Karen, wanting to know what good sex can be like

Karen. I had recently started a new job, you all know how that can be, getting to know the way the company works and also getting to know your new colleagues. The blokes were all okay, but, the office staff would take longer to get to know. I mentioned to one of my workmates that I had my eye on one of the girls in particular. "What's the small blond like?" I asked during our break...Read On


Is Three a Crowd ?

My name is Cheryl and I am thirty something, working for a large investment bank in the city. I’m 5’8 inches tall, have shoulder length brown hair, and a tidy figure that I work hard in the gym to keep in shape. I work very long hours and am very career minded so I don't have time for a normal relationship, just the occasional one night stand if it feels right. I finished work around...Read On



Mistress Karen

Mistress Karen gets her omn back

Following the last session when Karen was at my mercy, she vowed to make me pay for it, but weeks had gone by with nothing happening, so I figured she had given up. We spent the weekend together doing the usual things, shopping and pictures, and spent Sunday just relaxing. We were laying on the sofa, when Karen got up and left the room. I took no notice and carried on watching T.V. About...Read On


Karen's Turn

Karen find out what it's like

After our last session when Karen was playing a Dominatrix, I decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. I left a note on her windscreen as I left work. It read: My place “8.00pm. Don’t be late or you’ll regret it." She arrived promptly at 8.00.p.m. I let her in and locked the door behind her. We went into the living room. She turned around and kissed me. I grabbed her hair and forced...Read On



A Twist in The Tale - Part Two

Alan, and his wife enjoy Jo.

The rest of the day was consumed by work and we both relaxed a bit. Friday came around; Jo told me she would follow me home in her car so as not to arouse any suspicions in the office. Linda was waiting for us in the lounge; she was wearing a low cut top, a long skirt and sandals. “I’ve ordered in a takeaway, it should be here soon and then we can get down to business. Jo your rooms ready,...Read On


My First Time with a Man

A straight male tries sex with another man

Would you have sex with a man? That's the question that came up. Myself and four of my friends were having our usual get together. We meet once a month, usually at Matt’s place; we have some drinks, get drunk, and talk about all sorts of shit. He was the only one of us who was single. He's also the only one who's gay. We've all been friends since junior school, so we know that whatever goes...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Gang Bang

A Rich girl gets her wish

The party had been going for a few hours and was really starting to buzz, there was the tell -tale smell of weed in the air and a lot of people were high or drunk. I chatted with a few people and had got the brush off from one girl, so I went outside for some fresh air. There were as many people outside as there were in but at least the air was clean and smoke free. A couple were by the...Read On



I Am A Slut

The story of a Slut.

I am a Slut. I’ve known it from the first time I ever saw a cock. It gave me a thrill I’d never had before, a tingling through my entire body. When I saw my first cock I knew that I wanted it inside me, to suck it, to be filled by it. I’ve always looked older than my age, I think that’s why boys were always attracted to me and were always hitting on me. The thrill was even better when I...Read On




Janine's first time with a woman

First Time. Hi my name is Janine; I'm 32, 5 feet 4, divorced, single. I have long brown hair, and still have a very good figure with a flat belly and breasts that haven’t sagged yet. I work in a local shop full time. At weekends I get together with a friend, Sally, and we usually have a few drinks before we hit the local bars and clubs. It took me a while to start enjoying myself after...Read On



A Friend Of My Sons

Older woman takes her sons firend's virginity

My name is Elizabeth, Liz for short. I’m thirty eight years old, five feet, six inches tall, have 36c cup tits, a slim waist and a firm arse that I work hard to keep in shape. I swim four times a week and got to the gym three times, so my body is firm and toned. I couple of months ago I started having an affair with one of my son’s friends, Dean, who is eighteen years old. He’s a typical boy...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Three o'clock

boy meets girls, they have fun together

It's three o'clock in the afternoon and I'm already pissed. I've been in the pub for two hours. It's fairly quiet, there are only me and four other people. Two of them are girls around twenty-two or twenty-three. I’ve seen them here before, I think they're good looking, but I'm drunk, they could be real mingers. I go over to them and ask them if they would like a drink. "Two double...Read On



A Twist in The Tale - Part One

Wife catches husband and secretary.

My name is Alan and I've been married to Linda for 16 years. I work for a civil engineering firm and regularly travel all over the world overseeing projects. I've never cheated on my wife until recently. I hired a new girl as my P.A. My old P.A. left to start a family and it took quite a while to find a suitable replacement as I needed someone with an engineering background. The new girl, Jo...Read On

Straight Sex(2)



Two people fuck.

She walked towards me, her high heels clacking on the floor. I looked up from my book. I took a sharp intake of breath. The heels were accompanied by stockings, a wispy thong and a push up bra that was almost containing her full tits. I watched her walk towards me, a smile played around the corners of her mouth. I opened my mouth to speak but, she stopped me by placing a finger on my lips....Read On


Strangers from the Train

two strangers enjoy a love of sex and music

Travelling on the tube can be a right pain, but, it’s the best way to get to work. To make it more enjoyable I like to watch people, their mannerisms, and invent little fantasies about them. If you get the tube the same time every day you tend to see the same people so, it’s quite fun. There’s one bloke who I imagine as a very passive person, being dominated by a butch dominatrix. There’s...Read On



Mistress Karen chapter 1

Karen takes charge

I got the text at about 1.30 pm, it said: My place 7.30, don't be late... or else. Karen. Nothing odd about a text, but it was a bit cryptic. Knowing what Karen was like and how she had come out of her shell in the last few months was intriguing and I spent the rest of the day wondering what she had in mind, leaving me with a semi hard-on all afternoon. I got to her flat bang on 7:30 and...Read On



Jackie, Slut Wife

Jackie gets it from four guys

My wife, Jackie, well what can I tell you about her. She is 5 feet 3inches tall, has a 34c bust, a tiny waist, and long, shapely legs for her height. We've been married for seven years and have no kids; we decided that we didn't want a family a long time ago. We like the good things in life too much to give them up. Over the last few years our sex life had taken a bit of a dip, it’s still...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


My Best Friend's Wife

I have an affair with a friend

Just recently my wife Lucy and I hadn't been getting on. Neither of us were cheating, we'd just grown apart. We both realised what was happening and had tried to make a go of things, but, it's just wasn't working. We had a massive row, so I packed some things into a bag and left.  "Where are you going to stay?" asked my wife. "I don't know yet. I just know I can't stay here tonight. If...Read On