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The Last Flight

Air Stewardess Karen embarks on a flight to remember.

“Good morning, Karen.” I turned and saw the suave middle aged pilot approaching me, along with his co-pilot, strolling nonchalantly across the departure lounge. “Ah, good morning Captain Anderson,” I replied, flashing him my sweetest smile. “A beautiful morning.” “Yes, it is indeed,” he agreed. “Should be a good flight.” I had been a stewardess for six years and I loved every minute...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

"I can be sweet too." She gave me a shy smile, another odd look for her, "I can be whatever you want me to be." "I... What do you mean?" "Amber, you know I told you I had three gifts for you?" "Yeah, I kind of lost track the second one was so good." I turned my head, placing my face level with her breasts and kissed her nipple. I smiled at how comfortable that move was and kissed her...Read On


Sex in the Wild-part 2-A sexy alliance

Elise joins a powerful alliance and has some sexy threesome fun.

Last time I didn't get to introduce you to all the contestants. There are eleven contestants not counting me. There are only two males this year. All the contestants are between the ages of eighteen and twenty six except one person who is thirty five. Percy is the name of one of the boys. He has black hair. His eyes are green like seaweed. He has an athletic body. He has the body of a...Read On


The Fire Dancer

A belly dancer seduces a young woman with her hypnotic moves.

It was a chilly night on a beautiful, secluded, space of beach, only known to local's eyes. A gathering had been announced among the young. Kimberly had received an invite from a close friend. She was in need of a night of fun. Upon arriving her eyes lit up with wonder. As she walked along, she saw many young adults laughing, chatting, smiles all around. Romance, love, lust. The aura of the...Read On


Girls' Night

We give new meaning to the term 'Girls' Night'.

“Yes, you most definitely should come over for a movie night, Alice,” I say as I reposition the phone on my shoulder. “Bryan is working late tonight and I will be lonely.” “Sounds good to me, I’ll bring over some chick flicks,” Alice squeaks happily. “Perfect, I’ll see you around 5 and we can pig out on some pizza,” I giggle. “See you then!” Click. I’ve been looking forward to...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Nine

Sarah cut me off in mid sentence when she pushed me down on the bed and just about attacked my tits. She sucked not just my nipple, but a good portion of my small breast into her mouth. I lay there moaning as I watched her devour my tit and Sarah grabbed the other, fondling it while alternately licking and sucking my nipple. Her eyes were closed and there was a look of bliss on her face...Read On


Carla's Party

Debbie makes a friend at a party

Every year my old college friend Carla hosts her naughty party. It’s loosely themed on Christmas, but it can occur at any point in December. It just depends on when the most friends are available. Each year Carla will send out the invites and include the rules of the year. Last year everyone had to wear red undies. The year before it was fishnet stockings. This year it was a pearl thong....Read On


Friday Afternoon

Can anyone please explain to me why a twenty four year old supposed heterosexual female would fall head over heels in love with a forty four year old married woman? It just doesn't make sense in any logical way, shape or form. I mean there was no compatibility on the face of it. I was an outgoing person always out doing something and she was married, home loving and liked baking. She, I say...Read On


More Than a Latte

More Than a Latte Every Thursday I go to my favorite coffee shop nearby and treat myself a latte. I found a table, order a latte; staring at the fountain outside, and listening to the splashing of the fountain. So peace, so warm, so inviting. Suddenly a shape appears before me. There she is; a tall, slim, long dark hair, blue eyes, with a sharp figure. The woman I have been admiring...Read On


She was looking at me

Finding out what I wanted

The bar I had been told about, my friend said it was where butch women go to find lipstick. ‘They are not all nice,’ she had warned but didn’t elaborate. I’d ordered a gin and tonic from the dyke behind the counter. She eyed me up and down, served my drink without comment and took my money. The bar was busy. A lot of women, some, like me in dresses, some in jeans, some in good suits,...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Eight

"Oh, fuck!" I called out as my pussy contracted around her still moving fingers and I bucked against her. "That's it cum for me, baby!" Sarah purred in my ear, "God your pussy's so fucking hot!" Even as I squealed and writhed in throes of what was the best orgasm of my life, I kept my eyes on the mirror and the sight of Sarah's hand still working my pussy and my tits being fondled by...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Seven

After Sarah's sudden move on Amber, Amber is left feeling let down...and angry. but can that change?

