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Topic Would you be turned off if you were stronger than your man?
Posted 02 Jul 2012 19:56

Absolutley not I love being the alpha dog in a relationship if i was stronger than him that may even turn me on more

Topic Sex with another man while husband/partner watches?
Posted 02 Jul 2012 19:53

1) Do you ever fantasize about your husband/partner watching you have sex with another man? Sometimes I think it could be exhilerating to put on a show for him!
2) Would you really like it to happen? I wouldn't turn down an opportunity .
3) Has your husband/partner actually seen you have sex with another man? Sadly No

Topic Pay The Fine
Posted 02 Jul 2012 14:49

Smoked pot -- $10
Ever had sex at church -- $25 (confession booth whoops)
Woke up in the morning and did not know the person who was next to you -- $40
Done oral -- $5
Got oral -- $5
Done / got oral in a car while it was moving -- $25
Stole something -- $10 (damn these fines the thing I stole wasn't even worth $10)
Made a nasty home video -- $15
Had sex in the wild -- $20
Been in the same room while someone was having sex -- $25
Said you love someone but didn't mean it -- $25
Went streaking -- $5
Went streaking in broad daylight -- $15
Peed in the pool -- $0.50
Played spin the bottle -- $5
Done something you regret -- $20
Had sex with your best friend --$20
Had sex with someone you work with at work -- $25
Vandalized something -- $20
Been jumped -- $10
Crossed dressed -- $10
Given money to stripper -- $25 (I bought a lap dance once to see how the stripped would react, she gave me one)
Kissed some one who's name you didn't know -- $0.10
Hit on some one of the same sex while at work -- $15
Ever got drunk at work, or went to work while still drunk-- $20 (yeah i went to work in that awkward stage between still being drunk and being hungover once)
Used toys while having sex -- $30 (why is this fine so high i thought that was kind of a normal thing to do)
Got drunk, passed out and don't remember the night before-- $20
Went skinny dipping -- $5
Had sex in a pool -- $20
Kissed someone of the same sex -- $10
Had sex with someone of the same sex -- $20 (this should definitley not be a fine if had sex with someone of the opposite sex isn''t)
Cheated on your significant other -- $10
Masturbated -- $10
Lied to your mate -- $5
Lied to your mate about the sex being good -- $25


Topic Can you live with a guy?
Posted 30 Jun 2012 18:41

these stories could all make great erotica! someone should write the house hold that got broken!

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 30 Jun 2012 18:39

I love some of the things ppl r putting here made me laugh!

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 29 Jun 2012 20:04

if having a nice car is the difference between you getting some and you not getting any you are doing something wrong!

Topic Can you live with a guy?
Posted 29 Jun 2012 19:58

So I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other day who recently moved in with her boyfriend and she said something that caught me off guard; She said that it was a good thing that she and him were fucking otherwise living with him would have been unbearable. Do you think that it is possible to live with a guy without sex?

Topic Do you have a Dirty Mind?
Posted 28 Jun 2012 16:06

You're mind is so filthy... you should should be washing every part of you out with soap.
If your thoughts can go dirty, they do. Almost everything is NC-17 to you!

I don't think thats very accurate sure I have a dirty mind at times not a naive dumbass but i don't think everything is NC17 to me :(

Topic How do you deal with antisocial people?
Posted 28 Jun 2012 16:02

I leave them be if they don't want to be social thats their loss that might sound cold but i think half the anti social people out there are just doing it to get attention and pity invites and stuff.

Topic I hope I am not out of line...
Posted 28 Jun 2012 15:55

thanks so much for your thoughtful explination! I really was just curious not trying to be an ass! Lol

Topic I hope I am not out of line...
Posted 28 Jun 2012 15:17

I hope I am not out of line asking this but do people really live their lives like this? I have heard from friends and chatted with people who refer to master won't let me do this and master makes me do this and such during their everyday lives. Do you go about your life submitting to/ controlling another human being? or is this just something people get into in bed? I honestly want to know more about this lifestyle.


Topic Which is hotter.. first kiss or first fuck?
Posted 28 Jun 2012 15:12

The build up to either can make for a very steamy moment it depends on how long you wait i think

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 28 Jun 2012 14:54

this be hilarious

Topic Ladies, please dust off your measuring tapes.
Posted 27 Jun 2012 20:54

Mine are a little under an inch (about 2cm)

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 27 Jun 2012 20:50

never point out a person flaws, no matter how close you may be you are going to look like an asshole

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 27 Jun 2012 20:04

The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all - Harry Truman

Topic Ideal cup size
Posted 27 Jun 2012 19:56

32C too big? too small? just right? just wondering

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 27 Jun 2012 19:35

If you think your a know it all your not thinking

Topic how do i become a greeter
Posted 27 Jun 2012 19:32

I like to make people feel all warm and wet. I mean warm and fuzzy.:-"


Topic Hide Yourself
Posted 27 Jun 2012 07:29

i'd have to carefully pick a place i wldnt mind spending like the rest of my life in but it would also have to be a place with no extradition deals with the US

Topic can your guy masturbate?
Posted 27 Jun 2012 07:25

i'm fine with it i understand guys have needs and i know that i may not always want to help him out with those needs when he wants me too

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 27 Jun 2012 07:15

The clickaty clack of my coworkers keyboards

Topic how do i become a greeter
Posted 27 Jun 2012 07:05

i really appreciated the greeting mine was from someone named chefkathleen. it was really nice and made me feel all warm and welcome! thanks lush!

Topic Go Ahead Be A Know It All
Posted 26 Jun 2012 20:56

People on the internet always think they know everything and are very quick to give advice to others. Here is a place you can dole out as much advice a you like and not look like a know it all douce bag for doing so! What pearls of wisdom would you like to enlighten the people of lush with?

Topic The random thread
Posted 26 Jun 2012 20:54

new rules coming out of the blue suck!

Topic Songs that make you go GRRRRR - post songs you dislike here.
Posted 26 Jun 2012 20:53

Anything One Direction Sings and until Boyfriend, anything JBiebs Sung

Topic 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London
Posted 26 Jun 2012 20:22

Trampoline fo' sho'

Topic which actor would you date????
Posted 26 Jun 2012 20:17

ben stiller, Blue Steel makes my knees go weak lol! He's hot!

Topic What are you listening to right now?
Posted 26 Jun 2012 20:16

Cashin' Out by Ca$h Out he named his first single after his stage name or vise versa LOL!