Love Poems(1)



If he closes his eyes, it doesn’t exist....

If he closes his eyes, it doesn’t exist  Just feels with his heart and doesn’t resist In a second his mouth is closed with a kiss Deep down inside he is longing for this He feels his skin burning, the heat that is lust A fire within him grows with every thrust Their bodies are tangled, a chaotic mess The passion is stronger with every caress ...Read On

Love Stories(1)

Moonlight Angel

The prince of hell enjoys an evening with his angelic lover.

Damien watched her, her ivory skin glowing under the moonlight. The bed clothes were a rich royal blue that made her cream colored body stand out against them. Her hair shone like a golden river and her eyes shimmered like aquamarines. She was naked, cloaked only in the light from the moon. Her breasts moved with every breath she took, her nipples hardened to pink rosebuds. Her stomach, not...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Scribe and Star

This is a snippet from my novel Outbreak but can be enjoyed on its own.

“Does she know?” Stargazer asked as they walked along the dirt trail. Scribe adjusted the pack on her shoulders. “Does who know what?” She bent down to pick up a couple of milkweed pods, carefully inspecting them before tossing them in the backpack. “Does Red know that you still dream about her mate? How you wish he’d chosen you? How you’re still in lo-” Scribe’s hand made contact with...Read On