"What the fuck, Sarah?" I demanded as I pulled my shirt back up. My heart was pounding and I was trying to catch my breath. I had gone from seconds away from exploding to pissed off and embarrassed. "I...I was...trying to make you feel good," she said, sitting up next to me. "Just trying to help." "I didn't need any help and touched me!" "Technically I sucked you." She...Read On


My girlfriend's step sister joins us

As they're busted, how does Nancy react?

As Nancy's voice leaped into the airwaves, we both looked up and saw her standing in front of the shower completely naked. Her hands were on the shower curtain bar, and her facial muscles displayed a smile as her head was aimed down at us. "My two favorite ladies on the planet in the bathtub naked together, now this is hot," Nancy mentioned, bending down toward us, and then her knees met...Read On


The Hot Pussy Bonus Was a Delight

She’d booked at a spa and got a lovely surprise

Em’s whole body was buzzing. At that particular point she was midway through a two-hour massage at a discreet little spa on a Thai island where she was staying on an extended business trip. It was a place a new girlfriend had recommended. It catered only for women. Em had asked for a masseuse this time but she thought she might go back for a masseur later. Being massaged naked by a man...Read On

Recommended Read

A Teutonic Temptation

A passionate affair at a romantic spa retreat set amidst a snowy landscape of fairytale castles.

Friday Katie The Lufthansa 737 hurtled down London Gatwick's north easterly runway, its two turbofan engines effortlessly propelling it off the tarmac and into the bright blue winter sky. Once airborne, it slowly banked to the right, pointing its nose out over the North Sea towards the Low Countries and our eventual destination of Munich, which lay just ninety minutes away down the...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Six

With Sarahs burst of sexual energy, can Amber stop her? or will she give in to the temptation...

"Um, what are you doing?" I asked nervously. "Enjoying the movie," she said without looking at me. "That's what they're for." "N...not with someone else." I heard squealing coming from the TV, but couldn't take my eyes off of Sarah's slender fingers stroking the black material between her thighs. Like her toes, every other finger was painted red and green. "All the time." She continued...Read On


Who Loses, Wins

Staying in is the new going out!

I was readying myself to jump out of the shower, when Celine wandered into my bathroom. “Ah, just in time. Pass me a towel, will you? I forgot to grab one before getting in," I asked her. “Good thing I’m here as usual or you’d be parading around butt naked, dripping water all over the place,” she retorted, whilst nonetheless wiggling her firm little cheeks over to the cupboard where I...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Five

With an awkward early evening for Amber, maybe the later part of the night wont be so bad...

I looked at myself in the mirror again. I did look pretty good, good enough that it wouldn't be an issue to attract a woman, but I was already aware it was me, not my appearance, keeping me from exploring things. Sarah stepped up behind me and pulled my hair from the back of the shirt and placed it over my shoulders and top of my chest. "Very nice." She said in my ear, "And those big doe...Read On


My Education

A young girl coming of age with a beautiful professor

I went to class that morning in a bad mood. Some students in the apartment next to mine had decided to ring in the school year with a big bash, and I had barely slept all night. At my polite request to keep the music down, several drunken frat boys had urged me to join the party. I almost considered it, but their leering gazes and sloppy attempts at flirtation made me a little sick and...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Four

This part is purely story based; no sex is involved, only sexual references and the occasional strip

Sarah's mom still struggled and if not for a full scholarship she wouldn't even be in school. Sarah had taken a train up for the summer where she had returned part time at the restaurant she waitressed at to make money for the upcoming semester and to spend time with me and some other friends. But she had no money right now and her mother didn't have enough to bring her up here for...Read On


Student Days: More than friends

Mel and Lucy prepare for a night out, but get a little side tracked.

