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One Suite Cruise

Ginger really needed a vaction. Just a little down time. What she got was even better....

I needed a vacation big time. The problem was, I never had the cash to do something big. Fortunately, I'd recently made a small fortune doing a private party. I was the only girl their dancing and there were great tippers there. Thanks to that party, I had enough to book myself a cabin for a two-week cruise to The Bahamas. As I looked up at the magnificent ship moored at the docks, I...Read On


Read To Me

“I have a proposal for you, babe.” I glanced up from my laptop, the internet open to LushStories, with what must have been a hopeful look on my face, judging from her amused chuckle. I was chatting with a dear friend, teasing him, more properly, as I usually did with my sexual exploits which always made him somewhat uncomfortable. “Does it involve me being naked?” I mumbled, my toes...Read On


Strangers In The Sauna

Just a short little public sex story, nothing too amazing. Warning: it`s rushed

I left to go to the gym after work. I intended on toning up my abs some more and getting stronger. I was already in shape but could really use some muscle work. I wore a purple sports bra and black spandex shorts. I threw my towel down and hopped on a machine. "Hey, Bridgette," Brittany, my friend I see around here, greeted me. "Oh hey," I smiled. She was pouring sweat and it glistened...Read On


Wearing Sexy Stockings Can Lead to Wonderful Surprises

My love for sexy stockings leads to my first lesbian experience

As long as I can remember I have loved wearing sexy lingerie. I felt that being able to wear sexy lacy items was part of my right as a sexy woman. I especially love stockings and garter belts. Although I wear pantyhose at times, I prefer stockings. My favorite brand is Wolford but I wear others. I love the feel of wearing them and the looks I get from men and some women. I love the stares I...Read On


Beatrice Takes Pictures Of Bianca

Beatrice takes some sexy pictures of her best friend, Bianca, to give to Bianca's boyfriend, Drake.

Beatrice was my best friend. She was short and petite with a curvy waist, hazel eyes and long, brown hair and very beautiful. I was average height, thin with a big 32DD chest and an ass, dyed red hair and blue eyes. I usually wore makeup and she barely wore any. She had natural beauty. She was over at my house and we were discussing our boyfriends. She admitted she was unhappy with hers...Read On


Jay's New Girlfriend

Jay and I just broke up. He started dating Alicia. Alica and I got along pretty well...

I had dated Jay for while but we decided to break up. I moved onto a friend of mine but he and I also just broke up because we felt awkward after being friends for so long.  Jay had moved on so quickly and it pissed me off. He and I had been broken up for only a week before he started dating this girl Alicia. It made me mad because she was actually cute! I at least waited a month before...Read On


Cary and Crystal: College Roommates

I walked into my dorm and my roommate, Cary, was on her laptop. The outlet to charge her laptop was too far over on her bed so she was sitting on mine. "Hi, Crystal," she smiled. She was a very cute girl. Beautiful, intelligent, and athletic. She had a small muscular build to her. I ended up developing a crush on her over the last couple months we've been living together. I'm bisexual,...Read On


She Thinks She's Gay

Aaron tells her bicurious friend, Beth, she thinks she might be a lesbian

I only met Aaron once before today. A mutual friend of ours wanted to hang out- the three of us, but she ended up bailing. So now Aaron is at my house just the two of us and I barely know her. I must admit though, she's quite sexy. Her firm,toned arms exposed in a black tank top. I could see the shape of her breast and figured she wasn't wearing a bra. The outline of her nipples...Read On


Do Absolutely ANYTHING

Services are requested of a woman who will 'do absolutely ANYTHING', absolutely anything can happen.

As I was walking home to my apartment, I saw a woman holding a sign. She wasn't promoting some nearby business, but she wasn't homeless either. As I neared her, I noticed two things. The first thing- she was fucking gorgeous. Her hair was long, onyx and sleek like the coat of a panther. Her legs were tanned, and seemingly endless. Her littleblue dress left little to the imagination with...Read On


A Blonde, a Brunette, and a Redhead Walk out of a Strip Club

Please read Personal Professionals Vol. 2: The VIP Treatment before reading this one. It'll help.

