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A Night at Fudruckers

Come to the bathroom with me..

It was a Friday night, about 11:00 p.m. Ashley and I had gone out for a dance with some friends of ours. She was so beautiful; she had on tennis shoes, jeans that hugged her perfect ass just right, and a shirt that was tight, but not too tight. We had pulled into Fudruckers for a quick burger before we went home. All of us ordered our food and sat down. Ashley and I sat on the side just the...Read On


That's What Friends are For

Denise has some fun while her husband is at work.

Denise wrapped her mouth around Cory’s firm cock with a sigh. She sucked lightly then licked around the head a few times as Scott moved to her rhythm. He moved closer to her with her head half in his lap and his back on the headboard. They were oddly straddled on the bed since Scott was underneath her while she road him in time with sucking Cory’s cock. Denise felt the cool lube as...Read On


Waking up to Her Part II

I would recommend reading Waking up to Her, but it's not necessary to understand this chapter.

I woke up to her in my arms cuddling on the couch. We were watching One Missed Call together - she scared easily so I liked watching scary movies with her, it just gave me an excuse to hold her. She was like a dream. Her hair was in a mess due to not brushing it today (it was 5:00 p.m.), she was wearing her college tee shirt which was way too big for her, and her eyes looked simply magical....Read On

Curiosity at it's Finest

I explain my attraction to one of my old friends, Miriam, and our experience together one night.

I've always been a little curious about my sexuality. I have a boyfriend whom I love and find very attractive. But yet I find my self wondering what it would be like to be with a girl. I have this attraction to women that I can't get over. Don't get me wrong, I have an extremely good sex life with my boyfriend and we always have amazing sex, but being with a girl has always sparked...Read On


Perception is reality

A series of short stories that revolve around a not so happy couple. Part 1: the Wife

Meeting Jim was great, he wasn't even afraid of dating a woman with a child. That’s impressive for a 23 year old guy, but maybe he thought he had a ready made family, or maybe he saw a lady with a kid as a slut who obviously fucks without condoms. All I know is, he was great in the beginning. Financial problems, and the fact that he held onto 2 jobs, went to school, and interned at a...Read On


Shopping trip to remember - Part One

A shopping trip with friends took a surprising turn.

Lucy, Julie and I were all eighteen and it was the summer after our senior year. Since we would be off to college in the fall we wanted to go out with a bang. We were at the mall in the next town over when we walked into a lingerie store so Julie could buy something for her and her boyfriend. Julie was more modest so we went with her to help. Lucy was walking around and found a display...Read On


Angela - Part Two - Breakfast in Bed

The second night in Paris

My boss, Angela and I had become lovers during a business trip to France. It had always been a rule of mine never to mix work and romance but in her case the two were inseparable. She was a fabulous lover and after that first night in the Hotel du Roi our trip of three days became a mix of meetings, dinners and bed. I woke up the morning after our arrival still in her bed. I woke up because...Read On


Wife's lesbian fantasies come true

My husband watches as I feel a lady's touch for the very first time...

I can’t believe where I am and what we’re about to be doing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d be lying on this four poster bed in this gorgeous hotel deep in the Dorset countryside. To be honest, never in my wildest fantasies did I think that I was the kind of girl ever to agree to something like this! But the crazy thing is I don’t mind that I’m here. I don’t mind that I’ve...Read On


Angela - Part One - Chocolate

A new job and a new start

I almost whooped when I got the letter.  There was I, single, 30 and jobless following the collapse of the company where I had worked as PA to the Managing Director. He was a sweet man, fifty or so and devotedly married to a woman of sixty who had borne him three deeply loved daughters. I almost became a part of his family, welcomed by wife and children and accepted. The day I received...Read On


Friends get closer

Julie was persuaded her friend was straight but she was wrong.

Friends get closer Hi I'm Julie and here I was again, alone in my bed. I had just woken from one of the most erotic dreams I have ever had, rolling over onto my back I could feel the dampness between my legs and the pull of my top on my erect nipples. I slowly turned to sit up in my bed and had the quilt bunch up next to me as I sat. I lived with one of my closest friends and she was...Read On


Watching My Girlfriend In Her Room

Dylan, Elin and Steve were friends. This Saturday Elin became a woman, bi-sexual and squirted.

