A Night Out in the Cornfield

Leah Shows a New-Come Cowboy how to Fuck Her, Country Style...

***I apologize now, this story is a little longer then my usual ones. Hope it doesn't deter my fans from reading*** Leah walked into 'Double Deuce' all by herself that night. It was her favorite bar. In fact, she almost considered it a second home. She was known the all the bartenders, and the waitresses. The owner always said "Hello" to her when ever he saw her sitting at the bar. It was...Read On

Group Sex(4)


Just Like She Always Wanted

Leah Gets Four at Once

Leah was unusually nervous as she finished getting ready. She wasn't sure how she should dress for an occasion like this. She had been planning it for weeks, and now that the event was only a few hours away, she was in a horny panic. Her hand shook as she attempted to put on the finishing touches of her mascara, missing and leaving a black smudge on the corner of her eye. "Shit" she muttered...Read On


My 25th Birthday Present

Leah Gets What She Wants on her 25th Birthday

I was so excited for my 25th birthday. I decided I was going to celebrate with a bang, or should I say two? I had been single for the first time in years, and was ready to go wild and try something new.  I knew I had a date with two guys. Dan was 5’10", 170 lbs. He could use a few extra pounds on him, but he was surprisingly strong. He had dark brown hair, and chocolate eyes that pierced...Read On


The Girls Getaway Part I

Leah and Her Best Friend Escape to a Cabin in the Woods for a Unexpected Weekend of Fun

Leah was having a year from hell it seemed. Everything around her was going wrong, or falling apart. She wished she could escape it all. She wanted to get away. She needed to get away... Just for a little while. She suddenly remembered the cabin her aunt owned. It was a good 8 hour drive away, but well worth it. It was the perfect place to escape. It was out in the woods, on the side of...Read On


The Girls Getaway Part II

Leah and Her Best Friend Escape to a Cabin in the Woods for a Unexpected Weekend of Fun

Leah awoke the next morning with a hangover. She could tell she was laying in the hammock but after the night before, the person she was laying on could have been anyone. She lifted her head slowly and her eyes landed on Jake, her Luke Bryan look-a-like. She smiled and looked around. Veronica and Brantley were laying on the earth wrapped in a blanket, and Colton was passed out alone in the...Read On



Breaking in the New Probie

Leah Shows the New Girl How Things Work at the Fire Station

It was just before 0300 as Leah was backing the ambulance up into the firehouse bay. She and her crew had just returned from an accident call that took two and half hours to deal with. A truck full of teenagers were on their way home from a party, when they slid of the road and down the embankment on some old gravel back roads. They had five patients, all with significant injuries. They had...Read On


Green Eyes

A Lesbian Trist, but Was it Real?

Her long brown hair fell against my cheek as her rosy pink lips reached mine. I could feel her soft hands caressing up and down my back. I found my hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her body close to mine. She parts my lips with her tongue and for the first time, I actually taste how sweet she really is. She presses her lips into mine so hard I actually feel like she is swallowing my...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Hot for Teacher

Leah Gets a Unexpected Surprise from the EMS Teacher

Jasper Bounds looked awkward standing at the front of the class, staring down at the lesson he was about to teach. As the class sat in silence with their heads down taking a quiz, the instructor looked around intensely watching. Leah was sitting in the last row of seats in the far right corner of the room, watching as the EMT-to-Be's were taking the first quiz of the class. She felt...Read On

Straight Sex(17)


Banging in the Backwoods Part I

Leah Gets Wild in the Woods

I've known who Nick was since high school. He was shy, considered more on the nerdy side. He was in the band and played trombone. But after senior year he joined the Marines and was sent overseas to protect our country. I didn't see him or think much about him until a few years later when a friend of mine invited him to my apartment. "Wow..." was all I could think. The scrawny boy I...Read On


Banging in the Backwoods Part II

Leah Meets Up with Nick for Round Two...

I was waiting for time to pass so I could leave and meet Nick at the bar. I had twenty minutes, and the bar was literally a 4 minute drive from my house. My pussy was already dripping with anticipation from remembering the last time we were together. My mind flashed back to his truck out in the woods a few nights before. I went to the moment of when he was fucking me doggy style, and pulling...Read On


Fire Vs. Police

Leah faces off against some of the cops she works with

Leah wasn't sure what was wrong with her these days. It had been months since the last time she had sex. It wasn't that there weren't any offers or attempts from the opposite sex, she just wasn't interested. In the previous week, she turned down offers from two very attractive guys from her past, not even thinking twice. Nick had crawled so far into her head, that while she waited for him...Read On


Five Alarm Fire

Leah Gets Taken By the Lieutenant

When Lockhart stepped off the fire engine, I couldn’t help but stare. His shirt stuck to his chest with a mixture of sweat and water, showing every inch of definition of his bulging chest. His arms jut through the sleeves of his shirt like two powerful tree trucks through rock; the tattoos reaching from his neckline and shoulders, stretching across every free inch of skin covering his arms....Read On


Girls' Night in the City

Leah meets a cute stranger waiting in line for the bathroom

Leah fidgeted as she felt the soft bristles run across her right eyelid. She hated make-up, barely ever wore any unless she was on the prowl for a good time... or going out with the girls. Veronica was enjoying every minute of the torture and Leah could hear the pleasure in her voice every time Veronica yelled at her to sit still. She was all to aware of Leah's hatred for most things...Read On