As I watched the two girls walk out of the strip club, Ginger following after them a few minutes later, I knew there would be a story worth hearing. Just as Ginger was passing the door I was standing beside, I stopped her for a moment with my hand on her arm. "Hey, Ginny," I began in a low enough voice that only she and I could hear, "you've gotta tell me about this one tomorrow." I grinned...Read On


My Maria Scene 5

Maria and Cal come clean. CC shows Maria who wins. We are off to Berkeley.

It was Thursday, Maria and I had a date to go to Berkeley looking in some art galleries. Maria called and was running late, but said the door was open and I should come over. I drove to her house, parked in the driveway and entered. She was not downstairs, so I walked up to the second floor. I heard the shower running in the master bedroom. I had never been in her bedroom and walked...Read On


Cabin Fever

We take a drive in the country to a place we have never gone before for the weekend. We drive deep into a wooded forest and pull up to a stone cottage.  You begin putting away the groceries and I begin lighting a fire in the den to take the chill out of the air. I take in the bags placing them in a hidden bedroom, pulling the door closed tightly behind me. You wonder perhaps what I am...Read On



my first story, go gentle.

Some friends and I were sitting around, drinking and getting bored when somebody suggested “Truth or Dare”. “What do you think this is, Jr. High?” my oh so sophisticated friend, Allison asked. We all laughed at that. We where just barely in our twenties, but we thought we where so grown and mature. “What are you afraid of?” Jake asked. “You got some secrets to hide?” “Of course not,”...Read On


Alone In The Locker Room

I was very bicurious and my lesbian friend seduced me in the locker room

I walked into the change room with my friend a few minutes after the girls in the class had already entered. The wonderful bodies of all the women in my class were already covered up and on their way out the door. The sight of the girls half naked started making me curious of what it would be like to be with a girl sexually. I guess it's normal to be curious at my age. I was turning 18...Read On

The Right Side of Forty: A Midlife Reawakening Based on True Events

After a divorce, a college professor learns the joys of lesbian sex in this triangle of love.

Chapter 1: Reuniting I faintly remember coming to this house thirty something years ago for play dates when I was allowed and then a few times with my mother to visit during the holidays and different occasions, but I never realized her family called this side entrance the “back” door. Karen did say over the phone to come to the back door near the driveway. And she was right about the...Read On


Personal Professionals Vol. 2: The VIP Treatment

Written for the lovely Gingerwald.

I once spent a short time working in a "gentlemen's club" as a bouncer. Not because I'm particularly large, but because I'm strong enough to calm down the drunks if necessary. I had the pleasure of working in this club with a lovely girl named Ginger. She was the most popular stripper in the place and it's not hard to see why. She stood 5'8" and had long red hair all the way down to an ass...Read On



I heard a knock on the front door, and I rushed to answer it. Of course, I already knew who it was. Her black hair spilled out over her black hoodie covered shoulders, her pale skin darkened under her green eyes. My mouth stretched into a smile as I opened the door, my cheeks automatically flushing. Her grandparents had already drove away, leaving us completely alone. She stepped...Read On


Two for Tennis

Two girls discovering a new side of their relationship

Two for Tennis -  Episode One – Discovering the unexpected On Wednesday afternoon, I usually take off to play some tennis with friends at the local sports club. It’s a nice group, we usually have lots of fun and its great to get the body in shape and fit again. One of the girls I play tennis with often is Elin. Elin is a beautiful young blonde girl, unfortunately straight. She...Read On


Anna's Dream

Could this be a reality?

Boom, boom, boom,ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp  Boom, boom, boom, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp Boom, boom, boom, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp… Fucking shit, she thought. It’s 9 P.M. on a Sunday night and people have real jobs where they need sleep in order to function the next day? This is just ridiculous! I’ve got to get some sleep! ...Read On


Picnic and Pictures

Picnic and pictures I couldn't stop thinking about what happened in the park yesterday; how she felt, tasted, andsounded as she came. I could still smell her as I feel asleep last night. I woke up with her on my mind. As I laid there trying to wake up I heard my alert on my phone, letting me know I had an email. I reluctantly got up and checked it. It was she. She said that I was all...Read On


Friends with benefits 2

As we were talking, I could not help staring at her breasts, which were DD...

