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Topic What is the most outrageous place you have ever had sex at?
Posted 25 Aug 2012 11:02

In a 61 Porsche convertible, top down, from Hamlin beach/point breeze on the Ontario parkway (lake Ontario) 15 mls. My buddy in front in his car, she slid her shorts off and mounted me while "driving"along at 60..... never forget the couple on a cycle that where in the oncoming lane,both there heads turned at the same time...Way farther than a glance...Cheers

Topic How many motor vehicles have you owned?
Posted 08 Jan 2012 11:38

300 range, bought the first at 14, 72 Javelin.... that's about 30yrs. ago, 5 porshes- 914's,356's, 911's, 930... sunbeam tiger, every muscle car made by chev. up to the early 70's, about 50 or so vintage Jeeps/Willys, restored over 75 w/a cruiser or 4 in that #, traditional Hot-Rodding is the game now, with a Love for the Series Land Rovers also now....

Topic What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted 22 Apr 2011 12:00

pull her hair to one side and nible on her neck...

Topic Who on Lush would be the ONE AND ONLY PICK ONE you would want to taste!
Posted 26 Feb 2011 07:54

One more for Carmen here...

Topic Sexual Compatibility Test
Posted 15 Feb 2011 18:02

62% Sensual and 53% Aggressive! sexy, so smooth, so giving, so...good. Bet you really enjoy sex don't you? In fact, probably more than most people. That's what being Sensual is all about: PASSION. But not just for your pleasure, for theirs. For you, it's the whole experience that makes great sex. You obviously like to take your time and do it "right". You mostly know what you want and you definitely know what you like. To top it off you're just plain good at it -- less so than someone more Aggressive. You're not opposed to trying some new things or embarking on an adventure as long as you and your partner do it together and, more importantly, it works for them. You strive to put your partner's needs ahead of your own which many people claim is difficult to find so keep it up!

Topic Would you lick, suck and taste the one above you?
Posted 13 Feb 2011 16:32

Ohhh... Indeed!

Topic Clitoral size
Posted 12 Feb 2011 16:15

Any is good by me, But in all my yrs. I have yet to have the one that "stands" out from the rest... But I'm still hoping one day to find it...

Topic Golden showers
Posted 12 Feb 2011 16:02

I have with many a Lovers, Key! Not just some through down, It has to be a Erotic energy thing.. In the moment. I have no interest in the standing over me deal, But a Woman you adore grinding her bits on you with a lil' extra moisture is something from the Gods! My $.02