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04 Jun 2013 16:41

why don't i just delete this?

07 Apr 2013 17:17

Guess who just got fucked over by a girl? everyone fucking sucks

06 Apr 2013 19:05

Guess who's not a virginnnnn?

18 Mar 2013 13:20

new picture

21 Feb 2013 16:24

Today i walked around school with blood on my white pants. Weeeeeeee. The life of Emilee.

08 Feb 2013 12:58

Maybe I should delete this.....
P.s. I'm a single mofo

28 Dec 2012 20:11

fuck 2012, ready for it to be over

22 Dec 2012 07:36

Last night was rocking and i was looking pretty good.
Merry Christmas!

05 Dec 2012 16:55

I'm really bored man.

29 Nov 2012 13:30

I got a Christmas sweater! Its fucking awesome. All of you be jelly.

25 Nov 2012 11:31

Fuck that, I'm done with your shit

21 Nov 2012 17:50

I love salt and vinegar chips sooo much even if i made this really unattractive face from the sourness. There just soo good.

17 Nov 2012 16:56

I may be happy right now, but i miss you. Badly.

12 Nov 2012 14:32

Jake the dog and Finn the human.

07 Nov 2012 20:59

Tonight's prefect. Just got off the phone with my girl, miss her already and now my dogs is cuddleing with me and were watching family guy. Goodnight guys (:

01 Nov 2012 21:27

Tonight was wonderful. This girl she's woah. Prefect. And she thinks I'm prefect. She makes me laugh and smile so much man. It's good to be finally turely happy again. Fuck knows what I did to get her in my life but I know im not going to let her leave. Haha sorry only place I can really tell my feelings. Sweet dreams guys.

31 Oct 2012 03:40

Last night was prefect tho.

30 Oct 2012 09:33

On my arm, from where i always wear a hair tie there's a tan line. Haha talk about attractiveeeee

29 Oct 2012 13:49

You guys know how it is. Sitting at home no power drinking and eating chesse puffs. Got my 50 candles all around me cause Emmie dont do the dark.

26 Oct 2012 19:16

Halloween partyyyy tomorrow. I dont even care about the hungover im gonna have on Sunday cause you know that hurricane is coming, i might die.

22 Oct 2012 12:58

Im eating a caramel apple, yummmm (:

17 Oct 2012 11:53

Couldn't be happier. Nicole and Emilee. Has a nice ring to it, eh?

14 Oct 2012 08:53

The song "Somebody I Used to Know" is like our song man, who would of thought? I miss you man. Fuck feelings.

11 Oct 2012 13:54

Haha jk about that date, turns out shes has a girlfriend. Thats always funnnn.

08 Oct 2012 20:01

Guess who has a date with this Gorgeous girl?! Fuck yes.

08 Oct 2012 13:20

Guess who went swimming in the freezing river with friends today? This girl. Guess who's like dying right now of coldness? This girl.

06 Oct 2012 06:29

Yay for basketball

05 Oct 2012 12:05


03 Oct 2012 17:27

If you don't like Penguins, i don't like you.

02 Oct 2012 13:18

I just saw a picture of me from when i was younger, and i look like a fuck squirrel. No joke, im proud of myself for all the weight i lost