man said, "No."

It's all in your attitude. If you have a good one, no matter what happens to you, life's not bad. If you have a crappy one, no matter what happens to you, life sucks!

I chose to not live there. Am I sad, yeah I am. I'm losing my life, she has dementia. Soon she'll be gone so I'm pretty fucking wasted. But every time I'm asked how I am, I'm, "Finer Than Frogs Fur!" And I am. It's an absolutely crappy time, but it's not my fault, my wife's, my customers, yours or the worlds. It just %{#?}£%¥+!>_~>}£>' happened. Do I hate it? It's the only thing I hate. But it won't destroy me. I'll change and find something new and, go on.

I discovered that in my late teens and early twenties. It's kept it all on a pretty even keel for me. Always peaks and troughs but I kind of smooth them out and it all seems to work out.

My middle years? From 28 when my wife and I "Got together" until 65 when she gave up it stayed very good. Away time on a job sucked but we survived and I never screwed around. I don't think she did either. Now it's sad but I'm still looking at the green side of the grass and so far that's the better alternative.

Just an observation on this subject from an old fart.

It's all in how you chose to live it. So why not try for the better one.

<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/my2cents.gif" alt="My 2 cents">

Topic: How do you measure cock?
Posted: 03 Sep 2014 21:58

It's called the "Corpus Cavernosum" and if you look that up on Wikipedia there are diagrams and explanations.

This is a video of how a problem with ED can be fixed. This is what I'm looking into. Prostate dancers a bitch!


It just proves my theory, stated above.

"My dicks a LOT longer than I've ever been given credit for!"

Can I sue someone about that?

I showed that video to a friend aNd she said she couldn't watch past the first injection. So here's a few Diagrams to ponder!


Topic: How do you measure cock?
Posted: 03 Sep 2014 16:42

So. I've got this disagreement with my boyfriend now. He says he's measured his along the top. With a ruler, no less, go figure. And I was like, dude, you're dumb, if you measure it along the bottom it's much longer. He calls me a cheater. So I'm just putting this out there: How do you do it right?

I voted reality. Truthfully, I never have but my wife did once.

I AM a smart-ass and love screwing with people minds. One I read so long ago was in a story and the guy was messing with his girlfriend. She asked "how big" and got out a ruler and laid it on the top, as already suggested by sereneprodigy, but he said, "How do you measure a cats tail? From the ass to the tip. That's the official way to do it." If I remember right she was quite impressed when it turned out his was 12 inches.

If you think about it, it's pretty clever. Half his result was before you got to the base. Not bad if you can convince her.

Like the old saw.

"Why do women have trouble estimating distance?"

(Hold up your fingers about as wide as a ketchup bottle top.)

"Because their husbands have them convinced that's 8 inches."

Topic: Nine-year old girl accidentally kills shooting instructor
Posted: 02 Sep 2014 23:38

Haha! The only time that England was really lawless was in the early 12th century, when Stephen and Matilda were vying for the throne.
I don't think Britain has had a few hundred gun deaths a year, ever. Whereas that's the norm in the USA.
The examples that you use for teaching kids is universal, they are the ones who would be hurt. With a gun it's the other person who gets hurt. What if the kid panics or is surprised and the gun goes off? Oh well, it was just an accident, but how would the lid feel? How do you take their anguish away?
What if it was your grandkid that was hurt or killed? How do you reconcile your Second Amendment rights then?
The right to bear arms, simply translated, is the right to use deadly force!
The final thing that I will say will be in a pm.

I am not defending murder in any way. Pretty much killing people is a bad idea. I try to avoid it but I am not fearful of facing it. I have.

Stop finger pointing. You guys have a few cultural problems going on too. I think a car bomb is a nasty way to go, so why can't the import of explosives be stopped? Where do all those guns in Ireland come from? Us?

I seem to remember a few rather bloody wars in the British Empire. I didn't say anything about lawless. There were laws everywhere and I still see people ignore them. Laws and locks, they keep honest people honest. Nothing else.

Why were the kids playing with a damned gun? Start with stupid, uneducated parents. Yeah, stupid. How would I feel if it was my grand kid? Fucking wasted. Destroyed and anyone that didn't is not a parent. Maybe not human. Who to blame? I do the parents for being so stupid. More so Society for having failed to teach them.

You can not expect a child to know what will hurt them unless you teach them you going to let the child discover scalding water on their own? Or help with a little education. Better be education, the other is considered abuse in a lot of places.

All this discussion is about a cultural difference. They exist between every culture and always will. If we learn about each other we can understand and then accept. Accept being shot? Hell no. Accept that were different, absolutely. I personally, as an American, think that the attitude of the Upper-Crust in British society acutely sucks.

The idea of bowing to anyone sucks, but you do it. Why? A different culture. Are you wrong? Hell no, just different. I would never say it's wrong. I don't look down at any one and think those that do lack a lot of humanity.

Cultural differences.

The right to use deadly force!

Wow, that's a mouthful. I would really like to hear a good description of how to apply it.

First, define "Right." What rights? The right to live? Tell that to the mouse as the cat catches it.

Second, We all have that right and those that deny it are simply baring their own throats. I'm an educated man and I've lived a while and I will defend me and those I need to. I know when to and when not to. Teach people that and maybe we can all live together.

We will still have those aberrations in our society. The Bundy's and Dahlmers, a few in Britton too.

People have been killing people with the latest super weapons since people. Guns are another "Rock" to bash a head in that we haven't learned to live with yet. We've made it past swords, knives and rocks but they still happen.

We can teach our way out of the problem.

I don't want to fight or argue. I want to learn. I want to teach and try to point out some of the big fricking rocks in the stream. I tripped over them and maybe I can help make your landing easier. I do that in my store all the time. More and more here now.

