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Sarah had been in Paris for some six months when, out of the blue, I received a call from her asking if she could come and stay with me at my apartment in Rome for a week or two. Of course I said yes. I had not seen Sarah since we left college in Chicago three years previously and went our separate ways. She, with the ultimate aim of becoming a writer, went to work for a small publishing...Read On


A Year From Hell

Two women, alone for different reasons, come together.

Lexie tilted her head back and drained the last of the beer from the glass bottle. Standing from her chair, she took a few steps forward and tossed the glass bottle into the plastic container sitting near the garage. After plopping back in her seat, she pulled out another beer. She twisted the cap off and dropped it in the cooler. Lexie leaned back in her lounger, closing her eyes to the...Read On


My Best Friend Gemma

I thought I'd lost her when I fell for her.

Gemma had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, my dearest confidant, my soul mate. When I discovered my sexuality as a teenager, she was the first person that I told about it. She never judged me any differently because of it. It had never crossed her mind how my orientation would have anything to do with our friendship. Gemma and I were the best of mates, and nothing could...Read On



It is the perfect echo of that day. Leaves on the lawn, gold and green. They lie where they fall, rich and restive, kissed by a cooling sun. Bare branches are once more braced against the snap. The world is huddling into itself. Warm breath finds cool air. An ice-blue sky with the flavour of mint. All is texture. Time is a flywheel whirring in reverse, whistling softly. Today I will take...Read On

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Two Dancers (from 'Light and Dark')

Annalise and Daniel have been married for six years but now she is alone again, as she has been so many times before, her wine-washed thoughts tumbling like kaleidoscope colours in a long, hollow chamber. She looks across the table to the chair he deserted over three hours ago, and reflects on the marriage he deserted long before that. The clock on the wall is whispering; a gentle ticking...Read On


It was just a one night stand with my best friend

She kissed me and I couldn't resist..

So, my friend and I were watching a horror movie, and we were cuddling on my bed. She was wrapped around me. Every time there was a scary part, though, she would squeeze into me, feeling me up. I turned to ask her something, and she kissed me. At first I was stunned and didn't move. She smiled and kissed me again. I kissed her back this time. I turned so that I was straddling her on top,...Read On


The Visitor

She wanted a new experience, and she got one. Katrina and her party loving friend look for some fun.

On her visit to her friend’s home city, Katrina was so bored that night because she had nothing planned. She was a brunette with majestic hybrid silver/hazel eyes. She wasn’t skinny but she had curves that guys drooled over. Contemplating where to go that night, she decided to do something she had never done before but had always thought of and had fantasies of in the back of her mind. She...Read On


Guest of Honor

One woman is shown exactly how much she is wanted.

Ashley knocked on the door of her friend's house and stood there waiting for Sandra to answer her. The window on the door was covered. Why? Ashley didn't know. When she heard the door opening, she looked up and saw Sandra stepping outside to greet her. Sandra gave her a quick hug and stepped back to look at her, her hands grasping each arm. "Thanks for coming over, Ashley. It's good to...Read On


Extreme Measures

Two women who should be enemies are linked by much more.

Gwen walked out onto the balcony and looked down at the citythat she was assigned to protect. She had always done her job well. Nothing ever stopped her from completing a mission that she had been assigned to, until now. Gwen took a drink of her wine and closed her eyes as it slid down her throat. The wind up here around Megan’s isolated home was strong enough that Gwen could feel it blow...Read On


Nameless Mistress Pt. 2

She has already disobeyed, and it's not even been a whole morning..

"I thought I told you to be quiet!" my Mistress exclaimed as I collapsed on the bed. She roughly pulled the big dildo out of me, looking at me strictly. "That is not going to go unpunished, slave. How dare you disobey me like that?" She pulled me up, turned me around so I was lying on my back. "Are you satisfied yet? You seemed insatiable yesterday, I'm sure your pussy is just longing ...Read On


Nameless Mistress

A woman finds herself in another woman's bed, learning of an arrangement they'd made last night.

