A Parents Evening To Remember

I've known my dad was gay for a long time now. I was cool with it. I thought it was cool having a gay dad; in fact, I still do now. Yeah, I was teased about it a lot, but they stopped after a while. Soon my friends took it all in. My dad was gay, and nothing could change that. You are probably wondering if my dad is gay, then why am I here. He and my mum dated for a while, had me, then when...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Maths Lesson

It was a sunny Monday afternoon, and Gemma couldn't wait for last lesson, Maths. She was the first to arrive, as normal, and sat down at her seat, waiting for her friends to arrive. Maths was her favourite lesson, because she was OK at it, and she had an amazingly good looking young teacher. Gemma had always wanted him, and she made sure he knew that. Every lesson she'd torture him, until...Read On