I went out to supper with an old friend of the family; she was my mom’s age and still looked about as good as a twenty year old. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant, and caught up on things that we had missed in the others life. As we were talking, I could not help staring at her breasts, which were DD, and nearly spilling out of her tight top she was wearing. I thought to myself how much...Read On


Waking up to Her

I looked at her body, just lying there, still asleep. I sighed smiling. It’s such a wonderful feeling to know she’s mine now. We’ve been together since we were teenagers, but now we’re out of college and living together. She sleeps naked now. I can see every groove in her body. Damn, she’s so sexy, it’s unreal! I can feel myself getting wet just looking at her body. The blankets that...Read On


The Derek Thompson Plan part 1

Kayley and I plan how to fuck Derek

“Good practice ladies! I’ll see you tomorrow” Coach Barbra Jones yelled as she walked into her office. “I love conditioning practices” Kayley said, slapping my ass as I bent over to get my towel from the bottom of my locker. Her slap stung my ass even through my shorts and spandex. I looked up over my shoulder at her, admiring her body. Kayley was standing behind me, naked, with a...Read On


Maude/Madeleine Part 12

Maria and Madeleine entertain a guest together

I may have given the impression that all in Mistress Pickles’ household was, as it were, idyllic. It would, I now conjecture, be naïve to assume that a house full of women such as it was would be so. In fact there were tensions. Not all the ladies were as pleasant as Maria or Bella. There were times of great boredom and we were somewhat restricted because of the necessary secrecy surrounding...Read On


My sexy best friend

She was beautiful and I was glad to call her my best friend

Angel's glistening green eyes stared a me. She was quite beautiful and I was glad to call her my best friend. We hadn't been hanging around very long, just a semester or so but our personalities matched up and we started handing around all the time. She told me she had made out with a girl before, but I didn't judge because so had I. I had no feelings for her and didn't worry about...Read On


A Teacher's Discipline, Part Two

High school teacher Emily Ayers explores lesbian pleasures with her student turned lover Sandy.

Reading Part One before delving into this second chapter is strongly encouraged.) ***** Emily nibbled at Sandy's lower lip as she guided the girl onto her back, gently lowering her body onto the sixteen-year-old's slighter form without breaking their kiss. She fondled the student's bottom, fingers delving between her thighs to lightly brush Sandy's vulva as they kissed, their...Read On


A Teacher's Discipline, Part One

A lesbian teacher deals with a wayward student in a severe yet quite pleasurable fashion...

Firmly clutching the strap of her shoulder bag, sixteen-year-old Sandy Ratledge hesitantly made her way down a hallway deep in the heart of Crestwood, the elite private school she attended. The last class of the day had ended fifteen minutes earlier, and this part of the building, where the faculty offices were located, was all but deserted. Sandy halted before one particular door, pausing...Read On


Donna and the Fish and Donna's Insecurity

Two more revelations of the delicious Donna

Donna and the Fish ‘It’s all a matter of juxtaposition.’ Donna looked exquisite. It was another exhibition at her gallery and she was wearing a beautiful pair of black, high cut trousers supported by red braces over a white shirt beneath which was a white, silk camisole. When earlier I had commented how beautiful she looked, she said, ‘I have to conceal my nipples, College. If...Read On


Hotel California

Nikki gets an invitation from a stranger on the train.

This is my first story. Please enjoy! (All places and people in this story are fictional.) Nikki Redson grew up in Oatville, Nevada, near the California border. She's 19, 5'2, has 36D breasts, and long black hair. To her family, she was a good girl. Good grades, good at sports, and still a virgin. Her family was wrong. When Nikki was 16, she got sick of saving her cherry for whoever she...Read On


Hosting My First Formal Dinner

Lillian, Catherine and I enjoy a lovely night together.

Now I was looking forward to the Saturday evening dinner, Lillian had accepted my invitation sounding very pleased, she asked if there was anything she could bring. "No" I said, "Just bring yourself we have more than anything we might need, we're looking forward to seeing you again." Catherine was just as excited as I was to be having a guest in for a formal dinner, so I told her to make a...Read On