My name is Mel. I made the decision to experiment and become as promiscuous as I could when I left my religious home for University across the country. This a story about my unexpected first time with a woman. - After we met down in the basement, Lucy and I became good friends very quickly, and we were finally going out for a night on the town. She had invited me to her flat for a...Read On


The Elevator

A woman catching an elevator gets more than she bargained for.

It was late when I arrived at the hotel. My feet were sore from walking and standing all day at the exhibition. My purse was now full of business cards of new contacts that I had met at the cookware exhibition and extravaganza. I was exhausted and took my pumps off and carried them in my free hand as I walked across the lobby to the elevators. The doors to one of them were starting to...Read On


Winter Flame

An outcast among her family, Cora finally has the Christmas of her dreams.

Christmas, 2015. Canada had an exceptionally cold holiday season that year. The Scarlet family, however, spent it as they always did: in the relative warmth of their large log house. In the evening, everyone in the family was gathered together around the tree in the living room, opening their presents, even some extended family. That is, everyone except for seventeen year old Cora. Cora...Read On


Rachel Fucking the Intern

Rachel seduces the Intern that she is teaching at work.

One day as I got into work, my boss Tom called me into his office. When I entered, he said,"We’re bringing in a new college intern. Her name is Lauren, and we need you to train her as much as you can. You’re the best we got and if I could I would just clone 100 of you, but I can’t." “Sir, I'll do everything I can," I hesitantly replied, "but I don't think I'm the best teacher. I think...Read On



A dutiful wife wants more from life

“Darling,we have a problem,” I said to William, my husband, as we rested after a moderately satisfying lovemaking session. “I feel boxed in. Our marriage, kids, work, house, all have become too small for me. I need be me.” “Who else do you want you be? You’re my wife, for god’s sake.” “I am more than just your fucking wife.” “Who else can you be, Norma?” “I don’t like normal,...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Three

after that invigorating orgasm due to her dreams, Amber takes a trip back in time to when it started

I shook my head; damn my mind was one track these days. A few months ago the thought of sucking a guy's cock and him giving me a good hard fuck would have me wet. Now it was the thought of Lexi, or at this point, any girl's tits, pussy and tongue that got me hot and bothered. Hard to believe this had all started from a trip to visit Sarah during spring break back in April. Unlike me, Sarah...Read On

Recommended Read


Sarah had been in Paris for some six months when, out of the blue, I received a call from her asking if she could come and stay with me at my apartment in Rome for a week or two. Of course I said yes. I had not seen Sarah since we left college in Chicago three years previously and went our separate ways. She, with the ultimate aim of becoming a writer, went to work for a small publishing...Read On


A Very Merry Christmas - Part Two

Amber is feeling more alone than ever... but is she really?

I looked up at the sound of a knock. "Amber, can I come in?" Lexi called out. "One sec!" As soon as she'd left. I'd taken my jeans and panties off and slipped under the covers to give myself some relief and replay a much better version of what had happened between us just now. I sat up and had kicked the covers off when the door opened and Lexi came in. "Hey, I said wait!" I...Read On


A Year From Hell

Two women, alone for different reasons, come together.

Lexie tilted her head back and drained the last of the beer from the glass bottle. Standing from her chair, she took a few steps forward and tossed the glass bottle into the plastic container sitting near the garage. After plopping back in her seat, she pulled out another beer. She twisted the cap off and dropped it in the cooler. Lexie leaned back in her lounger, closing her eyes to the...Read On


My Best Friend Gemma

I thought I'd lost her when I fell for her.

Gemma had been my best friend for as long as I could remember, my dearest confidant, my soul mate. When I discovered my sexuality as a teenager, she was the first person that I told about it. She never judged me any differently because of it. It had never crossed her mind how my orientation would have anything to do with our friendship. Gemma and I were the best of mates, and nothing could...Read On