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17 Oct 2013 05:42

you don't have to kiss me.
just be with my heart
in a real moment.

15 Oct 2013 22:13

fingers touch in intimate meeting.
the universe sings in adoration.

14 Oct 2013 21:08

buz... what can i say? thank you for the "recommended read" award and for your soft and sweet comment on "the never farewell".

14 Oct 2013 14:25

the never farewell

11 Oct 2013 18:50

08 Oct 2013 17:16

When dawn comes, we'll whisper
which of us was stillness,
which the dancer.
- Rumi

07 Oct 2013 17:25

always yearning.
your name on my lips.
my failure of being.
never quite enough.

07 Oct 2013 17:08

that boundary of surf and sand,
narrow as the separation
between you and me.
i cannot grasp the undulating edge.
it flows thru my fingers
as do you.

06 Oct 2013 19:51


04 Oct 2013 21:59

“…There is the heat of Love, the pulsing rush of Longing, the lover’s whisper, irresistible—magic to make the sanest man go mad.” ― Homer

03 Oct 2013 17:33

27 Sep 2013 17:40

25 Sep 2013 20:02

10 Sep 2013 02:37

02 Sep 2013 21:11

please come read my latest poem... you will like it. i promise.

24 Aug 2013 11:48

have to be away.... please love me amd miss me!

24 Aug 2013 11:47

have to be away.... please love me amd miss me!

19 Aug 2013 08:46

i have a new poem amd thanks to Milik_the_Red it has received a recommended read badge! i hope you will come read it and leave a comment.

18 Aug 2013 16:26

today i have been going back through some of my older poems.... i came across this one. i forgot how much i loved it and what it meant to me at the time. it also has audio.

16 Aug 2013 18:57

"love me, because love doesn't exist, and i have tried everything that does.” ~ jonathan foer

15 Aug 2013 13:12

you remain
the music,
the soul,
the ache,
the very beat
of my heart.

no matter what.

14 Aug 2013 16:34

haiku for the hump day

knowing you is good,
but it makes me more lonely
when you are away.

12 Aug 2013 22:12

it was too hazy here to see any shooting stars so i lit a sparkler and made a wish on little stars. maybe it will still count.

good night!

12 Aug 2013 15:52

i would love to be described as "fierce".

11 Aug 2013 17:18

porn or real sex? there is a difference....

10 Aug 2013 19:41

the clouds have parted and the stars shine... falling though they may be. my heart is full of orgasmic joy and my body follows.

10 Aug 2013 17:57

i want to say wildly crass things to you. listen to my heart and do not turn away.

08 Aug 2013 18:11

07 Aug 2013 21:41

thunder rolls across my skin.
my body vibrates
at the very thought
of your smiling mouth.

06 Aug 2013 22:49

this dark heart-cave
is scary some days.
but if i lay very still,
and watch carefully,
stars appear
and suddenly
i am not so alone.