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Summer showers

A chance encounter in the rain leads to an unexpected situation

Summer is fading fast, we are now at that time of year when here in Spain you often get temperatures over thirty with glorious sun at midday and then storms and quite a chilly evening. Last week I went out on my bike as I have often done over recent weeks, trying to do some exercise in the now cooler evening air. Over the summer I have had to go to the gym and exercise inside, where they at...Read On


Lesson Learned

Iris meets Lia again. Has Iris learned from the past?

Lessons Learned When I walked into the club for Gina’s bachelorette party, I was too frazzled from work to wonder who else might be there. I’d left the office closer to seven than six, ran home to change into my one appropriate dress, and now I was late. A broken chunk of sidewalk almost made me later, but I managed not to fall. I was sure I looked ridiculous as I stumbled towards the door,...Read On


Donna and: Nellie's Indiscretion, the Hat and Donna turns heterosexual

A little more of the continuing love story

Donna and Nellie’s Indiscretion I arrived late one evening at the pub which we always refer to as the Jill and Whistle. I was rather taken aback when I saw Nellie standing beside Donna. This would not normally arouse my indignation but on this occasion I was surprised because Nellie was holding the front of her skirt raised above her waist and Donna was staring intently at the revealed...Read On


Amy and Rachel at the Beach

This story follows 'Amy and Rachel Do That Thing'

Amy spotted the man watching them when the sun reflecting off the binoculars he held caught her eye. She wondered how much he could see. She didn't tell Rachel. She'd wait until Rachel finished. She glanced down the beach again to see if the man was still watching. He was. Standing there, ominous as a scarecrow, higher than them on the third-floor deck of an ultra-modern house four...Read On


Chapter 3: We share our love with others!

How we took out love to another level by sharing with another couple!

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end, and I had to be getting home as it was now around ten o'clock. I got dressed and when ready to leave, Linda walked me down to the building entrance. She took my arm and not much was said between us, we were both reluctant to leave each other. We stood in the doorway for a moment just looking at one another, I took her hand and said, "Thank...Read On


The waiting room

Waiting for the docters made more then pleasant - Written with lustmaven7

The story of Chloe and Ellen continues. I am Chloe, I am 5 ft 8 inches tall and have shoulder long brown curly hair and brown eyes. Ellen is a 6 ft brunette with dark brown eyes and shoulder long black hair. I am sitting in the waiting room of my physician to get a monthly check up, absently reading the magazines lying around. My mind wandered off in a daydream about what happened a...Read On


Amy and Rachel Do 'That Thing'

One girl's video is another girl's turn-on

"Really?" Rachel wrinkled her nose and said, "You made a video?" The girls had been casually discussing what Amy referred to as, “that thing,”—masturbating— as they lazed in the hot July sun in Amy’s backyard. Rachel was wearing a purple push-up bikini top, 32B, small, from Victoria’s Secret. The bottom was what Victoria’s Secret called a “Cheeky Hipkini”, maybe because of the amount...Read On


Donna and some more exploits

The humour is very English - I hope you get it!

Donna and Nellie’s Tits (again) One evening, while waiting for Donna in the pub I was chatting to Nellie at the bar. It was quiet and no other customers were there. Nellie was moaning about her chest again. She had, so she told me, been out to a posh family do the weekend before and one of her tits had made a bid for freedom while she was dancing. She explained that her frock had not...Read On


My sexy shoot

It had always been a fantasy of mine to have a professional naked photo-shoot. It might sound weird but I wanted to immortalize my body at its peak, so that when I grew old and shriveled I could look at pictures of me as a young, beautiful girl. The problem was to find a photographer I liked and trusted to do the shoot. First I didn’t want it to be a man taking my pictures. Second I didn’t...Read On


Our First Lesbian Experience

Best friends become more when watching an erotic lesbian movie.

I stroll down the aisle of my nearest sex shop, looking for some special new editions for what is to come tonight. I already have quite the sex toy collection, but none designed for two girls. Let me explain. About a week ago, I was on the phone with my best friend Lexi. We've been friends since babyhood, because our mothers were friends. Anyway, when we were talking, it was somehow brought...Read On



Two best friends explore each other's bodies in an attempt to have some midnight fun.

