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Topic What would do with the avatar above you in the shower?
Posted 02 Jun 2012 15:20

touch... lick... kiss... encourage :-)

Topic What would you like to do with the person above you?
Posted 02 Jun 2012 15:11

want the WHOLE list?????

Topic Person above you is naked and tied to your bed?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 21:15

where do i put my mouth first????

Topic You & the person above/before you wake up in a police car handcuffed together....
Posted 01 Jun 2012 20:22


Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 01 Jun 2012 20:20

personal flotation device.... :)

Topic What kind of underwear do you wear?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 20:12


Topic Why are you covering up your keister?
Posted 01 Jun 2012 20:09

i used to get a spanking for "showing my ass"

oh is that not what we are talking about?????? lol

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 01 Jun 2012 20:06

today my own heart
tells me that i am lovely
in all the right ways....

Topic Girls With Freckles
Posted 01 Jun 2012 19:54

Sugah, there must be a rule buried deep within the Lush archives that requires writers to show their freckles...
if not, there should be!

then maybe there needs to be a rule that male authors have to show their freckles as well!!!!

Topic Girls With Freckles
Posted 01 Jun 2012 18:35

do i have to show you my freckles??????

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 31 May 2012 21:40

Have you ever flashed someone in public?

guilty but done unintentionally......

have you ever NOT answered your phone just because you knew the phone call would be confrontational?

Topic Ban the person above you
Posted 31 May 2012 21:37

banned for not taking me to the beach.....

Topic Avatar above you
Posted 31 May 2012 21:35

beautiful hair.....

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 31 May 2012 21:34

kiss that sexy mouth and see what else happens....

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 31 May 2012 21:32

how many of these are there???


Topic Kiss, Fuck or Pass
Posted 31 May 2012 21:29

fuck.... and kissing can be a part of that, right???

Topic Fuck or Pass???
Posted 31 May 2012 21:28

fuck.... indeed....

Topic Waking up to a blow job - yay or nay?
Posted 31 May 2012 19:17

assassin says: Nothing says "I love you" better than a womans warm wet lips wrapped snugly around my cock trying to suck the cum out of my balls using my shaft as a straw. It's a 'yay'.

oh baby.. i will keep that in mind.... ;-)

Topic What about the simple gesture of holding hands? A well placed hand on your back as you walk?
Posted 31 May 2012 12:26

those are such intimate, caring gestures.... they are about attention to small comforts.... they are a little breathtaking.

Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 31 May 2012 09:40

he's a coach... isn't that always a good thing???? and as for the "put me in" part... well.... ;-)

Topic What Kind of "baby" are you?
Posted 31 May 2012 09:33

hmmmm some true... some not so accurate... i have never been a risk taker... but i am working on that... no revenge here.... i just don't understand the purpose. oh and i love to study and learn... other than that... probably true....


Outgoing personality. takes risks. feeds on attention. No self-control. Kind hearted. Self-confident. Loud and boisterous. VERY revengeful. Easy to get along with and talk to. Has an “every thing’s peachy” attitude. Likes talking and singing. Loves music. Daydreamer. Easily distracted. Hates not being trusted. BIG imagination. Loves to be loved. Hates studying. in need of “that someone”. Longs for freedom. Rebellious when withheld or restricted. Lives by “no pain no gain” caring. Always a suspect. Playful. Mysterious. “charming” or “beautiful” to everyone. stubborn. curious. Independent. Strong willed. A fighter.

Topic Things that cheer you up
Posted 29 May 2012 17:03

feeling cared for....

feeling strong.....

feeling beautiful.....

Topic Ask the person below you any question
Posted 29 May 2012 17:01

What "Style" works best for you?

style of what? when i have a choice i am a little bohemian in my clothing..... let me know if that is not what you were talking about ;-)

do you like stormy days?

Topic Post something NICE about the person above you.
Posted 29 May 2012 16:57

total cuteness....

Topic the earth is set to blow in 1 hour and you and the avatar above you are the only ones left what do you do?
Posted 28 May 2012 20:05

encourage him to make love to his wife.... because i know he loves her....

had to be real on this one... no jokes or innuendo....

obviously i did not read the question well... but i have to say the last hour should be with someone you love...

Topic How far can we count?
Posted 28 May 2012 19:59

8415 kisses for guille!!!

Topic Fuck or Pass
Posted 28 May 2012 19:57

fuck..... oh yessss.

Topic Lounge / Chill Out Music
Posted 28 May 2012 19:55

close your eyes and enjoy.....

Topic What kind of person are you?
Posted 28 May 2012 19:51

too bad the choices are about habitual loud singing, etc.... generally i do not turn my music up loud

oh, unless it is the dresden dolls.... then i sing loud.... i really want to be amanda palmer in my next life...

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 28 May 2012 19:38

my body healing.
my thoughts are of YOUR body.
are you glad of that?