Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 4

Mommy and daddy were punishing Carrie, my best friend and me for getting suspended from school. A teacher caught Carrie eating my pussy in the bathroom. The principle thought that was unbecoming for two 16-year old girls. My parents picked us both up. They demanded to see the act that got us suspended, which led to Daddy ravaging both of our pussies. After he came and we cleaned ourselves us...Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 5

Once is never enough

At 16-years-old, it turned me on to see the way men reacted to me. The combination of my long legs and ass made men putty in my hands. By the way the boys at school reacted, I knew I was the subject of their masturbation fantasies. To fuel their desire I started wearing outfits that left little to the imagination. I walked down the stairs wearing a tight brown and white striped shirt, a...Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 6

A boring night can suddenly become very interesting

The day after I had sex with Jason my 18-year-old brother I discovered why he was in town. We were going to have dinner his girlfriend’s family. As much as I love Jason I have to question his choice in girlfriends. Since July he’s been seeing Allison Bryant, our ministers daughter. Reverend Bryant was anti everything I was into. Anti music, anti sexy clothes, anti sex, you could say he...Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 7

What happens when a daughter can't get enough of her father

As I lied in bed I could hear my parents fucking. My fingers slid between my legs and imagined I was with them. If my younger sisters weren’t home I would have joined them. At this moment I hated my sisters. I also began to resent my mother. She was my best friend, but I hated the fact that she could have daddy anytime she wanted and I couldn’t. As I rubbed my pussy I fantasized that my...Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Chapter One

My mom is my best friend in the whole world. We could tell each other anything. She knew what boys I liked. She knew that at that moment I was totally head over heals in love with Todd. Every time I saw him I got wet. He was the boy I was going to lose my virginity too. I was so excited to share this news with my mom. Other mom's would have freaked as their daughters told them of their plan...Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Chapter Three

Sex was always on my mind. I was sitting in 1st period English class, I was staring at Carrie (who like me is 16 years old at the time of this story) it had been 24 hours since I seduced her and her dad. The thought of her dad fucking her was drenching my pussy. The way Carrie was looking at me I knew she was thinking the same thing. I wished I could stick my hand in my panties during class....Read On


Laura’s Awakening: Part 2

The night with my parents changed me in ways I couldn’t describe. I had urges before, now they were even more intense. I wanted to act on them. I wanted daddy and mom to ravage me. It could never happen when the others were home. At night I sat on my bed playing with my pussy praying that my parents would bust through the door and take me to heaven again. The days passed until it was my...Read On