I am Steve and I have an interesting story to tell about how I watched my girlfriend one afternoon, masturbate and have sex with her best friend Elin. I had been dating Dylan for about 6 months. She was a very sexual young lady. We were both 22, seniors in college studying Computer Science. Dylan was tall about 5 feet 9 inches with a slim build. She was a natural blond with very short...Read On


Through My Lens

a local photographer meets an unforgettful client

Through My Lens I became a photographer several years ago. I’ve always loved taking pictures but one day I was taking pictures of my niece and thought about going public with it. I made a Facebook page to advertise my business and pretty soon I was getting bookings left and right. One day my office phone rang and I answered it. On the other end was the sweetest sounding voice I had ever...Read On


my sweet little ami

This is for you, ami.

You jerk awake in a panic. You aren't sure what woke you butyou feel something is wrong. You open your eyes but everything is pitch black around you and you aren't sure you've opened your eyes. You move your hands to touch your face but can't move your hand more than a few inches. You start to really be afraid when you realize you are tied to the bed. All your muscles tense in fear and...Read On


My best friend Jenna

A day with Jenna, what could go wrong?

"Mmm, yeah baby, fuck me!" I moaned into my pillow as I slid my dildo in and out of my tight little pussy. Suddenly I hear a knock at my door, which is closed thank god, that scares the crap out of me. "Sweety, dinner's ready." "Alright, thanks, mom," I reply. I get up from my bed and walk over to dresser to put some clothes back on and hide my dildo. I see my reflexion in my full...Read On


True Confessions: Intimate Touches Part 2

Horny pregnant wife goes in for prenatal exam and has sex with doctor.

What had happened between Jessy and I that Saturday forced me to accept the fact that my husband had never been able to satisfy me sexually, not even before I became pregnant and my hormones started running amok. That was more my fault than his because I married a man thirty years older. Believe it or not, I was still a virgin when I married him a few weeks after graduating from high school. ...Read On


Twist of Fate Part 3

Part 3! Comment and let know if I should continue the saga or not..

Jessi and John had become my two best friends and together with Julie, we continued having as much fun as we possibly could in our sophomore year of college. We became sex fiends, doing it with each other whenever we saw any opportunity. This is a recounted story that Julie described to me one night after the two of us had had our fun for the night. She had told me just her and Jessi had...Read On


Be Gentle

My dearest friend Beth came by last week and wanted to confide in me a secret. I was so excited to see her as it had been 25 years since we last saw each other at our high school graduation. I had always had a crush on Beth as she was a raven beauty and her seductive smile was so radiant. As I watched her pull in my driveway, I experienced butterflies like I did in school. She could always...Read On


Adventures of Olivia Chapter 3

Lexi introduces Olivia to the Lesbian World.

The next morning, I woke up to find Lexi snoring on her bed. Eric wasn't there anymore but the sheets were all over the place and Lexi was sprawled all over her bed, at least she was wearing her pajamas. I mostly read magazines out in the balcony but my mind kept on wandering to how I was sitting on the same seat where Lexi and Eric had sex. In reward, my pussy throbbed and leaked because...Read On


Raven's Victory Party pt2

If you have not read the first part please do and let me know what you all think, thanks!

Standing around me in a semi-circle was a half dozen naked girls of all shapes color and sizes. My pussy, that had recently been ravished by Haley my captain and the girl of my dreams, instantly began to flow with my juices. Staring into the eyes of my teammates with a look of both astonishment and confusion, I could not move from the floor where Haley had left me. Shea another one of...Read On

New Era, New Life

I’ve always been a shy girl. It is difficult for me to approach people, and start talking to them. I feel this kind of difficulty the most, when I’m at school. In fact, I have no friends at school. I always sit alone in the cafeteria during lunch breaks, while my classmates are talking to each other. There is a girl named Alice among my classmates who I like. I’m giving her the eye, but...Read On


I want Her so Badly Part 1

My secret desire for a close friend.

