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26 May 2014 00:44

22 May 2014 18:47

20 May 2014 22:40

And your sweet voice followed me in my ears,
And I thought of how your skin would feel beneath my hand
~ Roberta Sykes

16 May 2014 21:39

“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
~ ee cummings

15 May 2014 13:53

15 May 2014 04:16

here we are in whispered daylight.
unending arousal runs
through caressing fingers
as the thought of you
makes a mess of me.

14 May 2014 22:23

you disappear
and i doubt everything.

13 May 2014 23:41

say those words on me;
the ones that leave your mark
and sing themselves
to the dark air.

13 May 2014 20:38

I dreamed I spoke in another's language,
I dreamed I lived in another's skin,
I dreamed I was my own beloved
― Clive Barker

12 May 2014 16:01

11 May 2014 23:28

the decadent sweetness
of your mouth on my soul
drives me to beg.
tell me a story.
breathe it on my wetness.
drink my reply.

10 May 2014 06:01

Give me your skin
as sheer as a cobweb,
let me open it up
and listen in and scoop out the dark.

~ Anne Sexton


08 May 2014 03:40

today should be about bubbles!

07 May 2014 13:18

05 May 2014 18:24

i blow kisses to you
whether you catch them or not.
they float in dreamy wandering.
magic breath.
smiles in the making.

05 May 2014 00:06

that moment... when your breath ceases but who you are still manages to combine and change everything.

02 May 2014 20:38

A poet has to fall in love to write.
Her bed is heaped with papers, or with men.

~ Erica Jong

01 May 2014 21:46

30 Apr 2014 22:05

“Chemistry is you touching my arm and it setting fire to my mind"
~ Nayyirah Waheed

30 Apr 2014 19:16

come read my new erotic poem, "amethyst sky."

30 Apr 2014 16:07

29 Apr 2014 23:28

tired days make me weak.
my heart longs to rest in you,
but i hide myself.

haiku for the hump day
national poetry month

29 Apr 2014 01:15

thunder and wind
pace me through my house.
my heart speeds with them
and holds tight to anxious thoughts.
the trees creak.
the lights blink.
peace is far from the night
but i am here.

national poetry month

28 Apr 2014 09:14

there, they burst forth,
the audacious words.
words that alter the universe.
the stars travel
in breathtaking newness
across a sky forever rearranged.
here, it slowly spills,
the wordless moment.
its own impact
a soft and luscious joy.
words rest in peace
in a fully satisfied heart.

national poetry month

... ...

27 Apr 2014 16:09

i closed my mouth
and spoke to you
in a hundred
silent ways.

27 Apr 2014 00:23

i live in a sea
of breaths and glances,
wanting such
i watch your words
and hope for truth
as the moans in my throat
show you the way
to my sinful soul.

national poetry month


25 Apr 2014 23:08

seeing your face is like
returning home to sunlight.
your mouth comes near
breathing you into me.
we fit in one another's hands.
the skin sliding through
joyful welcome.
so much perfect...
until i wake
and the fantasy drifts
into the ether.

national poetry month


24 Apr 2014 23:15

the storm is here
striking over and over.
gale force winds
push me weeping to the floor.
but there...
past the edge of pain...
i know i love you.

national poetry month

24 Apr 2014 01:16

i offend you
as i block the camera
to avoid the theft of my soul.
does refusal to allow the image
mean i do not exist?
that i breathe air
but hold each molecule
like that slender space
right at the event horizon?
that i have successfully hidden
at the point of no return?
when i refuse to allow
you to capture my true self
do i fade into non-existence
by my own choice
or do you hear me begging
from my hidden heart,
"come find me"?

national poetry month

22 Apr 2014 22:03

will i ever be enough?
will you risk some small moment
to truly choose me?
hidden thoughts
remain so
as i dream of never days.
what will happen
if i speak them,
reveal me,
let them go?
this is my risk,