I groaned as the sound of an alarm reached my eardrums. It seemed to be the sound of my own alarm, though I was pretty sure that it was Saturday and I had no reason to get up. Regardless, I reached for my nightstand to turn the damn thing off, only to find that there wasn't a night stand? Really? Had I done it again? I heard some rustling next to me, then the alarm stopped, upon which I...Read On



A willngness is all it takes.

It was probably a mistake. One of those classic errors in judgment she would come to regret. But, as always, she couldn't resist. TSA precheck status. Limited chance of being caught. And she was so ready to try it out. A recent gift from her girlfriend, the one she was going to see so wouldn't that be a nice surprise for her. And one for herself as well. Everything well well,...Read On

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A Monumental Affair

An overnight trek amidst spectacular scenery leads to the most sensual of massages

The unparalleled panorama of staggeringly beautiful scenery was nearly lost in the heat haze that shimmered off the tarmac as we made our way steadily along route US163. Fortunately Lucy was driving, allowing me to soak up the views from the car window as the landscape, completely overwhelming in both its majesty and its size, swept serenely by. Lucy and I had arrived in Las Vegas five...Read On


Silent Love 2

Diana and Emma continue to find ways to please each other.

Diane and Emma had spent the rest of the second day staring at each other and stealing touches when they could. But they had no real opportunity to be close until the afternoon of the third day. After lunch was their private time. Each person was to find a place on the island away from everyone else and spend the time in quiet reflection. Counselors would make rounds around the island checking...Read On


Sex With a Stranger Ch. 3

Two women decide not to have casual sex anymore.

AJ signed the bottom of the paper and stood up. She collected all of her personal items from the desk and placed them in her bag. She had a week's vacation left to take, and AJ was going to take it before her transfer. She hadn't told anyone she was transferring out, not even Olivia. It had been approved by the higher powers, and she had been told to tell Captain Miller immediately. AJ...Read On


Afterschool Lesson

Finally learning something important in school.

It was my senior year in high school. Still being a virgin, I began questioning my sexuality. I wanted to find that perfect relationship, where we liked each other, yet enjoyed the naughty in life. I liked guys alright - I guess - I just never saw it going anywhere. To be honest, they kind of freaked me out. Often times I was at the end of all of their attention. A month before...Read On


All Play and No Work

Two ladies fuck in ones office after she teased her girlfriend with nudes.

God, Taeria was going to pay for this later, and she knew it. Scrolling through her phone's gallery under the mahogany table she was sat at during a business meeting, her pink lips twisted into a small smirk. She finally found a good picture, a small giggle building its way up inside her throat as she pressed it. Her fingers then found the "Share through Messaging" button, and found...Read On


The Next Year - Chapter 7 - Two Girls One Dildo Part 2

Expanding my bisexual tendancies

I have to admit I was a little shocked by all this. I had known Trina for nearly seven years and although she can be a pushy bitch at times, I never expected this. As my head was forced downward I turned my body and threw my leg over Trina’s torso straddling her. I could smell the hot juices coming from Trina’s pussy. I looked down to inspect the source. Her pussy was clean shaven, her...Read On


Silent Love

On a retreat of silent meditation, two women discover different ways to communicate

Diane laid back on her mat with her arms straight down at her sides. Her eyes were closed, her breathing deep and soulful. She tried to clear her mind and listen to the sounds of nature around her. Other women lay around her, each on their own mat, trying to find the deep, peaceful meditation within themselves. Occasionally, the soft, smooth voice of the instructor would offer soothing words...Read On


The Next Year - Chapter 6 - Two Girls One Dildo

My friend was so jealous, she needed some attention.

Vincent and I agreed over lunch that although fun, we needed to find a new place to smoke weed and fuck, so that we didn’t get in trouble, or become the neighborhood show. After lunch Vincent dropped me off at school, and went to go replenish his stash. I gave him a long wet kiss good-bye before I climbed out of the car, and headed to my next class. “Slow down, you speed walkin’...Read On


An Evening With Amelia

A young girl, fresh out of college, meets a fascinating older woman.