She is the epitome of sexy; her short black hair, those piercing light green eyes, her thin 5"8 frame with soft subtle curves at her ass and chest. I want to ravish her. She looks over at me and smiles. "Hey, Em, I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll be right back, 'kay?" "All right," I say smiling back. I watch as she walks towards her bathroom, that cute ass swaying. It kills me knowing I...Read On


Bondage can be fun

Sara never saw it coming.

Rob and Sara had always enjoyed a great sex life. They had fun with every part of the Karma Sutra, sometimes twice. They had made home movies, even wife swapped with other couples when they were away on holidays. But Sara wanted try sex with a woman, without Rob there to begin with. She was afraid of letting the other girl down, and what happened if the other girl only wanted Rob? Rob knew...Read On


Raven's Victory Party pt1

This is a story based on my own experience names have been changed.

"Hey, Raven, are you coming out with us tonight?" I looked up from my locker where I was putting away my things to see my teammate who is also my roomate, Shea, wrapped in a towel. Shea was a bouncy brunette with a carefree attitude. She was a really nice girl with almost an elfish look to her with her creamy skin and big doe brown eyes and a small splash of freckles across her button nose....Read On


Montreal 2

How I was to meet others in a lesbian bar and club.

The following day being a Sunday, and as I had no plans for the day I kind of took stock of my situation. I had to admit to myself again that I not only liked the slutty life, but actually preferred it to the vanilla lifestyle. My ex husband had introduced me to it over the years, and we kind of lived a double life. Sex with him had been good, we did it in every imaginable way an in a...Read On


A long time coming

It turned out to be a great start to the Year. I had managed to lure my crush into bed!

Even though I was in a fun, loving relationship, there was always a part of me that seemed to look elsewhere. It had been over a year and a half that Rose and I had been seeing each other, however over the last few months there didn't seem to be that same raw sexual attraction that there used to be. I began to notice other women, and would find myself day dreaming of them and what I would...Read On


In Germany

You have the perfect hair color-the color is a hue between magenta and blood red. Your black leather jacket looks great on you. I see you as a very handsome woman. Usually I don’t get turned on by masculine figures, but you are an exception. I met you on a trip. It was a student exchange program. You were the mom of my exchange student. The student himself looked like a sissy. I understood...Read On



How this lady was seduced by another woman.

The It was in the late nineties, 1998 to be exact and I was living in a small apartment in downtown Montreal. I'd been divorced now for over three years after 25 years of marriage. Thankfully my kids had been out of the nest and living on their own at the time of my divorce. Some think I was lucky as after my husband had taken off with a much, much younger woman, as I was left with everything....Read On


A Mother Pleases Her Loving Husband/Master - Part VII

I love pleasing my loving husband/master and will always make every effort to do so

If you have followed my week's activities you already know that I still have not fully completed the tasks my loving husband assigned to me before I left him last Sunday. I still have one more lunch seduction to do and after this morning's events I look forward to finding the perfect woman to have a little girlie fun with. Friday - November 9, 2012 continued: After arriving at work I...Read On


One Suite Cruise Pt. 2

Ginger's vacation continues....

When I woke up the next morning, I stretched and the blanket fell away from my naked breasts, nipples stiffening in the cool air of my cabin. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room, recalling the events of yesterday. Dawn, the sexy brunette who liked to be tied up... and that sexy blonde with the devil-may-care attitude and flirty smile. Choices, choices.... "Well," I said out loud...Read On


Experience at the Yoga Class: Bukkake Bath

I thought Ceenie's nipples were going to pop off of her breasts after Sandy blasted them with precise aim of her streaming fluid. For a moment, I could tell that Ceenie thought Sandy had peed on her, but it was definitely orgasmic liquid. The way it shot out and lasted just a few seconds was proof it was cum. Nicole high-fived Sandy after they had both released their hot centers on both of...Read On