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Chapter One: My Friend Carrie's Beginnings

How a lady helped me get back on my feet with kindness and love.

My name is Carrie and I was the product of a very well-to-do family. I was one of four siblings who were raised by extremely strict parents. After all we were the upper classes, and not expected to mingle with those below us. I was a plump girl, fat actually and not particularly attractive. At least that’s what I came to believe, although once away from home and with the help of make-up and...Read On


Fuck Biscuit

Linda Woodhead's Monday is so weird it makes her head spin

It didn’t feel like Monday morning but that was what Linda Woodhead’s bedside clock was telling her. Linda hated Monday mornings. It always seemed so rude to be dragged out of bed by her alarm after two days of blissful lie-ins. But this Monday morning was different, which was the cause of Linda’s confusion. She was awake and felt energised. Even though her alarm wasn’t scheduled to go off...Read On


Blondie Makes A Choice

This Seems To Be What We Both Need

She rolls on top of me, kissing me softly, a light giggle in her throat. We're both far too drunk, due to having the shittiest day. The place we work claims they are downsizing, letting go way too many employees to help with costs. Since we are some of the newer people hired, we're being let go. I found her in the ladies room, crying and punching the door to the stall. “It took me months...Read On


Carla Buys A House Chapter Two

Carla decides she is in love.

Carla drummed her fingernails on the desk beside her phone as she wrestled with her conscience. Alice’s message had been clear. The weekend was looming on the horizon, and she and Gerald wanted Carla to come out and play. But Carla‘s memory of Doris’ spanking was still so fresh and vivid. Just thinking of it, she could feel herself beginning to swell, and she needed to open and close her...Read On

Recommended Read

Settle For Nothing, Part 2

Written with the naughtiest nurse, Dianna Breeze.

“No!” Jasmine thrashed, trying to disentangle her arms from her own tank top as Randy sat back up. Her lover shoved beside her, grabbed the wheel, and slammed on the brake just as Jasmine wrenched a hand free to smack against the dash so she wouldn’t fall again. Randy palmed the shifter and maneuvered it back in place. She stared at the steering wheel, her face frozen. Unblinking. It...Read On


Danni - Part 2

The day after we kissed

I just about skipped home. I'd never felt so exhilarated in my life. Danni had always been my best friend. Now she was teetering on the brink of being my lover. My mind was filled with the unspoken joy of holding hands with her, the kisses we had shared and the touch of her hands over my back. It had all felt incredible and I couldn't wait until I saw her again. I went to bed smiling and...Read On


Run to the West Pt.3

Do Erika and Elsa escape or are they caught?

Erika Hoffmann spent the next day, Sunday, alone as Elsa was scheduled to work so she busied herself with cleaning and tidying her apartment. After she had gone she didn't want anyone saying she was dirty and untidy. She would probably never see Eisenach again but that didn't matter. Besides, she didn't want to stop and think about what may happen on Thursday. She would worry about that enough...Read On


Run to the West Pt2

Erika and Elsa find they are in love and plan their escape

Erika Hoffmann closed her arms even more tightly around her friend, her lover, and let the last vestiges of her orgasm slowly dissipate. So much emotion flooded through her, so much understanding of why she was still single and why Elsa Schröder was her only friend. Now she knew this moment had been destined from the start, maybe even why Helmut had been taken from her so cruelly. She...Read On

Series Award

Settle for Nothing, Part 1

written with the insatiable Dianna Breeze, aka Dirty_D

“Bitch is about like tits on a bull. Fuckin’ worthless.” The redneck’s slurred voice carried to Jasmine as she poured his next beer. Fuckers . She swirled the glass in her hand, foam circling the edges of the dark liquid. Daring her. Smiling, she swished her tongue in her mouth, gathering a thick dollop of saliva, and spat in the drink. She swirled it once more, letting it cling to...Read On


Two Go Wild in Benidorm Once More

A fem's introduction to scissoring

Dappled shafts of afternoon sunshine light up the woodland glade where two women lie sleeping naked on a towel. Doreen - dark-haired and gamine - wakes first. She rises and quietly packs the remains of their picnic into a large cold box. Then she returns to the sleeping figure of Barbara, stoops down and gently kisses one shoulder. "Taxi will be here in 20 minutes, Babs." They dress and...Read On


Run to the West Pt. 1

Two friends on the wrong side of the fence become inseperable.

