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22 Apr 2014 02:13

i do not know
if this aching moan
comes from the storm
or me.
reality is hard to place
in a world where love skips
a welcome home
and finds its own conveniences.


21 Apr 2014 03:33

bare feet walk a knife edge
from a million tiny slices.
a question echoes
over the distance
and the faint answer comes
softly from my empty heart.
"because i want you."


20 Apr 2014 11:35

today i wear my easter sweetness.
if you could just see...
i am all naughtiness underneath.


19 Apr 2014 06:05

rain dripped from leaves
to the roof of my house.
i heard crickets
singing the end of stormy gusts.
you filled my lungs
with your breath
and my thoughts with your voice.
no more gale force fear
because of you.



18 Apr 2014 08:14

“Wherever they might be they always remember that the past was a lie, that memory has no return, that every spring gone by could never be recovered, and that the wildest and most tenacious love was an ephemeral truth in the end.”
--Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

18 Apr 2014 07:51

i stand in silence
and watch the wounded things.
where is the soul magic?
does healing come?
or oblivion only?
sing the answer.
my tears obscure your words.



17 Apr 2014 10:24

a yellow moon drips like honey
through moody clouds.
my warm sigh
accompanies stars
tossed into the ink-washed sky
by caressing fingers.
the words in me
have become a sacred sadness.
i wish we could be real
just for the life
of this sparkling trail...



16 Apr 2014 06:22

the last love letter joins the wind
dressed in shades of sunrise.
scattered dreams
vandalize the hours
with colors of smoke
and painted prayers
wherever they rest.



15 Apr 2014 09:39

let me worship your feet.

14 Apr 2014 06:09

what i want cannot be taken.
it must be offered freely...
although not always gently.
it is in the wildness
of heaving moments
that truth is told,
bonds are made,
love is held forever.



13 Apr 2014 09:57

12 Apr 2014 19:51

LOTS of wine and funny stories at a bookstore tonight..... i am not always wise... but it was fun.

i am sparkly!!!


12 Apr 2014 00:32

11 Apr 2014 10:30

10 Apr 2014 21:10

09 Apr 2014 22:27

the moonlit desert
absorbs the sound
of ragged breath.
my mind is overwhelmed
by that raw-edged ache
of dark anticipation.
come to me on arid breezes.
hide inside my aroused heart.



09 Apr 2014 07:40

the sound of soft raindrops
combines with birdsong.
my voice is an ache
as i call your name.
come astound me
with your kisses.



08 Apr 2014 13:19

my newest poem is "mirror woman". please take a look!


08 Apr 2014 05:42

I hadn't lost him for I had never had him, and I had no right to complain since I had only loaned myself to him. ~ Simone de Beauvoir

07 Apr 2014 09:31

she rolled the warm cup
back and forth across her cheek.
eyes closed,
mouth curved
at the sensual pleasure
of her seductive lure.
the whole coffee shop
was enthralled.



06 Apr 2014 16:41

There is a field, beyond right and wrong, I will meet you there. ~Rumi

06 Apr 2014 10:05

today i saw a picture that made me wonder...what on earth is sexy about laying in a dry bathtub with high heels on???!

06 Apr 2014 09:05

my heart is tangled in twilight
and my skin shivers
as if i were a leaf
blowing in a barely breeze.
i have no substance
to hold love to me.
the wind wails,
"never enough".


05 Apr 2014 11:44

i ate chocolate at midnight.
there are regrets.
there are always regrets.
but fewer than i thought.



05 Apr 2014 06:15

don't laugh at me...
or pity me...
as i continue to try
these sadly broken wings.
i am learning a new life.
and dreaming of a healer.


03 Apr 2014 11:45

most days a vibrator just won't do.

03 Apr 2014 09:47

i was a secret.
it seemed good.
now it feels like shame.


02 Apr 2014 13:27

01 Apr 2014 23:48

31 Mar 2014 01:46

this is what april fool's day does to me. i will be back on april 2.