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The Gathering - Part 4

Lacey finds herself fucked doggie style by Sandra wearing a strap-on, while Julie masturbates.

Lacey soon found herself getting into the wonderful new world, all thanks to her best friend, Julie. In the past couple of hours, she'd found herself being seduced, to some degree, in having her pussy licked out twice by two different women, while also discovering the pleasure of eating out another woman for the first time. Lately, she'd just experienced a mind-numbing orgasm from Amanda,...Read On


A Flight of Fancy

Mackenzie certainly made up for the lack of in-flight entertainment.....

“Christ, are we ever going to get on board?” My heart sank, eyes rolled and shoulders slumped forward. Molly wasn’t happy. Again. Molly had been my best friend since school but knows how to moan with the best of them and saw my role as her best friend as more a sounding board for her gripes and perceived slights than anything else these days. We moved forward another step. The line...Read On


The Gathering - Part 3

Lacey finds herself being fingered to orgasm while relaxing in the pool at the sex party gathering.

Candice's ass cheeks shook in her tight blue underwear, as she waddled her way down the stairs. Trish stared upon the way Candice's ass wobbled side to side, while pulling gently on Lacey's hand who followed closely behind. All three were heading beneath the mansion they were at, approaching Alladin's secret cave below. Before the doors opened, Lacey heard the noises. Voices, all female, and...Read On


The Gathering: Part 2

Lacey finds herself both on the receiving end and giving end of an oral sandwich.

Lacey lay upon the bed, having experienced one of the best orgasms she'd ever felt, even if it was by a woman. As the door opened, Candice appeared and was about to excuse herself to leave when Trish invited her to stay and join in. Lacey was too exhausted to argue, the warm rush still spreading through her body. Candice closed the door behind her and then turned to look at Trish kneeling...Read On


The Season - Sylvie Skis Val d'Isere - Chapter 2

Sylvie gets put to the test in the chalet...

Maynor's whole group had arrived now and Sylvie felt like she'd hardly seen him since he'd fucked her in the gondola the previous morning. Five guys and five girls. Of those, there were two straight couples and one male couple, which seemed to leave three single girls for Maynor - and they all looked like glamour models. Presley, Aayla and Leia. Fucking sounded like models too. ...Read On


The Gathering - Part 1

Lacey gets invited to a party and uncovers a whole new world she'd never experienced.

Lacey sat in the passenger side of the car as it drove up the long, winding drive. She soon set eyes upon the large building in front. More mansion than large house, set upon it's own private estate of several acres of land. Accompanying her on this journey was Julie, one of her best friends who'd persuaded her to join her for this little gathering, as she called it. Just months ago,...Read On


Anna and Sam. Chapter 8.

Lies, damned lies and...

Helping me to my feet, Philip waited patiently whilst I got comfortable on my crutches then walked slowly ahead of me, making sure there were no chair legs to trip me up. As we passed the counter I paused and said to the waitress, “Sorry about the cup and thanks for this,” holding up my hand. “Oh don’t worry about the cup,” She answered, “and you are very welcome. I hope we see you...Read On



A short story showing Laurel's control over her lesbian lover.

Sandy quivered helplessly in spite of her best efforts to control her anticipation as Laurel tied each of her wrists securely to the posts of their bed. Laurel leaned forward and tenderly kissed the clenched fingers of each of Sandy’s wrists before pulling away, a mischievous smile spreading her lips wide as she got to her feet and made her way to the end of their bed. Sandy cried out in...Read On


Anna and Sam. Chapter 7

Anna tries to act normally but who is she kidding? Herself?

“Philip, I…” “What?” He looked at me as if he was expecting rejection. “Nothing, Sweetheart. I am just not sure how we will do this.” “Don’t worry,” he smiled, “I won’t hurt you.” He leaned toward me then and kissed me. If I had doubts, they were all gone now. I wanted this, I wanted, no needed , him. I responded eagerly, feeling his morning stubble scratching me, my arms...Read On


Helga and Consuela

Consuela opened the door soon after the doorbell rang. “Helga!” she said as she hugged the pretty blonde girl on the steps. Helga hugged her back and kissed her on the cheek. “I’m glad to see you too,” Consuela said with a slight blush. “Did you have a nice stay?” “Yes, Aunt Ella decided I was grown up enough to spend my time as I liked, so I had lots of fun.” Helga continued hugging her...Read On


The Christmas Party

Curious co-workers finally meet outside of work...