Erika Hoffmann was afraid as she walked through the dark, rain soaked streets of Eisenach, a small town just inside the border of East Germany. She should not have been out at this hour, ninety minutes after the curfew of ten o’clock which had been imposed in January. The soviet rulers had been worried about people attempting to escape to the west and if she was caught by the Stasi who...Read On


My wife's daughter: Second half

Callie, and Riley have some more fun.

I was actually having sex with my cute step daughter. It was odd, but pleasurable. Then she asked if she could return the favor, by eating me out. What could I say, she had me defenseless. I was just laying there ever so steadily, and then she began undoing my shorts. She let my green thong make an appearance, and it was go time. 'Would I completely regret letting this happen', that was the...Read On


My Fantasy

This is a short story describing my fantasy of having a lesbian experience.

I closed my eyes as I felt the surge of wetness between my legs. She took one of my ankles and tied it to the bottom bedpost, then took my left leg and tied it to the other bedpost. My legs were spread wide open and I had nothing to please myself with. I was beginning to grow impatient. I twisted and knotted the bed sheet in my hand, clenching my pussy walls as drops of perspiration beaded...Read On


A First Time

Lacy sighed as she watched her best friend hunt for the perfect mascara. The other girl had already picked up at least seven different tubes and not one measured up to what she wanted. Lacy was trying to be helpful, but she honestly didn't know what Gaby was after. Plus Lacy had a bad tendency to daydream when she was around her BFF. Her imagination ran wild, mostly due to her libido. Lacy...Read On



Two women meet for the first time and become more than just friends

It was a beautiful, hot summer afternoon, just after midday as I strolled through the trees. The sunlight fell though the branches in beams, shimmering through the leaves as they moved gently in the light breeze. Beneath my feet the dead twigs cracked and rustled as I walked, deep in thought. I should have been happy but even though the sun was bright and warming, and the birds twittered...Read On


An Evening at the Beach

A short idealistic sensual date

It's a warm day of early summer. The sun's shining and occasional perfectly white clouds glide in the sky. The beach is a large, isolated one with birch trees lining the sand. We arrive at the end of a dirt road that leads to the beach, park the car and hop out. There are a few other cars, I count five. I look at my watch, it's six thirty. “We're right on time.” I grab the towels and...Read On


Chelle's Secrets: To New Friends

While enjoying another day off, Michelle has an unexpected first.

"What, no boyfriend today?" Rebecca asked Michelle, her expressive face a mask of sincere concern. The blonde had been lounging lazily on one of the chairs by the community pool, wearing the same tiny green bikini that she'd wore the first time they met. Once she saw Michelle walk through the gate she had excitedly sprung up in the chair, greeting the brunette with a hug that one might...Read On


My wife's daughter: First half

A short history, and an older woman bonding with her step daughter

My name is Callie, and I'm thirty-seven. I have red hair, and I have B-cup boobs. I think you'd like to know that, I'm a lesbian. I've actually never had sex with a man. I first had sex with my best friend, Amanda. It was when I was seventeen, and she was eighteen. At first, we didn't really know what we were doing. Although, we liked it enough to try it again. After a few friendly sex...Read On


Jenny and Rachel

A true love story of two college co-eds.

I was a freshman in college when I met Jenny. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was putting the covers on the bed I had chosen in the dorm room when she arrived. She was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt with no bra. Her red hair, which came down to her waist, contracted perfectly with her blue eyes. “Oh, I was hoping to get the bed by the window,” she said. “You can have it,”...Read On


You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 2

It had been two weeks since my fantasy came true.

