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Topic Accents & Dialects Within Character Speech
Posted 06 Aug 2012 16:50

From my own experiences of submitting stories for publication on Lush.
I've found that the people who proof read the stories for accpetance or refusal will generally tell you to alter your story if dialoge has been set out in an accented way. IE, written out exactly how the words would have been spoken.
If you are putting a story up for acceptance it's probably best to explain the accent that the person would be speaking with then write the dialogue in "Queens" it's then up to the readers imagination how the person would be speaking.

Topic Do You Get Annoyed?
Posted 03 Aug 2012 16:58

I'm new to Lush so please be gentle with me!
Interesting subject which I'll certainly take on board of it it ever happens to me. My own opinion is that it is a bit off if a suggestion is made in the middle of a story/series, as no doubt the writer will have a plan already set out for that story or series.
However, if it is a "from scratch" suggestion then it can only be regarded as a compliment from somebody who likes your work but maybe can't put the idea into words themselves. Whether you would take up that suggestion of a story would be entirely your decision.
Personally I've done stuff for a bondage site where the photographer who runs the site has sent me a set of pictures from a shoot and basically said to me "Put a story to that lot, please" And I had a great deal of fun doing it that way, using my imagination to put a situation to the pics.
On a another level I wrote some stories for an amazing exhibitionist lady called Scarlet Cat, she loved the stories and adventures but we just didn't know what to do with them. Again, those came from her saying to me "OK, I Start off in a bar and meet and old freind and her husband.......go for it"
I would definitely take suggestions as a compliment. The worst case scenario is simply saying "No thanks", on the other hand they could have sowed the seeds in your head for a blockbuster!