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Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 15 Jun 2012 17:40

sit down with a nice cup of tea and some cookies and chat.... because she is my friend.... ;-)

Topic What would you do at a Lush Party....
Posted 15 Jun 2012 17:16

1. bring my world famous salsa with some homemade tortilla chips (because i have good manners)
2. drink margaritas (who is making them?)
3. show my pink panties to those who ask sweetly.... (giggles behind her hand)

Topic Word association game
Posted 15 Jun 2012 17:11


Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 15 Jun 2012 17:09

some days i think this,
"i have regained my true self."
but battle still sounds.

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 15 Jun 2012 12:49

erotic scifi audio book... :-) (by christine feehan)

Topic Avatar above you
Posted 15 Jun 2012 12:45

is wildness to my sweetness :-)

Topic Fuck or Make Love
Posted 14 Jun 2012 10:27

sometimes make love... sometimes fuck with enthusiasm...

Topic Like/dislike button on comments/forum posts/pictures
Posted 14 Jun 2012 10:25


Topic What comes to your mind when you hear the name of the country above you?
Posted 13 Jun 2012 19:37

Next country:


the Baltic


Topic why do men always want to stick their cock in someone's ass?
Posted 13 Jun 2012 19:35

i think more of them talk about it than actually do it.... rimming is another matter... but actual penetration... nah....

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 13 Jun 2012 19:32

sandrine kiberlain... m'envoyer des fleurs

Topic What did you have for lunch?
Posted 13 Jun 2012 18:48

a teriyaki chicken bento box... miso soup... YUM....

Topic Just wondering - can relationships begun through Lush last?
Posted 12 Jun 2012 17:00

what does "last" mean????

they can, i think... but like real life relationships they will change to survive.

Topic Chest hair on men??
Posted 11 Jun 2012 14:32

Hahahah thank you guys!!!


Oh look, I found more for your delectation...
(this one is VERY nice)

Mazza, this one is in a class of beautiful all its own... please NEVER include this in with the other chest hair art....

Topic Chest hair on men??
Posted 11 Jun 2012 13:15

mazza, i love your examples but i like chest hair much more than stupid ... which those guys obviously are.

Topic I really need...
Posted 10 Jun 2012 23:14

some insight...

oh and this cameo ring i have been coveting.... :)

Topic Whats in your mug?
Posted 10 Jun 2012 20:32

iced tea... really good iced tea...

Topic Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted 10 Jun 2012 18:38

i have to keep posting on this one over and over.... FIRST KISS so much hotter.... especially that moment just before when you feel his breath on your mouth..... it is like you see everything that could be in a flash of insight... all the hot sex and the cuddling after.

oh. my. goodness... i am getting the vapors just thinking about it. fans languidly.....


Topic What did you have for lunch?
Posted 10 Jun 2012 18:28

a small hamburger from five guys..... it was wonderful.... lots of pickles..... fries and unsweet tea.... so what if i won't be able to eat for the next couple of days?

Topic Meh
Posted 10 Jun 2012 18:22

i just want you all to know that reading all your MEH has me rolling on the floor laughing.....

that trumps ALL MEH!!!!!!!

Topic What Are You Wearing?
Posted 09 Jun 2012 22:08

pink thong... white tank top...

Topic Why is the person above you locked in your bedroom?
Posted 09 Jun 2012 22:05

because HE likes to be there ;-)

Topic Why is the person above you locked in your bedroom?
Posted 09 Jun 2012 22:01

because he promised to do things to my body... ;-)

Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 09 Jun 2012 21:51

he is sexiness personified....

Topic Agree/disagree
Posted 09 Jun 2012 14:24

Eric Clapton is God

disagree.... leonard cohen holds that position....

soft kisses are very sexy

Topic Describe yourself in one word
Posted 09 Jun 2012 14:21


Topic I am Bi-Polar/Manic Depressive. (I suffer from a mental illness called Cyclothymia.)
Posted 09 Jun 2012 13:26


as someone who has lived on the other side of mental illness and its effects, i honor you for the kind of responsibility you take for your health and its consequences.... that has not been my experience. it was always someone else's fault..... meaning in one specific case that it was all my fault.

you are so talented and so honest.... i want to come kiss you... and tell you that you are wonderful and strong. i will also be thinking of you as you deal with your life as it is now.


Topic Avatar above you
Posted 09 Jun 2012 12:34

love that boat.... let's ski!

Topic Violet Rising, an eBook by Frank_Lee is now available for your viewing pleasure
Posted 09 Jun 2012 11:53

i already bought my copy!!! ;-)

have you bought yours?

Topic What would you like to do with the person above you?
Posted 08 Jun 2012 22:17

touch his body... kiss his mouth... do i need to go on???