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Topic Fuck or Make Love
Posted 28 Jun 2012 00:45

Depends on who...

If I'm just horny, and now with someone I "care" about, then lets fuck!

If its a boyfriend, or someone I "care: about and I'm feeling a certain way... Then make love to me.

Topic pierced nipple pics
Posted 03 Mar 2012 00:16

I love pierced nipples. This is my new jewelry. Its hot, and explanatory. I love my job, and any way to show it of sexfully, is even better!. Yes, I said SEXFULLY. LOL angel7

Topic Along the Lines of Shaving...
Posted 13 Jan 2012 03:20

Tonight I told a girlfriend of mine that after I get a bikini wax, if there are any stray or missed hairs, when I get home I use a tweezer to remove the unwanted hairs, on my own... She freaked, and thought it was weird, and a form of self-mutilation... I feel she overreacted. Each individual hair doesn't grow in at the same time, and after a day or two one of those lil hairs may poke though the skin... My question is... Is pulling that stray hair/s out on your own after your waxer missed it, so freaky?

Topic do women like anal cunnilingus?
Posted 25 Oct 2011 02:41

sometimes it feels good!

Topic Erotic Jobs
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:31

I was a porn store clerk in college, and I also dabbled in some local amateur photography. The nudie pics gave me so much more confidence, that I would never take it back!

Topic How often do you go pantyless?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:29

cant do it.. Feels weird. Did it once, and I just felt off the entire time...

Topic why do you wear a bra?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:26

I wear it because with out it, I feel weird.

Topic Ladies, what do you prefer when watching...?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:24

Gay or tranny... after working in a porn store for 3 years, anything straight really does nothing for me

Topic What would you do if you had a penis for a day?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:22

my "cock" would be in my hand, or some girls holes the entire time

Topic Deep Throat
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:21

I can, and do it whenever I want to impress the guy Im doing it to... If im not into it, or the sex isnt good, then Im not gonna give em my all!

Topic What stimulates you more?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:20

penetration during sex... Clit for masturbation.

Topic Ladies you must choose one.
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:19

Stripper... Random sex is to dangerous these days

Topic How often do you go pantyless?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:14

cant do it. I feel weird for one thing... And secondly I cum to often to not keep my pants clean during the day!

Topic Do you watch porn? How often?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:13

Yes, almost every day. I need a visual when I masturbate

Topic Come on my Face
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:12

i have rules... I dont let guys treat me like a slut. Therefore, I only let the people I like get to those points.... and most of the time when I ask them, or they ask and I agree... they usually just forget....

But depending on the situation... Yes I like it.

Topic Witnessing Another Female In Orgasm
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:10

Yes, I gave it to her! And it took me way to long to learn to enjoy it, so i dont think I would be a good teacher

Topic What has surprised you about A question for readers and writers alike.
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:08

how many people seem to be here just for the cybering. I got on to publish my erotica.

Topic Shaved or Unshaved
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:07


Topic Your man tells you he is gay
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:06

hurts, but cant change a person and what makes them happy.

Topic Which do you prefer.. Good Girl Or Bad Girl.
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:04

love9 Bad Girls do it better. LOL

Topic sex in a movie theater?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:02

its over rated... Its like paying for a place to fuck...

Topic Craziest place you have masturbated...
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:00

the back of a fire engine

Topic Favourite position?
Posted 24 Oct 2011 04:00

DOGGY!!!!!! angel7

Topic eating your own cum
Posted 24 Oct 2011 03:57

of course... if you dont like your own taste, then why think anyone else would?

Topic Ever think about getting together with a crossdresser?
Posted 23 Oct 2011 04:15

I would. I like the idea of a man being able to submit to his fem side. The problem? 99% of guys I come across (being in the fire service field) could never fathom, let alone imagine...Too bad.... :(

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 05 Oct 2011 15:18

Luke Bryan, Shake it for Mefish