It had gotten loud at the Christmas party. Anna wore her hair up except for a few curls that fell beside her face, and her black cocktail dress showed most of her leg as she sat on a tall bar stool. A tall man came towards Anna, she recognized him from work and smiled as he approached. “I hope you like wine?” He offered her the second drink in his hand and she smiled.  “That’s great...Read On


Paris Trip - Part Six

Things with Samantha seem to get out of hand

I think that my slightly morose silence, particularly after my rather less than morose actions earlier, confused Samantha, and we spent a rather odd few hours wandering and shopping before a late coffee and sandwich in a street side café. At that point we perked up a bit and went back to Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Lauren. We returned to our room about sixish without any definite plans for the...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 6

At home, Anna begins to realise just what she has done...

It took a lot of effort to get out of the car and into the house. It was a very cold night but Philip had thought ahead and set the heating to come on before he came to get me so the house was cosy warm. “Why don’t you sleep downstairs tonight, love. You are too tired to negotiate the stairs in your condition. Worry about that tomorrow.” We lived in a dormer bungalow. The two main...Read On


Rekindling Lesbian Love

An experiment in erotic dialogue

"Hello, Sandra. I’m so glad to see you again! Come on in. Wait, what is wrong? You look uncomfortable… apprehensive maybe?" "Claire. I won’t lie. I am a little nervous. It’s been a long time and we didn’t exactly part on the best of terms. But I still missed you sometimes. Most of the time, maybe. So, I suppose I’m just scared to do the wrong thing." "Try to relax. It’s been almost five...Read On


Carla - Chapter 4

Harry Carter and I went way back. He was, like me, from a part of the military that doesn’t exist. He had to leave when he mislaid a leg in some shitty part of the world. I’d carried him most of the way out and while he didn’t owe me anything (he’d have done the same for me), he’d remained a close and dear friend. He was also one of the most resourceful men I knew. If the police couldn’t...Read On


My girlfriend wanted Serena

It wasn't long ago that my girlfriend admitted she had a crush on Serena Williams. "Those muscles, that fierceness, it just undoes me," she whispered. And I know it took a lot for her to say this. Brought up a strict Catholic she felt that homosexuality is a sin. So when I told her I had the same fantasy, about a black woman like Serena and her, it made us both swirl with heat. We...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 5

Questions. Questions without answers as Anna is left alone again.

I stood for a moment watching the empty space she had left. What now? I looked around me. Strangely, the world around me was going on as normal. Nothing had changed and people were still going about their daily lives as if nothing had happened, which, of course, in the general scheme of things, nothing had happened but in my world a life changing event had happened. My world had stopped. ...Read On


The Dance Floor

A club night with her boyfriend turns out different than expected

I grabbed his hand and pushed through the door. The room was dark, except for the disco ball that was flashing neon green and red lights across the room. People were jam packed into the room and the music was way too loud. We pushed further into the room and I turned around to start dancing. “Come on baby, let’s dance!” I said to my boyfriend as I threw back my hair and swayed my hips to...Read On


Caught by a Kitten (Part 4)

Laura feels a need for a sexual safety-net, and is surprised by the one she finds.

I awoke next morning, refreshed after a heavenly night’s sleep, naked, in a bed seemingly impregnated with the fluids and scents of Sue-Ann and of our previous day’s loving. For awhile, I lay there luxuriating in sensual memories, but I couldn’t do so for long. Although it was Sunday, there was work that, before meeting Sue-Ann, I had promised to do over the weekend. For a start, I had...Read On


New Year's and a New Experience

Rose's New Year's Eve plans change in a new and wonderful way

9:37 PM (2 hours and 23 minutes Until Midnight) Walking into the crowded party and seeing all of the excitement, raised my spirits slightly. Instead of sitting at home alone, I had decided to come out to a party a friend had invited me to a week before. I began to push my way through the mass of dancing, and grinding, young people. I briefly saw their faces and assumed that they were around...Read On


Samantha's Journey To Discovery With Her Roommate

Samantha's first trip into lesbian sex.