And, of course, I want to write. I have stories in my head I've thought about for years. I am severely beating the crap out of me for not trying 40 years ago. Then I think, "You couldn't have, you're ready now, not then." And I stop.

I read your comments all the time and you're a well educated guy. You make a lot of sense. You're 60 and you've seen a lot too. Show and teach. I always try but I am a 72 year old engineer and I get carried away. Only bad thing I ever had to say about engineers was that under pressure they will tell you the truth.

I had to think about replying to this. I hope I made sense. Some times I screw that up though, so please ask questions. I want to live a thousand years so I can understand more. I'm 7.2% there and so far so good.

Stay safe.

Topic: Nine-year old girl accidentally kills shooting instructor
Posted: 02 Sep 2014 00:47

It's a cultural thing. Britain had it's Wild West when clubs and swords were the weapons of mass destruction. We had ours after fire arms came along. I seem to remember reading about a few hundred a year being killed in areas there. Seemed the Irish were taking a lot of exception.

I've been in the military, 59 to 63, been shot at and shot back, shot national match small bore and big, quick-draw(that was a lot of fun), skeet, trap and I taught gun safety and procedure.

I lived and worked in the Soviet Union from 78 to 80 and had several hundred friends that trusted me. If they don't, they don't talk. I asked every one of them why they allowed the oppression they lived under, they knew what the "outside", anywhere else, was like and the singe answer I got from every one was, "They have all the guns."

So, I'm with dirty-D and others, I'll keep mine. I haven't even pointed one at someone in a very long time. But I could. All my kids and grand kids understand them. Jo one hunts but some target shoot.

If you don't teach them what'll hurt them , how can they protect themselves from someone that doesn't understand, or is deliberate. You taught them not to approach stray dogs, I hope. Also to not grab a pan handle on the stove, it may be full of boiling water. How about running with something sharp in their mouths. I hope so.

So why not teach them about guns. McCarthy caused us to fear communism, not teach what it is and we were hurt by that butt-heads twisted and hateful ideas.

Gun control laws are akin to locks. The only use for a lock is to keep the honest people honest.

Topic: Are you a dry guy or do you use lube when masturbating?
Posted: 01 Sep 2014 07:57

Dry unless she's helping me. Then very wet.

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My breathing finally slowed to the point where I could talk again. I had been huffing, like a lion right after a kill, I was so wound up, my mouth wide open and working hard on getting enough air. I had just had an orgasm that was a mind-bender and it took me several minutes to slow down enough to say, "I think that was the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you beyond words....

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Someday I hope everyone gets the chance I got, to live like they're dying! ********** I've been living that idea since two-thousand and four when I first heard Tim McGraw sing it and decided it was as profound a thought as any I had ever heard, and I had heard a lot in my sixty-two years then. I think about them. I research and study and try to understand. Sometimes I get there and...

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Coincidence is a marvel, it blows my mind at times. I've thought about and wondered at "Synchronicity" in our lives, Deja Vu fascinated me too. How something can happen then fall into the whirlpool that we know as life and you forgot it totally for many years, then suddenly it rears it's head and becomes the most significant thing in your life. That has happened to me several times but the...

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My Waitress

Two Years Ago ***** Lisa was sitting across from me eating Paige's steak while we talked. When she laid her fork down and took a sip of wine, I heard a soft sound, a thunk. When I felt her bare foot touch my right knee I knew it had been her shoe. She wiggled her toes and pushed her foot up, stroking my leg and making me very hard as she moved it under my kilt. I've worn nothing but a...

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The redhead's name is Margot Stein and her appointment was in twenty minutes, but right then I was kind of occupied with the doctor, Dr. Ruth Marris. She was in the stirrups with me naked on the roll-around stool and my mouth sucking on her clit as I worked two fingers in and out of her. I can tell the stool was designed by a male gynecologist. I had a slim vibrating dildo in her butt, too,...

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A Customer

"Hi, how are you tonight?" It startled the hell out of me and I jumped, then I heard a female giggle. When I turned I saw that she was a repeat customer but I couldn't remember her name. I have a lot of repeat customers. She bought collectable minerals for her brother and I've met him, Dave, he's a nice guy. Why could I remember his? She's sexy as hell, not him. She's tall, five-ten...

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The 35th Generation

What the hell was that? My eyes snapped open and an intense white light was coming out of the bathroom. I threw my hands up and tried to block it, it was so bright it hurt. I thought it was coming from the bathroom, but it didn't look like what I had seen last night as I fell asleep. Where was the mirror? A large, gold framed mirror had been over the sink for eight years. My wife had picked...

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My name is Alicia. I'm a geologist and I'm here in Colorado to find a new pocket of Rhodochrosite. Also a Microcline called Amazonite, a beautiful green and white mineral, and gold, silver or anything else of commercial value. I head the Geology Masters program at Stanford, in California, but I keep my eyes open for everything, even on a personal expedition like this. One of my...

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Our Mantra Was Some Day, Mya made it come true, 3.

 I wrote a previous story about meeting someone from Lush. I got to thinking, 'What if it hadn't happened that way?' All of them stand alone but the shift in settings is fun. I did use some personalities that I know quite well. I hope you enjoy this and I plan to write about a few more ways. If you have some neat ideas send them to me, I am interested. I won't do violent ones and I'll give...

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Her name was Lieda, what a name for a cat

It started with wanting some of the worlds best frogs legs. It ended with even better legs and me being a different, I like to think better, man. I still love her, way down inside where I keep it hidden, with respect, not from any kind of shame. I've never told this story before because I've always been a very private person but I think it's time. I'll let my kids read it one day so they can...

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