“N-No! Laura, stop!” I squirmed as I writhed around underneath her on the bed we shared. I had been over at her house for the weekend, sleepovers planned. It was late, nearly midnight, and we were playing like children on the bed, not like the mature, 19-year-old best friends we were. We were simply tickling each other until we couldn’t take it anymore. Her fingers worked endlessly on...Read On


Donna and Nellie's Tits, Global Warming and Moving In

Three more accounts of my love for Donna

Donna and Nellie’s Tits I arrived at the pub late one evening after a tense day at work. I found Donna sitting at ‘our’ table with Nellie who was wet eyed and sad looking. I enquired what was the matter. ‘I’m going to have them off,’ said Nellie. I was not clear what she meant. ‘My tits,’ she said, lifting them pointedly. ‘Nobody ever remembers Nellie the charming barmaid, just Nellie...Read On


Donna and Equality, Donna's Friend and Donna's Philosophy

Short episodes of conversation and love

Donna and Equality ‘If,’ said Donna, ‘all men are created equal, what about women?’ She had the ability to raise such matters at moments when I was not entirely able to reply, this time being engaged upon a mission to return a favour she had bestowed upon me earlier. Her thighs were clamped fairly tightly to my ears which made me unsure I had heard her correctly. I raised my head but...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Society for the Suppression of Vice

Sometimes your worst enemy is also your best friend...

London 13th January 1872 “I say, have you seen today’s copy of Leisure Hour ?” “No. Not as yet, George. Anything good?” “There’s an appeal from the Society for the Suppression of Vice.” The movement of whiskers suggested that they were hiding an amused smile as the owner of the curling lips leant forward and poured another generous measure of whisky into his glass. “Another...Read On


Caught Wet Handed Part 2

Commando? Can this girl get any sexier?

It is about eight o'clock and as I am swimming, I can’t help but let my mind wander off. Every second of that night is coursing through my mind now; the thought of Jenna's body pressed against mine that night in the locker room; when I picked her up and carried her to the bench to strip her of her bathing suit exposing her perfect body; the way she yelled out for me to fuck her as I licked...Read On

Recommended Read

Love, Three Ways

Being a lesbian doesn't mean you have to limit who you are willing to love

Sarah sank back into the deepest part of the sectional's corner, surrounded on all sides by the thick, overstuffed pillows. The soft cushions enveloped her naked body and embraced her feminine shape in the most decadent of ways. She sighed in anxious contentment as she nestled in more deeply, and then spread her thighs in seductive welcome as Monica began to climb up, cat like, between...Read On


Maude/Madeleine Part 13

Madeeine and Maria leave Mistress Pickles's house

In 1800 Maria and I were summonsed to Mistress Pickles. Jenkins, dressed in her customary Butler’s attire led us and stood in the corner as the Mistress bade us sit, then offered us sherry wine. We accepted and Jenkins served us most deferentially, offering us small glasses of the dry, Fino wine the Mistress favoured. ‘I have been discussing your future with Maria,’ she said to me and I felt...Read On


Lost in Lesbian Lust

a woman is reluctantly dominated by a neighbor lady

My neighbor Jan is thirty-seven, married with two teenage daughters. Her body is in excellent shape and I have always found her to be exceptionally attractive. Yet there was something much more about the way she affected me. I would find myself glued to my windows at times when I knew she would be going to or coming home from work, just to catch a glimpse of her. I knew this was weird but...Read On

Playing Footsie

I was waiting for my train ... she was distracting.

I am fixated with my foot. Apologies but that is an inaccurate generalisation. In truth I am fixated by the way my foot dangles midair. The contrast of deep red shoe against barely black fine hosiery, the sight of the small mole atop it visible through the fine denier, the twin curvature of the toe, and, most mentally seducing, is the way the tops of my toes tap against the inside of the...Read On


A Trip to NYC

I never knew spending the night in my best friends house would be so interesting....