He Won

A Meeting Under the Moonlight Shows Her Who is Better

It took a couple hours, but the phone finally vibrated in her pocket. The quick two second shock moved through her hips and up her spine, into her breasts, causing her nipples to harden. She knew who it was before she even reached towards her pocket.  A few minutes later, she pulled the phone from the rear pocket of her skin-tight jean-shorts, and hit the power save button. The message...Read On


Just What She Needed

A Rough Shift at the Firehouse Leads to a Soft Night by the Fireplace

The snow crunched under Leah's steel-toed EMS boots as she walked from the ambulance bay to her yellow Jeep. She avoided the slick ice patches spotting the parking lot, a rough task seeing as her mind was stuck thinking about the call she had over the weekend. Leah responded to her first gunshot call. She was the only one to see the patient. The patient was pronounced by the cops who went in...Read On


Leah's Long Distance Surprise - Part One

Leah and Nick Reconnect When She Surprises Him

I picked up my phone and was shocked to see a text from him. I wasn't sure if I'd hear from him at all... let alone so soon... After Nick left the state, moving 975 miles away; without seeing me as he had promised, I didn't put faith into him keeping in touch with me while he was away. But after a short 13 days of his departure, I got my first text from him. When I picked up my phone and saw...Read On


Not What She Expected

Leah Gets a Surprise From a Former Crew Member

Leah was drowning the last few gulps of her third Coors Lite when she saw Travis walk into the bar. He worked at the firehouse with her, and she couldn't stand him. He was cocky and arrogant; with a huge ego. He drove a fancy Cadillac and had a speedboat, that in the summer time, he used to pick up brainless, blonde, big-titted women. The kind of women that made Leah laugh. Yeah, they...Read On


The Bass Player

Leah gets the Bass Player

The concert was everything Leah was expecting, the usual good time with her best friend Veronica, some tasty drinks, music she liked, and hot band guys. The band played their usual crowd pleasers, and as usual Leah had pulled Vee to the front of the stage, placing them right in front of the bass player, Chris. He was 5'7 or so with dark, dirty blond hair. His eyes were a light brown and he...Read On


The Break-In

Leah Comes Home to Find That She Isn't Alone

She switched off the ignition and sat in her Jeep for a few moments, too tired to even open the door and get out. She laid her head on the headrest just for a few moments... when she opened her eyes it was an hour later. Leah finally mustered up the strength to walk to the house. Her feet kicked the gravel as she trudged towards the front door and groggily put her key in the lock and opened...Read On


The Break-In II

Leah Enjoys Round Two of Nick Taking Her Over

Nick had Leah on her knees, leaving her hands tied in the figure-eight of the belt wrapped around her wrists. He pushed her hips up high and wriggled his way back under her, pressing his face to her stomach and massaging her stomach with his lips. He kissed above her bellybutton, dragging his tongue down and pushing it into her navel, tickling Leah and making her giggle. Nick reached his...Read On


The Jersey

Leah Takes Her Frustration Out On Dan after Losing Game Three of the NHL Playoffs

Leah was sitting at the bar of her favorite drinking hole, the Double Deuce, watching game three of the NHL playoffs, Chicago Blackhawks versus Phoenix Coyotes. She was pissed when the game ended as Mikkel Boedker slipped the puck in during overtime, ending yet another exhausting (third) overtime in three games, and sending the Coyotes to a 3-2 victory over the Hawks in the first-round...Read On


The Lead Singer

Leah Bags the Singer of the Local Band

The firehouse was throwing their annual "Dance in the Streets" event. It was the 99th Anniversary and the department went all out. They hadbusiness'ssponsor the event from all over town. Restaurantsset up food tents, and the local bars all got together and put up a beer tent. They shut down one of the main side streets through town, and had two popular bands booked. Both bands were popular...Read On


The Lead Singer Part II

Leah's Night With the Local Band Boy Isn't Over

Leah lay in the motel bed staring at the lead singer she'd just bedded. She was well fucked and still wanted more. Jim felt her eyes on him and looked over at her. Her Irish skin was flushed and her lips were bright pink from the attention of his mouth. She looked adorable, laying naked in the bed, her pale breasts heaving in the dim light, smoke escaping between her swollen lips. Jim...Read On


The New Guy Proves his Worth

Leah Lets Loose at the Firehouse

Leah was getting used to the changes around the firehouse. She had been promoted to Lieutenant a few months ago and everyone was getting used to her new position, even her. Most of the guys were fine with her promotion, and respected her the same way. She was relieved when she saw that her relationships with her coworkers weren't affected. Other changes included the loss of 10 guys from...Read On


When I Was 17

It Took Me Four Years... But I Finally Got Him.

--This is a true account from my teenage years. It happened eight years ago, so it's a bit short and not as detailed as my usual musings. Still, I felt like sharing the experience with my readers.-- I'd already had a crush on Jason for the last four years. We grew up in the same neighborhood, but never really crossed paths until the tail end of him graduating High School. We were part of...Read On



Leah's Long Distance Surprise - Part Two

Leah Makes One of Nick's Fantasies Come True

After a few hours of romping on the farm with Nick, I finally left in the late afternoon to head back to the motel room to get ready for our night out... "The Big Surprise"... My heart was already pounding thinking about it on the drive back. I knew what I had planned, and how I saw it playing out, and I could only hope it would go as hoped. As I pictured it in my head, I dipped my hand into...Read On