It had been two weeks since Jennifer had made me her pet. Just thinking about that afternoon made me moist. I wondered when I would get to play with her again. I wondered about her boyfriend too. I was sitting in my office daydreaming about Jennifer when my office door burst open. Jennifer turned and locked my door then she reached under her skirt and peeled off her panties. She tossed them...Read On


After the Art Class - Teri

Teri the model and I become lovers

‘Do you fancy a drink?’ It was the end of another art class, the last of that term in fact. Isobel had made her apologies for a quick getaway and I had been hoping she might take me home with her. Perhaps I looked crestfallen. Teri, the model, tapped me on the shoulder. ‘I said, do you fancy a drink?’ ‘I’m really sorry, I didn’t realise you were talking to me.’ She smiled,...Read On


Positive Thinking

A little pushing from her online mistress helps Katie realize her kinky desires

“I don’t think I ever could, Mistress.” My fingers flitted across the keyboard, my bottom lip captured tightly between my front teeth. “So you’re comfortable with spending your life in the closet, admiring girls from the far and settling into a relationship with a guy you’ll not even like that much, just to keep up with the illusion, little one?” That was cruel, stabbing her finger into...Read On


Never Cheat at Truth or Dare - Chapter 2

Penny receives her punishment spanking - and a few big 'O's along the way...

Volunteering for two hundred spanks! I could now be sure that I was ape-shit crazy, and when a giggling Jen confirmed that thought, I realised that I had spoken it out loud. “How are we going to do it?” asked a chipper Mandy from across the room, where she was just locking away my diary. “Over the knee?” “However you like,” Liz answered with a grin, “though having her on all fours on the...Read On


Wake up call with a twist

I love waking up to her beside me and waking her up

I've always been an early riser. As soon as the sun breaches over the tree line, it dances in through the window and instantly warms me. The sun kisses my skin and wakes me up to a brand new day. I usually lounge in bed, with the sheets down around my waist, enjoying the natural warmth. In the summer, the window stays open through the night, and in the morning a cool breeze moves through the...Read On


Two Go Wild in Benidorm Again

A fem's introduction to watersports

On a bright sunny morning in a seafront apartment in Benidorm, two women are busily preparing a picnic for a day on the beach. Less than five weeks before, Doreen had arrived in Spain to visit her old friend Barbara, seeking solace after a messy divorce. That solace soon blossomed into a passionate affair which has been a sexual revelation for the once-staid visitor. It has also...Read On



Will my best friend like me like I like her?

I think I was certain already and had been for some time. I suppose it was just to finally test myself when I decided to kiss the two guys. The kisses were about two weeks apart but I knew after the first one that I was sure of what I'd been feeling for years. I'm not sure why I tried again with the second guy but as this was something that would affect the rest of my life, I guess I had to...Read On


Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

The events at Intime

Lauren broke our kiss, her hands on my upper arms and gently pushed me away. Her eyes wandered over me. ‘Perfect. I love the blouse – just right. Well done.’ She pulled me back for a deeper, hungrier kiss and once again her hands roamed over my arse but not once did she seem to want to check the jewel was in place as she had instructed. ‘Now you must come to our table. We have two...Read On



Waiting for Lauren

Sunday Morning It was almost 2.30 in the morning when Lauren told me a cab would be waiting outside the Grant to take me home. How did she know? I hadn’t heard her make a call. I dressed, putting my skirt and blouse on over my stockings and collecting my coat. As I was about to leave she called me back into the bedroom of her suite and I found her standing. She took me in her arms and...Read On



An unexpected 'phone call leads to complex emotions

Although there was no sign outside to advertise it, the place was called 'Intime.' It was tucked away in a quiet street. The street was tree lined with Georgian style lamposts which cast a yellow light on the damp pavement. There was no traffic and few footfalls. My taxi stopped outside. I paid the cabby and stepped out into the cool evening air and hesitated momentarily. I looked at the...Read On


Chapter 6: I meet a friend of mothers!

During mothers visit I meet a friend of hers!

Watching mother drive away had made me feel down, what had happened between us made me realise I was indeed a lesbian. To have lesbian feelings was one thing, to act on them was something so few women did. In those days, so few women came out as it was dangerous to let others know. It could cost one their job, as well as being shunned by friends and family. To have an incestuous...Read On