I quickly packed up my clothes and sleeping bag for my week long stay in Payton's new house. She had invited me over after I had almost had an emotional breakdown after my year long relationship crumbled. Payton was my best friend all through high school and now in college it was no different. I hopped into my car and headed for the interstate, I wasn't happy about the two hour long drive up...Read On


Chapter 2: Graduation

How I missed my sister and Jenny.

I was thrilled to finally be graduating and finding a job so soon, of course it was only temporary pending the results of my final examinations. I didn't think I had anything to worry about, still you never know. Of course my employers wanted to make sure I'd passed, before making me a permanent employee. I had three weeks at home before I had to return to London to start my job, and...Read On


Amber's House

A first time with a friend

  I was visiting my friend Amber that night. Her roomate Kate was away at her boyfriend's house and we planned on getting together for a fun night of drinking and just enjoying each others company. Amber was cute, a blonde just like me, one of the many things we had in common. We were drinking and chatting away and as we became more and more inebriated, we decided to watch a film together....Read On


My working friend

Two young ladies talk about porn, as they handle porn, and one thing leads to another

My name is Kate, I'm 22 and I have long brown hair. I have decent B-cup rack, so I like to think I'm sexy. At least enough to make a woman think about switching teams. Although, I never thought I might actually do that. I had been working at a video store for two years by then, and there I had a casual friend, named Elizabeth. She was 23 and a brunette too. I never saw her outside of work, but...Read On

Audio version available

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Three

A Mutual Meeting Destination, Here We Come!

It’s been months since I've seen my Scottish playmate. I had the best time with her when I spent two weeks in Scotland. She showed me as much as she could when I was there. It was wonderful. I miss her and I’m ready to see what else we can get into. This time we've agreed to both travel. We've each been to our home countries and now want to go on holiday together. We talk endlessly where...Read On


Meeting Greta

A swim at the gym pool leads to an unexpected lesbian initiation.

I had just come from the swimming pool when I met Greta. Maybe that explains the way I reacted. Swimming has a magical effect on me. I get totally relaxed, even though I get tired. Being tired is actually part of the relaxation. All through my muscles I feel the sweet sense of rest. All the twitchiness is gone, the restlessness, the tension. And my mind is emptied too. What takes over is...Read On

Audio version available

Paula, My Little Scottish Playmate - Chapter Two

I Needed More Of My Scottish Playmate

I haven’t been able to keep my Scottish playmate out of my mind since I saw her last. It’s been a few months since she came to see me. It was everything I wanted and more. Though we still talk online, and tease each other greatly, it’s not the same. I’m about to surprise her. She doesn't know I booked a ticket and have come to Scotland to see her. I’m in my hotel that I booked for just...Read On


My friend

coming out to my friend

I'm Rosie and I'm 18, until recently I wasn't 100% sure I was a lesbian. I was slowly coming out to the ones I held close to my heart. I decided to text Kelly Saturday morning saying, ‘It’s been so long since we have caught up. I want us to have a sleep over’. We both agreed on a week from Saturday. I was so excited; it had been so long since we had seen each other. * I didn't have...Read On


Cunning Linguists

A little bit of lesbian love...

I was never happier than when giving head. You should know that. Whether I’m wrapping my lips around a dick, licking a pussy, deepthroating a hard cock, sucking on a clit, or taking a pair of balls in my mouth, I can never get enough. I had been particularly been looking forward to this one; I’d taken her home after catching her eye at the bar, buying her a drink or two, and very gently...Read On


Sexy Dress-up with Chloe

I've never had fun with a girl, always fantasized about it though, but could never get a girl to have fun with . Chloe was five foot six inches tall, with long red hair and the most amazing body you could ever think of. I met her through my other half. She was a friend of a friend and good fun to be around. We always went out together and had house parties which nearly always ended up...Read On


Fun with my girlfriend

My girlfriend treats me well when she comes over.

I was just laying in my bed, masturbating over some hot lesbian porn, when I heard the doorbell ring, I raced outside my bedroom, forgetting to pull up my short skirt as I pulled the door open wide. Luckily a cool breeze blew between my legs, stimulating my hot, wet pussy, and it reminded me of the lack of coverage, and I quickly pulled my skirt up from around my ankles, so it was just...Read On