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An amateur erotica writer and hopelessly romantic at heart. Here for friendship, fun. I will cybe with you only if you have a star named after you on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I chat on lush and usually get candid pretty soon too. I really care about people i befriend. Also, i can be shy and moody at times. Please have your bio filled, so that i may know about you. Sometimes i will flirt with you if i am in the mood. I don't care to look at profiles which don't have an avatar. Similarly if you're into goth, bondage, pain, incest roleplays, humiliation, scat, or bi stuff, please excuse me.

Lately i dont mind being with a woman who initiates the intimacy, as far as our lovemaking remains within the limits of my tolerance.

In case no one would like to chat with me, i still like to help start your day by posting some quotes i like in the chat room.

I have a commonwealth heritage (Mom is from Singapore). If you wanna know about it, ask me.

*When i started using lush, i was working at NY. Now i'm living at LA.

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California, United States
Reading Fiction, Listening to Music when either insomniac or relaxing..
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The list is kinda huge
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Mostly romantic movies- new and old. Some comedies too, though..
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Pop, Rock, Film soundtrack
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Topic: Why is lactation so frowned upon?
Posted: 25 Nov 2015 06:14

Being sterile, I've never fathered children so this is one of the few areas I have no direct experience with. I have often thought of adding a lactation scene to a story, but I stop because I really don't know what a woman feels when a (lover) is suckling her.

I think that's something I'd like to know. What it actually feels like, and how arousing it is when made part of a sexual experience, completely apart from nursing a child.

A woman suckling on her lover's tits and a man doing the same can be two entirely different sensations. Obviously, i have no experience with a man, but one of my friends has had it. According to her, even though her hubby has always been somewhat adventurous, it seemed weird for her when they did that. But when she was with her girl lover, it seemed natural. She is in her early thirties, and they waited for her kid to grow old enough, because it seemed too strange for her to let her hubby try it when her kid needed her milk to grow up.

Initially, the sensations can be overwhelming, they are surely surprising.

Topic: Why is lactation so frowned upon?
Posted: 24 Nov 2015 09:11

I've never even looked for lactating stories here on Lush, so I dunno if there's actually a paucity in that genre. We have lots of lactation videos on the lesbian site I run. It seems to be more of a lesbian thing.

I havent watched much porn, but thats because i believe that its really, really hard to find an artistically satisfying video, which is captivating, in which the performers are being realistic, romantic and it could be therefore enjoyable. You can reply with the link to the website you run, if you would like to.

Topic: Why is lactation so frowned upon?
Posted: 23 Nov 2015 08:36

Lactation, as in adult breast feeding, seems to be a taboo practice. Health-wise, while nursing from a woman's tits, some hormones are released in her blood, which induce feelings of attachment and safety too.

Given the right age, if suckled regularly on a lover's breast, on a specific time every day for a while, she may start lactating. There are medications which do that for older women, but i believe they could be dangerous, so we dont go for that option often.

I definitely feel its frowned upon, though, because its rare to find an erotica describing it in detail and as an important part of the lesbian couples' love making. I dont know the reason for the same.

It seems strange because, on one hand, we can easily get to read weird stories where people write about fantasies of making out with fairies pushing stilettos inside us, but no erotica mentioning the joys of nursing from lovers' breasts.

Topic: Introverts: Would you date an extrovert?
Posted: 27 Feb 2015 19:35

Thank you, all. I am curious to know, as an introvert, what kind of behaviour helped you to be in a relationship with an extrovert? Did you or your lover make some changes to the way you lived/ talked so as to be happy, together?

Topic: Introverts: Would you date an extrovert?
Posted: 27 Feb 2015 08:59

I dont know if i should have asked this in the LGBT section, as i am expecting answers mainly from women, but men can also reply.

I dont remember if me or someone else asked this earlier.

If you are an introvert, would you date an extrovert? If your dates were fun, can you suggest some tips?

Topic: Can an introvert and an extrovert person live a happy life together?
Posted: 14 Nov 2014 08:20

Thank you for making me feel better. You can guess why i would have asked it.

Topic: Can an introvert and an extrovert person live a happy life together?
Posted: 13 Nov 2014 08:21

As in a couple?

Topic: have you ever done or tried shower sex
Posted: 04 Oct 2014 09:31

Yes. Loved it.

Topic: have you ever done or tried shower sex
Posted: 04 Oct 2014 09:30

Yes. Loved it.

Topic: Do you own a strap-on?
Posted: 04 Oct 2014 09:21

I do own an uncommonly thin one. I have never worn it. I had bought it as requested by my then gf who was willing to use it on my birthday, and i enjoyed the experience.

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Snowflakes in our hair, Teardrops in our eyes; My hands on her waist, her lips on mine We smile, we talk holding hands later; the moon shows up, in this dreamy theater holding hands we walk, not bothering staring people; this is all I want, this is all I...

Added 11 Sep 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 651 | 8 Comments

Jen, My first love

It is said that opposites attract. I guess the story of Jen and me is a case in point. God, I will never be able to forget Jen, my first lesbian lover. I met her for the first time when I stepped into my room at the uni. She was going to be my roomie. I used to be shyer in those days. I sported nerdy glasses, had a few friends and basically minded my own business. It wasn’t like I was a...

Added 02 Sep 2013 | Category Lesbian | Votes 21 | Avg Score 4.79 | Views 8,733 | 10 Comments

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