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An amateur erotica author and hopelessly romantic.

I like to chat and usually get candid pretty soon.

I am very sexual, But i also care for people whom i have befriended.

Please have your bio filled. I don't look at profiles which don't have an avatar. If you are into vampirism, medical play, incest roleplays or scat please do not befriend me.

I also have some kinks and fetishes which i reveal when i get comfortable enough.

I have my pictures on here, but the album is enabled only for my friends.

I usually frequent lush in the morning.


I have a commonwealth heritage (Mom is from Singapore). If you wanna know about it, ask me.

When i started using lush, i was working at NY. Hence the username.

Some of my closest friends (in Alphabetical order)-

Fritz- Uncle Peter, my only male friend, can act and write well and is very compassionate.

Gloria-She is a soccer mom, sportsperson, empathetic teacher and a keen listener.

Hayley- She is the first girl who befriended me. Expert with fashion, an amazing author and quite considerate.

Ivanka- She is very sweet, intelligent, outdoorsy and brave. Also a hell of a cook.

Kim- She is a mind blowing photographer and lends her shoulder to cry on when needed.

Kneeling Lady- Sami is a new friend. She is beautiful, talented and kinda my mentor, in general.

Tina- My Best friend on here. Genius. Her virtual hugs make all the worries go away.

I will be adding more friends to this section soon.

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California, United States
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23 May 2017 02:07
Reading Fiction, Listening to Music when either insomniac or relaxing..
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The list is kinda huge
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Mostly romantic movies- new and old. Some comedies too, though..
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Pop, Rock, Film soundtrack


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19 Sep 2012
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23 May 2017
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Topic: The right to refuse service: What do you think?
Posted: 12 May 2017 03:18

Its so complicated. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">

Topic: The right to refuse service: What do you think?
Posted: 05 May 2017 02:02

I totally agree. I also feel that no one should be denied medical assistance or discriminated against on any grounds. I never thought about the transgender scenario though.

Topic: The right to refuse service: What do you think?
Posted: 04 May 2017 23:17

I noticed that at a Diner I sometimes go to, the management politely refused service to a group of people who were very high & even kinda cussing each other. The group threatened that they will sue the diner but the management asked them to walk out.

I asked a waitress about it who said they have an unwritten no service policy for hooligans & people who may cause trouble.

Have you come across places where they implement such a policy? What are your views on this?

Topic: Do you have an uncommon credit card? What are your experiences with it?
Posted: 22 Apr 2017 09:24

I am kinda in a dilemma whether to renew subscription to my discover card or not.

Topic: Do you have an uncommon credit card? What are your experiences with it?
Posted: 21 Apr 2017 23:14

I just wanna know about the miraculous acceptance/ non acceptance horror stories. Both locally & when they were on vacation. BTW I will share my cc number with you one day after it expires. Lol.

Topic: Do you have an uncommon credit card? What are your experiences with it?
Posted: 21 Apr 2017 20:02

Many of us may have had a comparatively uncommon (Amex/ Discover) credit card with us at some point in our lives while we shopped locally and/ or internationally.

Probably we have a more widely accepted card (Mastercard/ Visa) but I wanna know about the experiences when you ended up trying to shop with an Amex/ Discover card you took with you while leaving home in a hurry etc.

It will help me decide if I shouldnt renew my uncommon card or still keep it if the membership fees arent too high.

Topic: when was the last time anyone heard from mstrib?
Posted: 27 Mar 2017 02:45

Thank you everyone. Please let me know if you hear from her.

Topic: when was the last time anyone heard from mstrib?
Posted: 26 Mar 2017 10:25

When was the last time anyone heard from mstrib?
She was a good friend, but now her page cannot be found.

Topic: New lesbian love story I posted
Posted: 23 Mar 2017 02:54

I wrote a lesbian love story based on the theme of coming out. The story revolves around a married woman with kids. She finds the love of her life.

Good & bad comments are welcome. You can read the story using the link on my profile. The story is titled Afterglow.

Topic: Approaching the Topic of Going Further w/ BF
Posted: 19 Mar 2017 06:17

I think what you're aiming for is passionate sex with him initiating it. Just tell him that.

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The snow had been falling for hours now. If someone had been there, who was not used to that kinda weather, the snowfall’s peculiar sound would have felt scary. It was like pebbles being thrown at your roof. But the snowfall wasn’t scaring Lexi at all. Locked in her room, with her hubby and son in the next room, she sat, quite numb. Every few minutes, she would weep, gently. Her husband...

Added 22 Mar 2017 | Category Lesbian | Votes 10 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,989 | 5 Comments

old lovers and new

He is old And So is she He is her husband And she is very glee Their son had an idea He had offered them a gift A dinner date at a diner The son gave them a lift He sat nearby Watching them over If they needed help Then he would come over The old guy couldnt hear much But the old lady still understood She fed him some cheese And it vanished his brood Love is not about money Its about...

Added 20 Sep 2016 | Category Love Poems | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 432 | 3 Comments


Snowflakes in our hair, Teardrops in our eyes; My hands on her waist, her lips on mine We smile, we talk holding hands later; the moon shows up, in this dreamy theater holding hands we walk, not bothering staring people; this is all I want, this is all I...

Added 11 Sep 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 873 | 10 Comments

Jen, My first love

It is said that opposites attract. I guess the story of Jen and me is a case in point. God, I will never be able to forget Jen, my first lesbian lover. I met her for the first time when I stepped into my room at the uni. She was going to be my roomie. I used to be shyer in those days. I sported nerdy glasses, had a few friends and basically minded my own business. It wasn’t like I was a...

Added 02 Sep 2013 | Category Lesbian | Votes 27 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 10,291 | 15 Comments

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