My first job after college was with a large accounting firm in Philadelphia. Shortly after I had started, they sent me to a week long training class in Atlanta. It was interesting and good to meet people from other parts of the country. The week went quickly until Friday. Being new to the business world, I was not aware of the unwritten rule that offsite classes and meeting always end at noon...Read On


The Shoot

A divorced woman takes her photo shoot to the next level.

It is always like this, she stays last. Not because she loses track of time. No. There is just not a lot to go home to. A long time ago her husband and her agreed to stay together until the youngest of their three children turned eighteen. When that day had finally come they got divorced and now this is her, alone. The day of the divorce she didn’t even feel sad, she felt it was a logical...Read On


Help me, please?

Maya gets home from another unsatisfactory date and asks for help..

I woke up in the middle of the night. It wasn’t without reason, however: it was due to the fact that my roommate had apparently come home. That hadn’t awoken me, however. What had was the sound coming from her laptop, which she had facing herself. Moans, quite as usual. If only she could keep the volume down. “Maya,” I groaned, glaring at her. “Go watch your porn somewhere else, I want...Read On

The Glassing of Elf Girl

A night out goes wrong and someone has to pay.

I am dreaming. I am looking down at my pink 'All-Stars' as they float over wet paving slabs. I stand at the curbside then step out into the road. BANG. I wake with a jolt, chest heaving, my body glistening in cold icy sweat. 'Fricking stress dream.' I tell myself. Beth hasn't stirred. Her forehead pressed against my neck, lips touching my shoulder, breathing across my collarbone. On my back...Read On


Business and Pleasure

A young business owner learns why her partner sleeps around.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch me,” Denise said as she gripped the gash in her arm. “We have got to get the bleeding stopped before you pass out or something.” Blake grabbed a towel and tossed it at Denise’s head. She hadn’t meant to hurt Denise, not really. But she was able to piss Blake off quicker than anyone, and this time, Blake had just lost it. “Wrap the damn towel around it. I’ll...Read On


A History of Women

Carly learns what it's like to be with another girl

“Have you ever been with another woman?” Miranda asked. Carly looked up from her homework. “I’m sorry?” “Have you ever been with another woman?” her friend repeated. Carly stared at her. “Um, no… Why do you ask?” Miranda shrugged, “Just wondering, really. I haven’t, but I’ve though about it. You know me, there isn’t much I haven’t done. Threesomes, foursomes, but usually no...Read On


Rachel Fucking the Neighbor

Rachel, seduces the next door neighbor after a fight that leaves her neighbor wit a black eye.

One night I was designing some toys with my computer so that I could print them with the 3D printer that I ‘borrowed’ from work. I could hear my neighbors fighting in a loud argument. By the sounds of it, it was over money. I knew that my neighbors, Erica and her boyfriend Scott, were having a hard time. After about fifteen minutes the argument subsided and I got back to designing my toys. ...Read On


More Than Expected

When Kim's physical therapist shows up, she helps Kim with more than just walking.

Kim opened the door to let the woman in and then wheeled herself out of the way. When the woman was clear of the door, she gave it a shove with her hand and slammed it shut. The woman turned and looked down at her with a disappointed look on her face. “You must be Kim. I was warned that you might be a handful.” She placed her bag on the couch and looked back over at Kim. “I’m Lara, and I’ll...Read On


Bacall 1

I meet a celebrity lookalike

I had fancied her for a lifetime. When I was a girl my dad always rattled on about Lauren Bacall, the actress who was married to Humphrey Bogart. I am nearly an expert on her since he spent so much time telling me about her. It was not until I was a developing 16 year old that I began to see what he saw and then I would often, I mean very often, jill my way to sleep imagining her. I am...Read On


My boyfriend's sister pays me a visit

You can't avoid your desires forever

I sat on my couch just in my matching pink bra and thong set, masturbating on a Saturday night. My fingers were between my pussy lips and thrusting calmly. Moans exited my mouth as thoughts of Carrie and Colleen kept running through my mind. How they made me just go with the flow and receive a lot of physical and emotional pleasure. My hand became drenched in only a couple seconds as my...Read On