Samantha awoke in the middle of night to a soft kiss on her lips and the feel of a hand moving across her breast, gently caressing her through her silk nightgown. She opened her eyes to look into the eyes of her long-time roommate. She started to say something, but her roommate just lightly placed her finger to her lips to silence her. Then her roommate replaced her finger with her lips...Read On


Demarcus's Birhtday Present - Chapter 3 - dinner with the neighbors

after a night of wild sex with our neighbors, we need to decide if this was a one time event?

Recap: I was both surprised and flattered when my best friend and next door neighbor, Jen, confided to me that her husband, Demarcus, had a crush on me. However, I was taken aback when Jen suggested that I should be Demarcus's present for his fortieth birthday. I had never even considered such a thing. I told my husband, Tom, about this bizarre request. I expected Tom to be shocked,...Read On


Remembering Boston

Girlfriends make love for the first time

A small group of us traveled from Martha’s Vineyard to Boston that early spring morning. The five of us all met the previous year during an excursion in the mountains of Nepal. We became friends in the beautiful but Spartan surroundings, vowing to meet again afterward and run the next Boston Marathon together. We were simultaneously excited and in a state of animated suspense. We were all...Read On



Jane put me to sleep after I returned from a wild outing with my friends.

I was lying alone in my bed. It’s unusual for me to lie in bed alone. I never liked to be alone in bed. I always had somebody along with me in my bed, since my days of adolescence. I came back home after a three day outing along with my friends. The outing was great; the scenic beauty of the places visited was beyond description and the weather was wonderful. I clicked lovely pictures,...Read On


Anna and Sam. Chapter 4

An interesting encounter and some heart searching questions to be answered

"That's fine," she replied and entered fully, closing... and locking, the door behind her. I stood in front of her and turned, first left then right so she would get the full effect of the beautiful blue and black lingerie from all angles. "If I may," she said before stepping forward. She adjusted the straps of the bra then ran her fingers around the sides and cups to check for fit. The...Read On


Carla 3

Things get worse for Carla and Lauren and more interesting with Angela

When Lauren is busy so is everyone around her. She’s driven and drives her staff. Sometimes it is difficult because although she recognises the need for security, especially in the light of the threats, she is adamant in not curtailing her activity. ‘If I do that, they’ve won, beaten me. I’m not having that.’ A great attitude but not always easy for Frank and me to persuade her to...Read On


Caught by a Kitten (Part 3)

Laura and Sue-Ann enjoy a deeper intimacy.

Yet again I found myself having to concentrate on driving while in a state of inner turmoil. Part of me couldn’t wait to get home and feast on the soft, creamy-white body and succulent cunt of the lovely girl who sat beside me oozing sex – perhaps literally still oozing, after our bout in the changing room, but a cool voice in the back of my head was urging caution. I had become so...Read On


Anna and Sam Chapter 3

Anna comes to terms with her feelings.

When I arrived at the breakfast room, I paused, all the tables appeared to be taken. I saw one small table in the far corner which was available, so I headed immediately towards it and placed my key in the place setting. Almost immediately a young waitress approached me and asked, in a pleasant eastern European accent, whether I would like tea or coffee. "Coffee please," I said and, as...Read On


Caught by a Kitten (Part 2)

Laura and Sue-Ann surprise each other sexually while out shopping.

Arriving home I dashed into the house, locked the front door and rushed to my bedroom. I closed the curtains, turned on the bedside light, almost tearing at my clothes to expose my breasts and my cunt, flung myself on the bed and brought the simmering within me to the boil in an orgasm that left me breathless and shaking, Then another, and another… not stopping until I was sated and spent. ...Read On


The Shower - A Sequel to The Meet

A woman finds the missing passion in her life.

I briefly wondered if I should be doing this. I’m a married woman. She’s a tempting stranger. As the hot water cascaded off our breasts, I could feel her hand explore between my legs. We kissed in the billowing steam as her two fingers easily slide between my swollen lips and into my awaiting vagina. Curling her fingers inside, then firmly gripping me, she pulls me into her mystical world...Read On